Where To Buy Ephedrine? Our New Recommendation

Review of the best sites selling ephedrine for the USA and CanadaWe told you some time ago about a coming change in our review of the best sites for sales of ephedrine.
You know that we are serious people, so we took our time because we didn’t want to react immediately 😉 but after repeated attempts of trusted members, we have finally considered their arguments when they were making sense:

  • Many members consider EphedrineOnline as excellent: no problem with their orders shipped to the USA or Canada but also all around the world (fast and discreet shipping). We thought that it was interesting for people who have a limited access to ephedrine in their country.
  • We have exchanged by email with the owners of the site, asked for details and we got rapidly a positive feeling about their knowledge of ephedrine, their years of experience, their professional approach and their reliability. In 2 words: very good impression.
  • We made our final decision to include them by considering their prices: very competitive, possibly the cheapest ephedrine for sale online, depending on which product of course, but usually very well placed regarding Kaizen Ephedrine HCL.
  • We had already taken 2 sites out of our recommendation some months ago and where to buy ephedrine from trusted sites is becoming hard to find, so why not a new recommended seller if trustworthy? Anyway we will keep a close eye on them and we encourage all members to give us feedback asap: help us helping others!
  • Beside the inclusion of EphedrineOnline, we have also considered this comment received several times: we have a recommendation for purchases of ephedrine in the USA and in Canada first, and then we have a selection of trusted sites for orders shipped to Europe and to all other countries. According to many members, it is useless to rate international shipments in our first review, USA or Canada, because all companies are based there and they have good shipping conditions, as they use the same providers like USPS, UPS, etc.. thus the same order tracking and usually the same shipping price. It makes sense: people who buy ephedrine for a delivery in the USA or Canada don’t care about international shipments, we have another recommendation for that… Honestly we never thought about it. OK, we took it into account. As a consequence, it has improved the rating of EphedraWarehouse in the recommended sites for USA/Canada because they were formerly penalized by not shipping to Europe and other countries, even if they propose more shipping rates within the USA than other sites. Our point was that a vendor who can manage international orders of ephedrine is probably better than one who can’t, but somebody replied that it makes it easier for them thus lower costs thus better prices for us. We stopped arguing at this point and we did the update.
  • See by yourself for the other changes, for instance when members insisted that such vendor should be noted differently regarding prices. It is not easy to compare prices, you know how it goes: some might have better prices for some products and higher for others, depending on their market plans, purchase price and margin. It varies also, depending on special deals, coupons etc… It’s a long topic. We try to consider the whole range of products and the best value for your bucks in our average price rating. Still when a site is regularly cheaper than the competitors, it has to appear clearly in our rating, so we took your comments into account, after checking them of course.

That’s it! One point is sure, at least for us 😉 : in all modesty, you have here the best review of the best sites for your purchases of ephedrine.

Best review because independent, unbiased, honest, open, discussed with trusted members, followed over years and updated when necessary.

Again, thanks to you guys who help us and help our readers with your feedback, it is precious and we couldn’t do without it.

Mike Budd.

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20 thoughts on “Where To Buy Ephedrine? Our New Recommendation

  1. Lionel

    I would like to order ephedrine, can you give me the price for KG and shipping fees to south africa?
    Best regards to you,

    1. Mike Post author

      Hi Lionel,

      I have deleted your last name and email address to preserve your privacy 😉
      In fact I don’t sell ephedrine, I just select what I consider as the best selling shops online — and the best products too.

      Anyway what would you do with such quantity of ephedrine? Must have a lot of fat to lose 😉 Or are you planning to resell it in South Africa?

      Good luck,

    2. Aaron

      I am looking to buy ephedrine that I used to be able to buying in the gas stations I use it for Weight loss and I helps me concentrate better. Not looking to buy large quantities! Do you have any recommendations how do I order it online ?

    1. Mike Post author

      Hi Carrie,
      Was it before the FDA ban, when you could find ephedrine HCL in your gas station?
      Things have changed a lot meanwhile…
      Check your hotmail for more info 😉

    2. Lisa

      Me too, and now after years of not being able to take it am having a very hard time losing any weight and doctors are puzzled, I would love to find out how to buy Efedrine again.

  2. kim

    I would also like to purchase ephedrine. I used to take the hydroxycut when it had it in there, now it is no good. Please help. I have been searching all over for it. I’m in Texas.

  3. Guy

    I am pretty much in the same boat as most. I remember when i coukd purchase ephedrine hcl in the gas station and loved how well it worked for energy and weightloss. I have about 30 lbs i need to lose and would love to find the real deal again. Nothing on the shelves now really helps with much besides making your wallet lighter, not your belly.

  4. Dana Johnson

    From 1998-2003, I’ve took metabolism (with ephedrine) as directed for years and had loads of energy and was at an ideal weight. When it was banned, I lost the energy and gained over 30 pounds. I try to eat less and I’m still very active and workout. However, I’m always hungry, which makes it hard to eat less. For 8yrs, I could not find anything until I found Ephedrine HCL in 2011. It worked! The energy came back and the weight started coming off. I took it as directed (including the on/off recommendation) from 2011-2013 and lost more than 20 pounds and now it is banned.

    A couple of months ago I found a forum that recommended shopslim-co-uk, so I purchased Ephedrine HCL 30mg and took it for more than a month with no success. I requested my money back.

    Kaizen is the brand I took as directed from 2011-2013.

  5. Jesus

    I use to buy ephedrine hci in the early 2000’s. I felt great and had lost 40 pounds and maintained. Now I’m 150 overweight and been wanting to find it to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

  6. Nika

    Actually I have to take ephedrine and my doctor prescribed it, the problem is I live in Tehran, Iran and its not available in here. Can you help me how can I get it ?! I need ephedrine 25mg tablets which is not over the counter anymore
    Hope you have a solution

  7. David Hunter

    Help! Where can I buy online? Any ideas? There’s so many scammers it’s hard to know what is legit? All the links you give now go to one site and no Kaizen!

    1. Mike Post author

      Hi David,

      I know 🙁

      Kaizen Ephedrine HCL has been our preferred product for years, as you can see in this post.

      But it was in 2012!
      So many things have changed since: did you follow the amazing story of Canadian ephedrine sold online to be shipped to the US?

      Have a quick look at these posts:
      What Happened to EphedrineForSale?
      News about Canadian Ephedrine
      Another Canadian Website Charged for Selling Ephedrine
      New Issue for EphedrineForSale

      As you can guess, all Canadian webshop owners had to react. Most of the time they run a “supplement business” and they can’t risk it all for just one product. Some of them changed names (NutraCave/ShreddedShop for instance) but to my knowledge all of them stopped selling ephedrine to Americans.

      If you live in Canada or Europe you still have possibilities, but if in the US I don’t see a chance. But in that case, what can you do? Wait and pray? If your goal is to lose weight, you don’t have to wait for the best product that won’t be available soon.
      Take the 2nd best! Who cares if you get 80% or 90% of the effects with Kaizen Ephedrine HCL? Knowing also that the success factors include nutrition and exercise

      Think about all these people I have helped reaching their weight loss goals since Canada stopped shipping to the US…
      All of them had to make a choice, based on what was available and not waiting for something that won’t come back.

      So now, up to you 🙂
      You have everything here to make a good informed decision.
      Just pick up one of our top 3 ephedra products and start your weight loss plan: it’s not easy every day but honestly you won’t regret it!

      Take care,


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