What Happened To EphedrineForSale?

We had already explained the special situation of ephedrine in Canada where it is a Class A precursor that requires a license to import, export, produce, package or sell/provide.

Here is the short version of what happened to EphedrineForSale:

And here is the complete interview of Rob King, the owner of EphedrineForSale:

Ephedrine is legal in Canada for individuals, you can get it over the counter in most health food stores and pharmacies. But for a business, shipping ephedrine to the USA is a different topic as you can guess: you have to make sure that you act in all legality. Apparently it was not the case for Rob King who didn’t have this license to export ephedrine to the USA.

We will not comment on the story and add to the controversy, it won’t change a thing.

One question came frequently: is there any risk for people who have bought ephedrine from EphedrineForSale, knowing that the RCMP seized all documents corresponding to years of sale to Americans? This question surprises me each time: why would you worry if buying ephedrine is legal in your state? You have to provide your ID in all cases, may it be for the NPLEX system or because online sellers have to keep track of your identity, and you use your credit card to pay: no way to hide 😉 In fact, you buy ephedrine in an open way because it is legal as bronchodilator.
Again and again: ephedrine is controlled but legal!
You don’t have to worry, you don’t need a license to buy ephedrine online – only your driver’s license 😉 Maybe a prescription will be needed some day in some states, today only two states require prescriptions: Mississippi and Oregon.

This video tells you why it became so hard to get ephedrine shipped from Canada. Especially Ephedrine HCL. Let’s hope that NutraCave has got a license allowing them to import and export ephedrine and that they will resume shipping to the USA soon. For the moment they are pushing other products, such a Dendrobium 600 which is presented as a potential replacement for ephedrine.
Anyway, until we get serious feedback from trusted members, we stick to our current recommendation: Ephedrine Plus from WorldClassNutrition and ephedra alkaloids from EphedraWarehouse as told in our review of the best sellers.

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10 thoughts on “What Happened To EphedrineForSale?

  1. Eric West

    Thank you for these videos. I am so tired of the DEA and their incompetence. They can’t stop the Methamphetamine epidemic so they go after the law abiding people just to fill in numbers and justify payroll, to say ‘were doing something about it’. The RCMP needs to tell the DEA to mind their own business. This means regulate in their own country. There is a reason we have a border and the DEA needs to respect it. As an American citizen, I do not mind providing my license number and limiting my import quantities and even paying more for the record keeping required for Canadian purchases. I realize that can be a burden with the difference in state laws but I certainly expect there will be at least one provider willing to handle the paperwork. Pennsylvania is a state that allows purchase of the Ephedrine and there is a cap federally on quantity. I appreciate the video’s and am sorry my country has it’s head up it’s ass with regard to Meth! It’s a shame they go after people who want nothing more than healthier lives. Hopefully, the RCMP does not cater to the American mindset of accusations at the cost of cutting freedoms. America is a less free country because of DEA ignorance and laziness.

    1. Mike Post author

      Hi Eric,
      I agree, the cross-border pressure coming from the DEA is amazing when you know that ephedrine is not an issue in Canada. As explained in several posts, Health Canada had to align next to the FDA ban but it was making even less sense than in the US. With friends we often say that politicians care about power, companies about money and doctors about people. Well, guess what were the leading factors here 🙁
      Take care,

  2. Dan

    I’m from the same province, ephedrine is only legal for sale here through a pharmacy. Not that Supp shops don’t usually sell it with out hassle. As long as it’s minor over the counter sales, no one seems to care. However, the laws are pretty black and white in the Canadian criminal code. Without a license, which you need to be a pharmacist to hold in the province of NL You can’t sell it legally, and you can not ship it without permits for each shipment, neither of which this guy had. The RCMP is only enforcing Canadian law, Not American. Considering his self reported sales are in the millions, I’m surprised the DEA isn’t looking to have him charged in the US for customs violations, as he was misrepresenting the value of the packages. He admits to this in his interview as well. Fact is, he broke the law even after being formally warned about it in 2006. He deserves what ever he gets.

    1. Mike Post author

      Hi Dan,
      I see your point. I think that Rob King is in serious trouble after these videos, we’ll know more in a few days. From CBC news: “The fitness club owner could face up to 10 years in prison for illegally shipping ephedrine across the Canada-U.S. border.”
      10 years! Seriously…

  3. Dan

    I can’t see him getting 10 years. That’s the maximum, which I’m sure if he was linked to a major organized crime group could be possible. I’m thinking he’s looking at 2 years, possibly house arrest and some serious fines. His biggest worry could be with revenue Canada. After all if he was misreporting the value of his sales to customs who knows what he wasn’t telling the tax man. Will also be interesting to see if the DEA or US border services pursues legal action. He seems to travel state side pretty often, I’m surprised he gets over the border. I know you can’t get into the US with a Canadian criminal record, not sure how pending charges affect entry though.

    1. Mike Post author

      I heard that he won’t face charges for money laundering, the charges are “only” unlawful possession and exportation of ephedrine.
      What I find amazing is that he still appears as primary contact on another website, buyephedrinecanada (…), see the About Us section!
      And you’re right, he probably won’t be seen very often in the US from now on 😉

  4. Christine

    This is so stupid ! They put Fluoride in our water and feed us GMO’ s ….but god forbid if we wanna try a diet supplement , geshhhh !

    1. Mike Post author

      Hi Christine,
      Yes, sometimes I wonder if they could be more interested by our money than our health 😉
      Think of the responsibility of the food industry in the alarming rate of obesity in the US and the consequent health risks and costs, how could that compare with the risks/benefits of ephedrine? Seriously..

  5. Revolver Ocelot

    I’m close to the Canadian border, if I went there and bout maybe a 2 month supply of Ephedrine, would that be legal? I’m not into drugs at all, never even experimented with them.

    1. Mike Post author

      Good question!
      To be honest I’m not sure..
      No doubt that you could get pure ephedrine HCL there but what quantity could you bring back with you without any problems with customs in case of control, in other words what quantity of cold medecine would be considered as normal for personal use, that I don’t know.
      Let me check and I’ll come back to you asap.
      Talk to you soon,


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