Weight Loss Resolution, Make it Work with Ephedrine

Well, make it work with ephedrine… and with our support too 😉

Weight Loss Resolution with EphedrineWhereToBuy.comYou know that New Year‘s resolutions have a short life expectancy, usually less than one month 😉
What if we could help you keeping your Weight Loss Resolution this time? Not based on hope or superhuman willpower, but just on our experience and on the amazing fat burning properties of ephedrine?

Believe it or not, the idea of this (decent) proposition came from France… The Joy of Internet in fact: I was chatting with an old friend of mine who is physician in France when the subject came to New Year’s resolutions: it’s always the same story in the first days of January, million of people are making their New Years’ resolutions among the most popular ones, such as:

  • making money
  • reducing debt
  • quitting smoking
  • losing weight
  • managing stress

I asked him if this list of New Year’s resolutions was sorted by frequency or just top of mind and I have been surprised by the answer: no, because in that case losing weight would have been the first resolution in his country! And I got a link to his source to confirm this point, here it is for those who you can speak French. For those who are more comfortable in English 😉 here are the main points of this study:

Lucky fit French couple

  • 37% of French adults made as first resolution to get more exercise
  • 2nd resolution: to preserve real moments of relaxation (36%)
  • 3rd resolution: to take care of their body, get fit, lose weight (28%): the vast majority of French people (82%) consider that they neglect their physical condition.

The 1st and 3rd resolutions are connected, so if we add these two figures, we can see that 2 French persons out of 3 have weight loss as their first New Year’s resolution.

I had to recognize that my friend had quite a good supportive documentation 😉 but nevertheless I wanted to make a bit of fun of the French who are so proud of their “Grande Cuisine”. I told him that for me this resolution had to do with a probable overweight in France compared to other countries due to their wines and cheeses 🙂 Bad idea: I got in return a very serious study made at European level stating the French people are the Best in Class in terms of weight compared to the rest of Europe! No link this time but one graph:

France has the best Body Mass Index in Europe

Seeing their results, if 82% of French people think that they neglect their physical condition, I wonder what it would be for the other European citizens! Especially in UK…

At the end of the chat, I told myself two things. First, don’t ask about the other points like making money or quitting smoking! or you will get another fascinating study 😉 And second, seriously now:

Unlucky fat couple

  • considering that 33.3 % of American adults are overweight and 35.9% obese,
  • seeing that some European countries such as UK are not so fit either,
  • knowing that French people are already the fittest in Europe but nevertheless decide to set weight loss as their first resolution for 2013,


  • the conclusion could be that American and other European people should definitely make also weight loss as their first resolution!
  • or maybe they do it in January but they quit by February!

I shared this with my fellow team members and we all agreed that as experts of ephedrine and weight loss, it was our mission to take the New Year opportunity to help all people except the French 😉

Within the team we have a long experience of weight management and for some members it’s even a full-time job, so the problem is not to do a list of common tips to burn fat, but to select the ones that could make the difference between success and failure in your resolution to shred your extra pounds. Give us a few days and we will come back to you.

As you can guess, our advice will include the support of ephedrine, and we mean real ephedra alkaloids, if possible the best one, Kaizen Ephedrine HCL, not fake products or decongestants coming from Walgreens, Walmart or CVS. As you know you can purchase ephedrine only under the legal quantity per month, we suggest that you follow this link to our preferred sites and buy ephedrine for one month to get ready to start.

Keep in touch,
Mike Budd.
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7 thoughts on “Weight Loss Resolution, Make it Work with Ephedrine

  1. OregonFan

    Thank you so much for your excellent reporting. I just came across this blog and found everything to be spot on.

    I have one question – I understand that Nutracave has taken over for Ephedrineonline but the site is no longer up and I keep getting a HTTP 403 error. Do you have any new information?

    1. Mike Post author

      Thanks for your kind words 🙂

      I have checked all links and they are fine, either on the homepage or in posts.

      Maybe NutraCave was down for maintenance? Please try again from our homepage and let me know, I was in touch with them some weeks ago and they have been very reactive and cooperative so maybe I could help to figure that out if the problem remains.

      Cheers, Mike

      1. OregonFan

        Thank you Mike!

        I have clicked every single website listed here and the only one I cannot open is the one for Nutracave. I get a HTTP 403 Forbidden that states: “This error (HTTP 403 Forbidden) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the website, but it does not have permission to view the webpage.” I tried to access from 3 different computers and my phone and all are blocked.

        Any advice would be greatly appreciated in order to resolve this.

        I am glad I found this blog as all the information up to date.

        1. Mike Post author

          @OregonFan: thanks for your tests. I suggest that we switch now to emails instead of comments, please check your inbox in a while.

          @All: if you have the same error with NutraCave or any other site please let me know.

          Cheers, Mike

  2. momof 4

    I have tried several times to access the nutracave website from my computer and cell phone as well. I keep getting the 403 access forbidden message..I have rest my internet connection as well..this is very aggravating when you have a order placed with them and they have taken the money out already..this needs to be fixed!

    1. Mike Post author

      Hi momof4,

      I know this issue, OregonFan had the same (403 Forbidden) with all PCs at home. We have figured out that these PCs all had the same IP address and Nutracave was blocking it.
      Here is his last email, I’m quite sure the same applies to you:

      < >


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