Update on EC Stack Safe Dosage

Just a quick word to tell you that we have updated our page about the safe EC stack dosage: we have received many requests for the same complete table, not in milligrams of ephedrine but with the daily number of tabs (ephedrine and caffeine) for all servings during these 6 weeks.

This was also a good opportunity to give you the total number of 8mg ephedrine tabs that you will need for these 6 weeks:

As announced here, the next page will be about the standard EC stack dosage for experienced  people: lesson learned, we will include both tables from the start, milligrams AND tabs of ephedrine and caffeine 😉

By the way: within our team we have discussed the idea of a third page about EC stacks with an strong dosage this time, knowing that it would still remain under the dosage tested in most medical studies. But finally we have rejected this idea for safety reasons: it could be useful for 99 persons out of 100, but still 1 person without any experience of ephedrine could start at this strong dosage and could go through serious adverse effects – that’s why we will not publish it. Anyway the needed information is available in this page where we have gathered all medical references.

Again and again: STAY SAFE.

Cheers, Mike

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