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UPDATE 04/07/2016

Unbelievable! I realize while typing that this post I wanted to update today has been published exactly 3 years ago!

Here is a proof if you don’t believe me 🙂

3 Years Later, Time to Update

And that’s why I’m updating it: many things have changed in 3 years…

And the big news is that legal ephedrine HCL is available online in the USA. You will just have to fill out a form online to get Ephedrine Plus, Bronkaid or Primatene shipped to your door 🙂

Enjoy 🙂

Ephedrine Plus Contains Ephedrine HCLBronkaid (ephedrine sulfate) legally sold online in the USAPrimatene, the legal ephedrine HCL that you can get online in most US statesThe legal way to get an ECA Stack based on Bronkaid





As you know it’s getting hard to buy Ephedrine HCL in the USA, and I mean the *real* one, not fake products without ephedra alkaloids.
Either specialized sites are not shipping to the US anymore or they are out of stock!

Take for instance one of the best shops we had for shipping pure Kaizen Ephedrine HCL from Canada to the United States: EphedrineForSale. For years they have been one of the main Canadian source to the USA. They had to stop recently and if you got our private messages you know what happened and why. I will not develop here because it won’t change the facts: ephedra-based products are under high pressure and consequently you can’t tell how long they will be available online. That’s why I decided to do a kind of refresher about Ephedrine HCL while you can still get it online, before it becomes History and finds a decent place in the Museum of The Best Fat Burning Pills Ever 😉

What is Ephedrine HCL?

I guess that you are already familiar with our preferred alkaloid, if not have a look at this page. OK, HCL now: what is it exactly? Just an abbreviation for hydrochloride. To keep it easy, HCL is the synthetic form, it is not alkaloids extracted from ephedra plants but a pure chemical form of the alkaloid molecule produced in a laboratory.

Why is Ephedrine HCL so popular?

The big advantage is that it is a pure pharmaceutical grade which is controlled during manufacturing and tells you exactly what quantity of ephedrine you have per tab. No doubt about ephedra extract, about concentration of alkaloids, the hydrochloride form gives you the exact quantity of active substance that is written on the box and you can rely on that, no guess work from your side and thus no risk of wrong dosage, especially if you follow our day by day dosage of EC stacks, the safe one or the standard one.

Is it legal to buy Ephedrine HCL?

It was the first goal of this post and for us the most important point: sometimes we have the feeling that people are so scared that they act as if this good old Ma Huang was illegal: it is definitely not the case, selling and buying ephedrine is still perfectly legal in most countries, in the USA, in Canada, in most European countries and other countries in the world, of course under certain conditions and to be checked against local laws. Even in the USA where the pressure is high since the FDA ban and all the buzz around pseudoephedrine and methamphetamine, it is still legal to buy ephedrine for personal use such as allergy, flu or asthma treatment. In other words, it is legal to purchase it for hay fever, cold, flu, allergy, asthma and other bronchial conditions, if you have no intent to use it as a drug precursor to manufacture illicit substances. What is illegal for a company (production or distribution) is to promote it as diet pills for weight loss, including the hydrochloride form of course. So you will buy it as decongestant but please note that next to the bronchodilating effects you will most likely lose weight also, due to the synergistic effects on metabolism, energy level, fat mobilization and appetite reduction.

In our blog we have detailed all conditions that make it legal to purchase pseudoephedrine and ephedrine so please have a look at this post for the USA, this one for Canada and this one for Europe. In a nutshell: the legal quantity purchased per month and per person in the USA is legally limited to 9 grams if bought in a real store and to 7.5 grams per month if purchased online. Grams, not milligrams 😉

Where can you buy ephedrine HCL today?

The second goal of this post is to help you get pure ephedrine HCL, sold by trustworthy people. OK, it’s not easy but still feasible, for how long we don’t know, but so far so good.

Recommendation n° 1: USA first, but also other countries

– click on the logo to jump to NutraCave, formerly EphedrineOnline:
NutraCave (Former EphedrineOnline) Is Recommended By



– See the menu by brands on the left?

Brands Sold By NutraCave



Click on Kaizen and pick up the best fat burner still sold online 🙂  if not out of stock! 🙁




– You can also use the search function on the top right of the screen, below Shopping Cart:

Use The Search Function To Buy Ephedrine HCL At NutraCave' Site







– or just click on these resealable pouches by the famous Canadian company, Kaizen:

Get Kaizen Ephedrine HCL From NutraCave






Recommendation n° 2: all countries except USA

Buy Kaizen Ephedrine HCL From Century SupplementsCentury Supplements has a good place in our recommendation of the best selling sites and for good reasons: people trust them, they are reliable, they are based in UK and they can sell ephedrine HCL, in fact they are one of the last places online where you can find Kaizen products (click on the picture to go to this page). They also sell many ECA stacks and other ephedra diet pills, sometimes with high concentration of ephedra alkaloids, considered by many as the best possible fat burning pills. That was for the pros, now the cons: with Century Supplements, it’s all or nothing depending on your country! If they ship to your country, lucky you 😉 If not, just go to recommendation n°1.


It became a challenge to get ephedrine HCL online because it is more and more controlled and even if totally legal, people tend to be confused after all the buzz about these new bills. At least it’s worth the efforts: you will get the best possible fat burner that will push you in the right direction and start the virtuous circle of weight loss and better health.
As we always say, Knowledge is Key. Be informed, stay on the safe side of the Law and you will be able to buy this pure hydrochloride form in all legality, even in the USA.

In our next post we will think about the future and a possible Plan B: if it becomes really impossible to buy Ephedrine HCL online, we still have interesting alternatives.

Keep in touch and meanwhile, stay safe!

Mike Budd.

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  1. Phil budge

    My name is Phil and I live on the Bruce peninsula about 3 hours north of Toronto ON. I am a 50 year old male in perfect health and enjoy the out doors and frame houses for a living for the past 35 years now..ephedrine has been a big part of my life for many years now to maintain an ideal weight and control sinus problems, but being in such a remote area as proven difficult to maintain an uninterrupted supply of a strong and pure form of ephedrine which over the years has proven to help with my quality of life imensley..
    Would you be so kind as to steer me in the right direction or suggest a solution as you seem to be well informed in the subject of these much needed suppliments.If this site is the real deal, and you really can help, well then God bless you and my hat is off to you.
    Thank you ever so much.A clear head leads to clear thinking and is so important when using power tools not to mention training these young fellows who are so keen to take up a career in carpentry.
    Have an Awesome day
    Your new friend for sure

  2. Leo

    My name Leo a little over weight about 260 pounds should be at 200 pounds. I,ve tried it befor and i love it .
    i really would like to find the pure ephedrine to help me lose this nasty fat off my body.
    The ephedrine is the best i mean the best weight lost supplement on the planet.
    When i first use it omg super strong i became faster and so lean that when i ran out i wanted to cry.


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