The Futility Of Prescription Laws For Ephedrine

Each time I read news about another meth seizure I see the confirmation of what we already know: passing laws requiring a doctor’s prescription to buy ephedrine or pseudoephedrine will NEVER stop the supply of this drug (or any other drug) to the USA as long as there is a market and people willing to pay for it.

Come on, who really think that a new law will ever solve the never-ending drug problem?? Do you see the irony? Another law to fight something that is already illegal?? And in case it wouldn’t produce any result and just put burden and cost on honest people, what should we do? Another law I guess? Seriously…

For me the real motives of such RX laws are to stop the local manufacture of meth because it represents a real cost and risk for all drug agents and neighbors of meth cooks. I respect that, everyone has to fight for his/her own interests. I understand the lobbying done by law enforcement to push in favor of prescription laws. But.. I would appreciate that all interests could be measured here, and that’s exactly the job of Politicians, to see the global picture and to make the right decision for the majority of people they represent, taking into consideration all important aspects, costs of course but also social factors in general.

Because one thing is sure: they may pass whatever law they want to restrict the sales of ephedrine, it will never have the slightest impact on meth abuse in the USA. Just have a look at the two following seizures and try to imagine how many pills these quantities of drugs seized can represent 😉

CBP makes third meth seizure in three days

MCSO: 51 pounds of meth seized in recent bust, one of largest in department’s history

Impressive, isn’t it?

Mike Budd.

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