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Cutting Phase, Achieving 4 Percent Body Fat

If you had a look at our Bodybuilding page, you already know our high consideration for bodybuilders and why we usually refer to them for weight loss: usually you don’t start bodybuilding without some psychological reasons, these guys have the right mindset, they work hard for their body (a bit of narcissism, maybe?), they don’t hesitate to ask for support in the gym, they exchange best practices in forums, and last but not least, they know how to diet down.

Take Example From Bodybuilders

Ephedrine helps bodybuilders during cutting phasesSo even if you are not really willing to walk in the steps of Arnold Schwarzenegger, there is no doubt that this good example will help you if you resolve to lose weight, men and women as well (by the way we will come back to Bodybuilding for Women later).

If you meet a bodybuilder and you want to pretend that you are familiar with these things, just ask him: “Bulking or cutting?”
In fact bodybuilders alternate these two phases, bulking up to gain muscle (anabolism) and then cutting down (catabolism) to lose this fat which came inevitably from the bulking phase. Don’t get us wrong: most of the time they donโ€™t have a lot of fat to lose, no obesity here: they want to go from 8% body fat to 4% or less. We know many people who would be happy with their starting figures ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  The main goal is aesthetic of course, in order to lose enough underskin fat to show their chiseled cut muscles. In some other languages, the “cutting phase” is called “drying phase”. How do they achieve this fat loss and how to learn from it for your weight loss? This is what we will detail though nutrition and exercising.

Cutting Phase: Nutrition Guidelines

Synergy between EC stack and DietBodybuilders take their nutrition very seriously: you would be amazed to see their knowledge on this topic. Some of them take it easy but from experience it is not the majority, most of them fix their diet in a very precise way and stick to it (remember what we said regarding their psychological profile? They have the right mindset and a clear motivation translated into action). They work so hard during their sets of weight lifting repetitions that they don’t want to jeopardize their results with a lack of mental toughness or willpower. When you know the high price of what you got, you don’t want to mess it up for some junk food during the cutting phase. We don’t want to generalize here, it is hard for everybody to reduce food intakes below your body’s needs, but frankly bodybuilders have the right psychological dispositions which make it happen where others will fail.

Let’s detail their typical diet at cutting phase and see how you can benefit from it.
First you need to know exactly how many calories you will have daily. Either buy a book detailing how much protein or carbohydrate there is in any food, and do your math, or go to an online site proposing a calorie counter page. We highly suggest the first choice which will force you to see your food differently, knowing its composition and its calories. After a while you are able to “weight” any menu only by reading it.
Then you need to know your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) or your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR): the goal is to be about 500 calories below your BMR.
During a cutting phase, the average intake is around 40% protein, 40% carbohydrate and 20% fat. Some nutritionists recommend 25% protein, 55% carbohydrate and 20% fat. Some say that 15% fat is fine also but I don’t recommend it, 20% is reasonable.
In order to keep a constant metabolism, it is better to have 5 or 6 meals daily, the last one before 7 pm.


  • Keep it as it was during the bulking phase or a bit below, in order to preserve your muscle mass: usually 1 gram per pound body weight per day (2.2 grams/kg) which is already quite high, the important point is to keep that level or your body would look for another source of energy
  • Exclude beef and pork from your choices; eat fish, tuna, egg whites, chicken or turkey instead – by the way, never fried!


This is your source for energy and it is more complex than “sugar” as thought by most people. There is also confusion about the glycemic index, which tells you how fast saccharides will raise the blood glucose level.

  • Avoid “quick sugars” passed directly to blood and stored as fat when not used immediately. Prefer complex carbohydrates – starches – such as grains (wheat, rice, barley, oats), beans, corn and potatoes.
  • Try to avoid processed food as much as possible, just buy fresh food and cook!
  • This might be hard for some people, but still: avoid eating bread during your cutting phase. Quick hint: donโ€™t buy bread ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Last point: it would be better if your carbohydrate could go decreasing during the day, ideally carbs only at the four first meals and nothing for the two last ones. Don’t worry, carbohydrates are not essential nutrients for man, you will survive ๐Ÿ˜‰

Additionally, you will be probably happy to learn that during this cutting phase you are more than encouraged to eat plenty of vegetables! Go for lettuce, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, onions, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. Fruits are recommended too, preferably with low glycemic index, because they are tasty and will help your mood, and because their antioxidants have a positive effect on free radicals and toxins.


We finish with the Hated Family, Fat – in fact vital for us, but perceived as The Enemy by half of the population. Back to the point:

  • As we said, total fat intake shouldn’t exceed 20% of your total day calories
  • No alcohol
  • Avoid industrial food
  • No fried food
  • Even if recently discussed, prefer (poly) unsaturated fats (seeds, fish, nuts, algae, leafy greens) to saturated fats (butter, coconut oil, palm oil, dairy products)
  • This one may hurt: avoid sauces! Use spices instead.

Last point: drink a lot of water.

Ephedrine during a cutting phase

EphedrineWhereToBuy.com Prefers Kaizen Ephedrine HCLEphedrine or ephedra alkaloids will make it easier for you during a cutting phase. If you are familiar with our site you probably know all reasons why, I will mention them rapidly here for newcomers ๐Ÿ˜‰

1. Fat burn

Ephedrine or ephedra alkaloids (difference? here) have thermogenetic effects that raise your basal metabolic rate. As a result, lipolysis is stimulated and your calorie consumption is significantly increased so fatty lipids are released from adipocytes: your fat is converted into energy.

2. Energy level

Most diets fail due to low energy after a few days of low calories. You feel so tired that even daily activities become hard, no chance for any extra exercising! Thanks to ephedrine your energy level will be enhanced for a sufficient period of time in order to start producing weight loss results, thus virtuous circle by effect on mood.

3. Appetite suppression

Let’s detail this point a bit because I like it so much. This is probably the key success factor of ephedrine as fat burner. It shows how complex our body is and I love the way we try to find tricks to fool him ๐Ÿ˜‰ OK, usually after a few days of diets your body figures out what you are doing and the reaction is painful: your small fat cells are very efficient at restocking fat and ask for more, with immediate effect on your appetite: you feel so hungry that keeping your motivation for the cutting phase becomes harder. Here is how ephedrine will do the trick here: physiologically, dopamine plays a big role in the regulation of appetite, well ephedrine will help you as indirect dopamine agonist by increasing its release from the cytoplasmic pool (basically everything in the cell except the nucleus, where metabolic pathways occur). Bottom line: your fat cells are starving but ephedrine gave a signal saying that you are not hungry anymore, as if you had eaten enough. Your adipocytes can shout all day long, your brain is not listening anymore ๐Ÿ˜‰

4. Lean Muscle Mass Retention

Lean Muscle Mass Retention is the final synergy between ephedra or ephedrine and fat burn. Have a look at our page gathering medical references: โ€œDuring dietary energy restriction Ephedrine plus Caffeine promotes fat loss and preserves fat-free massโ€). This is exactly what you want during a cutting phase! After all these efforts to build muscle, you now want to keep them and get rid of the fat that came during the bulking phase. The good point is also that by keeping your metabolic rate high and being able to exercise without serious fatigue, you will burn more calories at all times (the more muscle you have, the more calorie you burn, even at rest).


The end goal of a cutting phase for bodybuilders is to show their chiseled cut muscles. Again, many people reading our blog and you also maybe are not exactly bodybuilders ๐Ÿ˜‰ but these nutrition tips and the support of ephedrine will have the same results for you. We just might see less chiseled cut muscles ๐Ÿ˜‰ but you will lose fat in the same way, for the same reasons.

Make sure to find ephedrine for sale from our recommended sites only, don’t buy fake products from fake sites: it’s impressing how many spam sites are now “selling” ephedrine without prescription for a delivery in the USA! To be fair, it’s true that no prescription is needed, as no ephedrine will be delivered, in the USA or in any other country ๐Ÿ˜‰ They will just debit your credit card ๐Ÿ™

OK, that’s it for now, the next post will detail an exercising program which will consolidate your dieting results without compromising your muscle mass.

Mike Budd

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Eat Less, My Own Experience

Good news for those of you who are still struggling with New Year’s weight loss resolutions: as planned in our previous post, Weight Loss Resolution, What You Will Get From Us, we have finally decided to reveal what we consider as the Basics and Fundamentals of our credo (Eat Less, Move More, Get Support), starting with Nutrition:

Eat Less, The First Pillar of Weight Loss

Not a list of tips as you can see. We are talking about our copyrighted method here, based on years of experience. It has worked for me when Ann helped me losing weight a long time ago and I am happy to say that I managed to keep it off during all these years by changing my food habits and lifestyle. It has also worked for many people around us, before and after we launched our website. If you stick to the plan, no doubt that that it will work for you also.

This information is so important for us that we have decided to publish it as a permanent page on our site, below the Weight Loss page. We didn’t want to publish it as a post that would be buried under new posts after a few weeks.

Here are the rules that will make you eat less:

1 – Understand That Eating Less Is Key
2 – Know What You Eat
3 – Count Each Calorie Going In
4 – Change Your Food Habits
5 – Avoid Cravings With Ephedrine

My own experience has been that point 1 seems easy to follow because you hear it but you have no special effort to do, you are not challenged so you think that you get it, but in fact no: you got an information but it had no influence on your decisions or actions. This point will be completed only when totally integrated in your mindset: I know that eating less represents 80 percent of my weight loss success, I really want to burn this fat and I can’t succeed without eating less so I will do it!

Point 2 has been easy for me: it’s a learning process where you have to weigh all foods in terms of calories. It can even be fun when done with your relatives and by the way it is a very good example to your kids if you are a parent. Don’t become obsessed though. The psychological effects of this learning curve have been huge for me: when I realized how many calories I was ingesting compared to healthy meals, I decided to stop it, the price was too high to pay. It doesn’t mean that I totally stopped these foods and drinks, especially alcohol, but when I was deciding to indulge despite the high number of calories, it was in full knowledge of the facts, for my own pleasure and not by habit.

Don’t tell me about point 3… I had so many difficulties to follow this third rule. I guess that it will be the same for you – or to be kind, I sincerely hope that it will be easier for you…
At this point, you will have the opportunity to test your willpower and your true motivation to lose weight. I had regular visits planned with Ann to show her my figures, and honestly I was feeling a bit ashamed of all I had been eating and drinking since the last visit… In order to show a better picture of myself I decided to forget some food and drinks I was having outside or at home ๐Ÿ™ But Ann is smart and experienced, she saw it immediately: we had a tough discussion where she told me that cheating with counting was only cheating myself, so I had to make a decision: either accept the rule and work with her to progress or stop! I made my mind and here I am now ๐Ÿ™‚

If you think that point 3 is tough, wait for point 4… I will come back to this with more details in future posts because I have a lot to tell. You know it: changing habits is so hard. I had many discussions with friends about the reasons of this difficulty, some with friends psychoanalysts, I will write a dedicated post about that. Goods news are that changes are possible if you avoid some mistakes and ask for support.

Finally the easiest point and the one that had the most influence on my weight loss success has been the last one, point 5: buy ephedrine. I remember each detail before making my decision, when and where I bought my first tabs of ephedrine after a doctor’s visit, making sure that I had no special risks (heart especially). When I look back I have no doubt that ephedrine has been the booster that made the difference between failure and success in my weight loss program. The appetite suppression has been impressive and helped me eating less, changing my habits and keeping the new ones long enough to be sure that I wouldn’t go back to the old ones.

I hope that many of you will start this program and I wish them a lot of success. For the motivated guys here who reach point 3 and log their calories for two weeks, I propose that you send me your figures by email so that I ask Ann to have a look at it and to give you the support she gave me in the beginning. We won’t be able to do it for all of you, but be sure that we will do our best.

Keep in touch for the next steps!

Mike Budd.

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Ephedrine for Weight Loss, Take Example from Bodybuilders

Bodybuilding and ephedrine on Ephedrinewheretobuy.comIf you know us since a while, you may have seen that we refer frequently to Bodybuilding when it comes to weight loss: it’s true and it’s for good reasons. In fact it is very useful to take example directly from the best in class if you want to achieve your goals!
We try to have a global view on weight loss issues and thanks to the complementary views of our team members, mainly doctors, we have the possibility to vary angles in our analysis: we usually start with a medical or biological point of view, then somebody reminds us of the importance of all psychological aspects, then our physical coach insists to have a word on the benefits of exercising, most of the time our dietitian will not leave the room if we don’t include some nutritional aspects, while the wiser guy (me) has a final word on social, economical or environmental aspects.
In a nutshellย : it’s great to be a team ๐Ÿ™‚ Learning and teaching, giving and receiving… Here is an example of the 360ยฐ view about the Love Story between Bodybuilding and Ephedrine.


Bodybuilders' Psychology on Ephedrinewheretobuy.comBodybuilders have the right mindset, they have a clear motivation, goal setting is working fine, no problem with volition, they work hard, they have a good self-image and self-confidence, they know how to plan their efforts over months and measure the results. In two words, they have it all right.


Ephedrine's effect on neurotransmittersFrom the exchanges we have with bodybuilders we can see that they have a good basic knowledge on biological/physiological aspects, more than enough to be put into practice. When you know how to drive your car, you don’t need necessarily to understand how the engine works. When bodybuilders know how to burn fat, they don’t need to know all involved physiological processes. They know enough about metabolism, thermogenesis, fat structure, lypolisis and all effects of ephedrine, at least enough to make it work for them.



Synergy between EC stack and DietBodybuilders know a lot about nutrition, you would be amazed by all their knowledge about dieting, meal frequency and composition, percentages of carbohydrates, proteins and fat: if you hear a bodybuilder saying that his doing well with his 40/40/20, you should ask him in return if he is satisfied with his cutting phase and how did it go during bulking by the way ๐Ÿ˜‰ Not a surprise, bodybuilders work so hard for their body, lifting weights most days of the week, they know the high price that would be jeopardized by a few nutritional mistakes, so they do the right thing. Some of them even follow strict dietary plans (intakes measured in grams) almost religiously. And they also have great information regarding supplements, they know exactly what is good for them and they go for it in the correct way: they take no risk by experts’ advice. In a nutshell: bodybuilders have a nutritional knowledge that you usually don’t find at that level in other sports, or maybe at professional level, they have the right basics and even more.


Beautiful Bodybuilder on Ephedrinewheretobuy.comDo you know another sport where physical activities are so organized and where people stick to their exercising sets and repetitions so strictly? We don’t have much to say, they do it all right. They have the good knowledge regarding anabolism and catabolism, cardio training, aerobic and anaerobic phases, they all know and practice High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in their cutting phases, all good. Maybe one remark only: female bodybuilders are doing much to much cardio training and are a bit afraid of heavy weight lifting which is a common mistake.


Bodybuilding Socializing on Ephedrinewheretobuy.comBodybuilders socialize a lot, they attend clubs, they help each other, they have a strong personality butย  they accept coaching and they are not ashamed to ask for support from more experienced people, they have mates not only in the gym and also in forums, they are very active online, they browse the web for reliable information about what can help them. In the real life, don’t worry for them: the good part of bodybuilding is that you build yourself a beautiful body, no worry for them, they don’t feel alone on Saturday night ๐Ÿ˜‰
A very interesting point has been the progressive entry of women in bodybuilding and ladies manage to be fit, strong and yet to stay feminine, we will develop this point later.


You can see that bodybuilders are a very good example for people who want to lose weight. We have many contacts with bodybuilders, acquaintances and friends, before or after we launched our website, because they use ephedrine for weight loss since a long time without side effects: they have no heart condition, they respect the recommended dosage and cycling of EC stacks (Ephedrine plus Caffeine). They know the benefits they can draw from ephedra: higher metabolism through thermogenesis, reduction of appetite, higher athletic level so that they avoid intense fatigue during gym sessions. We help them on our site with our up-to-date review of the best sites having ephedrine HCL for sale, we check the financial status to avoid bad surprises after ordering, we give them recommendations about products when they are not sure if it is real ephedra alkaloids or fake products, and we finally we keep them informed when sellers have time-limited sales. They know how to lose weight, we know where they can buy ephedrine without risks.
Quick hint if you are not (yet?) a bodybuilder: search for “bodybuilding forums” in Google and read a few posts, it might give you some ideas that could change many things.

Mike Budd.

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