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Fat Burning Exercises: 6 Key Takeaways

Fat burning exercises are not equal in terms of effectiveness and choosing the right one for you can be a challenge. Since a long time I wanted to post about that and finally it’s done πŸ™‚

Here it is finally: a list of physical activities compared in terms of energy expenditure, in other words, a MET table.

Let me rewind a bit to give you the full picture.

In order to lose weight, you have to increase your energy expenditure in the best possible way.
If you want to choose the best fat burning exercises, you have to compare them.

But it’s not easy. Burning calories depends on various factors such as:

  • gender
  • weight and body composition (lean muscle mass)
  • activity type (global/localized, anabolic/catabolic etc)
  • duration and intensity

That’s exactly where METs help us: by definition, the Metabolic Equivalent of Task measure the number of calories burnt per kilogram and per hour. You can then easily compare sports and other physical activities.

Fat Burning Exercises

Example: “Yoga, Hatha” is 2,5 METs. It means that you will burn 2,5 calories per kg per hour. Yes, it’s not a lot πŸ™‚

If you want to burn twice more fat in the same time, turn to “Elliptical trainer, moderate effort” which is 5 METs. Easy, isn’t it?

The key point is to choose the right activity for you. Hopefully the next section will help you πŸ™‚

6 Takeaways from Comparing Fat Burning Exercises

1) You will notice that METs are heavily correlated to muscle mass. In other words, sports that use more muscles burn more calories. Well, it’s seems obvious, but it’s worth repeating it πŸ™‚ A good goal is to target sports that mobilize 2/3 of your muscle mass.

2) This one may be less obvious: sports where your weight is supported by your legs burn more calories. That’s why running burns more fat in the same time than bicycling.

3) Another less known aspect: mobility is very important. It’s the case for “segments” only (legs, arms) or for the whole body but all in all, you will burn more with a higher mobility.

4) Intensity and high METs are linked but not in a linear way: a small increase at high intensity will result in a higher increase of burnt calories.

5) The problem is that we can’t sustain high intensity for a long period. That’s why High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is so effective: you maximize the time spent at very high intensity, thanks to short breaks. But it’s very demanding, especially if you have some pounds to lose. The alternative is to find cardio exercises that have good MET scores and that you can practice for one hour (typically at 60-70 percent of your max heart rate). See all my posts about running for more information.

6) Finally, weather conditions play a big role. We already knew the fat burn effects of cold (see my post about brown fat). It’s also the case for heat: your body works harder to maintain a constant temperature. Be careful though: no ephedra or ephedrine if you plan to exercise in warm places (inside or outside).

With that in mind, it’s up to you now πŸ™‚
Any comment or question, just get in touch, I’d be glad to help.
Let me know how it goes for you.

HIIT Benefits for Fat Burn, Lose More in Less Time

I get many questions about HIIT benefits for fat burn, with or without ephedrine, so let’s detail a bit.

HIIT benefits for fat burn

Just in case: HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.
In terms of weight loss, HIIT seems Β« too good to be true Β». Bodybuilders and other athletes love it because they can spend less time with cardio sessions πŸ™‚


What Is HIIT Exactly?

As the name suggests, it’s a physical training made of short intervals of high intensity exercise followed by longer intervals of moderate or even low intensity exercise.

Is HIIT Really Effective for Fat Burn?

Yes, Interval Training and especially High Intensity Interval Training is probably the most efficient physical activity for fat burn, as proven by several medical studies since years. The most famous one has been conducted in 1994 by Angelo Tremblay et al.: Β« Impact of Exercise Intensity on Body Fatness and Skeletal Muscle Metabolism Β» which stated than Β« the decrease in the sum of six subcutaneous skinfolds induced by the HIIT program was ninefold greater than by the Endurance-Training program Β». Another research made by Gibala et al. concluded that 2.5 hours of sprint interval training resulted in the same biochemical changes in muscle than 10.5 hours of endurance training. See what I mean?

Why Is It So Effective?

I won’t to go into details, here it is in 2 words: it has to do with your metabolism and energy consumption during and after your session.
When stressed by maximal effort, your muscle will start a chain reaction: it will use glycogen as fuel and will break it down to produce glucose, glucose produces pyruvate, and pyruvate associated with oxygen will produce water and carbon dioxide and release energy – this is known as the Krebs cycle.
Now a refresher about aerobic and anaerobic exercises: aerobic means with the use of oxygen for energy needs during your exercise and anaerobic means that your oxygen demand is higher than your oxygen supply during a short period of time.
To come back to our point (chain reaction initiated by your muscle at highest intensity) you see that oxygen is used by pyruvate, but in case of shortage of oxygen (thus anaerobic) carbohydrate turns short rapidly (because pyruvate ferments into lactate, you know, this burning sensation in your muscle) and then the interesting part: the last available energy resource now is fat cells! Your body has to increase the fat metabolism in order to destock your fat and use it for energy.

HIIT Benefits for Fat Burn: #1

How does that link to HIIT? well, HIIT is the best possible way to maximize the total time spent in the anaerobic mode. In fact, when you alternate high-intensity muscle effort with recovery periods, your total anaerobic time is much higher than compared to a one-time period at maximal effort (remember this lactate “burning feeling” that stops you very rapidly – try to sprint at your max speed and you will see how much distance you cover, compared to a succession of short sprints followed by short recovery periods).

HIIT Benefits for Fat Burn: #2

This one is a blessing: anaerobic exercise builds additional muscle mass. Cool πŸ™‚ This is very important in case of diets for weight loss, where usually people lose essentially their muscle mass, which is key to burning calories even at rest. Which leads us directly to the next point.

HIIT Benefits for Fat Burn: #3

It has to do with something called EPOC: excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. Medical studies have shown that HIIT increases the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) for the next 24 hours, way longer than with a steady-state aerobic two-hours run. In other words: your HIIT session is shorter than your run but the fat burning effect will last longer.

HIIT Benefits for Fat Burn: #4

HIIT will improve your VO2max, which is so famous by runners and represents your maximal oxygen consumption.

HIIT Benefits for Fat Burn: #5

Again based on medical research, HIIT has been shown to suppress appetite more than low intensity exercises.

HIIT Benefits for Fat Burn: #6

And we stop here: the effects of HIIT on metabolism result in a significant reduction of insulin resistance and a better glucose tolerance, thus preventing type-2 diabetes.


Let’s sum up these HIIT benefits for fat burn:
with High Intensity Interval Training you build muscle, you stay longer in the anaerobic mode which in total burns more fat than long aerobic exercises, due to a higher Resting Metabolic Rate in the next 24 hours. Other positive effects: VO2max improvement, appetite reduction and various improvements on metabolism.

The only drawback I see is that it is very demanding: if you’re not exhausted after your session, it was not high intensity. Most overweight people would be wise to start with low intensity cardio sessions and see how it goes after a few months, before thinking of HIIT.

Last point: do not mix HIIT and ephedrine, it would be risky for your heart, especially if you train in excessive heat.

-Mike Budd
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Happy Fat Burning πŸ™‚
Mike Budd

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Brown Fat Compared to Ephedrine for Weight Loss

A recent survey [1] focusing on weight loss has drawn attention on ephedrine: a research team at Joslin Diabetes Center have tried to find new ways to activate brown fat and thought that ephedrine might be a potential triggering agent, due to its known effects on the sympathetic nervous system, such as the famous “fight or flight response“.

Before going to the conclusion of this study, it might be useful to give some basic information about brown fat and how it can lead to weight loss.

What is brown fat?

Brown fat is the common name for Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT), also known as “good fat”. Brown fat has been initially classified as an adipose tissue because of it is storing lipids, but recent findings showed that it is in fact closer to muscle than to white adipose tissue. The main function of brown fat is to produce heat in a process called non-shivering thermogenesis. The exceptional thermogenic characteristics are due to the high number of mitochondria which are specialized cells transforming fatty acids into energy and heat.

How does brown fat work?

Brown fat is linked to the brain by the sympathetic nervous system and activated through the release of norepinephrine. Then a complex chemical process begins: triglyceride breakdown, release of fatty acids which enter the mitochondria and are degraded through ß-oxidation, followed by CAC (citric acid cycle) and activation of UCP1, a protein uncoupling mitochondrial respiration from ATP, producing heat. To make it easy: the activity of brown fat is regulated by the brain through the sympathetic nervous system in case heat is needed for body temperature control.

Where is brown fat located in the body?

Unlike white fat which is usually located in hips, belly etc (android and gynoid fat), brown fat is mainly found in the neck and below the clavicles, but this may vary a lot depending on age, gender, weight, etc.

Do adults have brown fat?

Until recently, the scientific community was convinced that brown fat was present in newborns only. In the 1990s, PET scans of cancer patients showed unexpected areas of tissues with a high glucose uptake. Unfortunately this finding found no echo outside of the radiology profession and only in 2002 the link with brown adipose tissue has been envisaged. At this time, the common belief was that brown fat was to be found in only 2 to 5% of adults. Further research has proved that at least 30% of all adults possess brown fat and probably 100% of young adults.

Ephedrine compared to Brown Fat Cold ActivationWhy is it interesting?

Brown fat is drawing attention because of potential weight loss effects: we know since the research conducted by Ouellet et al [2] that brown adipose tissue in adults is burning fat actively when stimulated by cold exposure, through the combustion of stored lipids within brown fat in the initial phase and in case of prolonged thermogenesis, through the combustion of the components of ingested food, involving gut and liver. As brown fat burns calories to generate heat for defense against cold, it became interesting to the weight loss industry:

  • A first approach is to work on metabolic pathways which make white fat cells act like brown fat cells and enable them to release energy as heat [3].
  • A second approach is to work on the activation of brown fat: to the current knowledge this is only possible during cold exposure, the idea is thus to identify agents which have the same pathways and mimic cold in brown activation.

How does it relate to ephedrine?

There are two links: the first one is that brown fat is triggered by the sympathetic nervous system through the release of norepinephrine, which is very close to the physiological effects of ephedrine and that is why many researchers thought that ephedrine might be a good candidate of brown fat metabolic activation. The second reason why ephedrine has been compared separately to brown fat effects is that ephedrine is considered as one of the most effective fat burner, therefore it has been used as a reference to measure the weight loss results obtained through brown fat activation alone.

What protocol has been used for this study?

The study conducted by the Joslin team has tested ten healthy adults in three ways:

  • injections of ephedrine
  • injections of a control saline solution (placebo)
  • wearing water-cooled 57F (14C) vests for two hours

Each intervention was followed by PET/CT scans in order to measure the consequent brown fat activity.

What are the results of this survey?

The main findings are the following:

  • Ephedrine did not turn on brown fat: there was no difference in BAT activity compared to placebo injections.
  • Cold exposure did stimulate brown fat energy expenditure significantly.
  • Ephedrine and brown fat activity have different sympathetic pathways: both increased blood pressure and energy expenditure, but ephedrine raised also heart rate and the circulation of various metabolites (insulin, glucose, thyroid hormones) when cold brown fat activation decreased heart rate and had few effects on metabolites.
  • Regarding weight loss effects, ephedrine and brown fat activation resulted in the same number of calories burned during both programs.


According to the researchers, brown fat activation is promising because it can achieve the same weight loss results as ephedrine with less systemic effects. Another study is already planned with subjects wearing water-cooled vests for several weeks. More research will tell if weight loss resulting from brown fat stimulation can be reasonably achieved through cold, or if the pharmaceutical industry should try to identify other agents that would mimic cold activation of brown fat. For sure, wearing cooling vests for a long time would be very uncomfortable and overweight people are probably not ready to accept such discomfort.

Of course researchers show enthusiasm for their findings when they might help combat obesity, knowing the financial attractiveness of the weight loss market. Most experts think that no magic pill will come from the current pharmaceutical research for the next ten years. Any discovery in the weight loss field sets off fireworks in the industry, and this has also been the case when this study has been published.

According to Dr Aaron Cypess, lead author of this survey: β€œThe problem with prescribing ephedrine is that people need to stay healthy their whole lives. Are we really going to be prescribing a sympathetic activating drug for someone’s entire life? There need to be safer, long-term solutions“.

We don’t agree with this point of view. Of course people need to stay healthy, but overweight people (no even speaking of obese people) have to get healthy again before staying healthy! Ephedrine can help them in countries where sales are authorized for weight loss, due to its synergetic effects on appetite, metabolism, energy and lean muscle mass retention: ephedrine will help shed the pounds when they are not able to lose weight without a physiological boost at start. The idea is not to buy ephedrine for years, but to burn fat rapidly and to keep it off definitely without drug support, by a change in lifestyle, such as eating better and being more active. As a comparison, many smokers stopped definitely only with the initial support of nicotine patches. Do they have to use nicotine patches for the rest of their life? Of course not. The same applies to weight loss obtained through initial support of ephedrine.


[1] Cypess A, et al. Cold but not sympathomimetics activates human brown adipose tissue in vivo, PNAS USA Early Edition 10.1073/pnas.1207911109

[2] Ouellet V, et al. Brown adipose tissue oxidative metabolism contributes to energy expenditure during acute cold exposure in humans. J Clin Invest. 2012;122(2):545–552

[3] Plutzky J, et al. Retinaldehyde dehydrogenase 1 regulates a thermogenic program in white adipose tissue, Nature Medicine 18, 918–925 (05/06/2012) 10.1038/nm.2757

By Mike Budd

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