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Fast Metabolism with Ephedrine

If you have a fast metabolism, you burn more energy and you lose weight, or at least you stock less fat if your calorie input is too high.

In previous posts, I have already touched these topics: lipolysis, energy expenditure, metabolism and weight loss. Now I would like to first clarify some popular beliefs and then see how you can raise your metabolism to burn more calories or even better, to burn fat.

1) How Metabolism Works

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is probably worth multi-millions 🙂
No doubt for this one: honestly, it’s a must if you want to understand how your body works, by balancing anabolism and catabolism (metabolism being the result of this balance).

Look at these comments on Youtube:

  • “This was seriously so much more helpful then half a semester of university lectures!?”
  • “This is great! Thanks for teaching me more in 11 min than my university professor could in 4 weeks…so far.?”

Please, take these 11 minutes and watch til the end: the final words explain what happens to excess carbs or protein and how ATP determines your level of adipose tissue. If you watch this video, you will have a better knowledge about weight issues than 99% of the population 🙂

Is metabolism different for men and women?

Metabolism Differences between Men and WomenContrary to popular belief, studies have proved that if you exclude the fat mass in the metabolic rate estimation (using formulas based on lean body mass), the results will be essentially the same for men and women.

Can 2 persons of the same age, weight, fat, have different metabolic rates?

Of course, the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) will vary from one person to the other if their bodies and ages are different.

One study in Scotland showed a variation from 1027 kcal per day (very low) to 2499 kcal!
The explanation factors found by the researchers were the differences in fat free mass (62%) then the fat mass (7%) and then the age (2%).

The amazing part of these results is that the remaining 27% are unexplained: neither by sex nor by body composition, which proves that metabolism can be highly different for persons having the same lean body mass, and that their food intake will have a different effect on their weight.

Other studies measured also a difference of 30% between the highest and lowest metabolic rates for persons having the same characteristics. This is probably why many people blame their slow metabolism, and we all know around us some persons who can eat much more than us and remain skinny.

Genetics probably play a role, but there is no real scientific explanation yet (we know how it works but we don’t know why it works at a higher rate by some lucky persons).

Does your metabolism vary, can you raise it?

Yes, it varies, for instance it will decrease with age and with reduction of your lean body mass. There are several ways to increase your metabolic rate: first by your physical activity (see exercising below) but also by increasing thermogenesis with so-called thermogenics: some foods and drinks but essentially ephedrine.

2) How to Increase Your Metabolism?

Best exercises for a fast metabolism

You know that I love running and I’m a big fan of cardio training, but frankly here I must admit that anaerobic workouts are a much better choice for a fast metabolism.

Aerobic exercise

Low intensity exercises over a long period, like running, swimming, biking or even walking, will have great benefits for your overall health, so don’t neglect them! However, if raising your metabolism is your first goal, jump to the next point 🙂

Anaerobic exercise

Fast Metabolism through ExercisingYou should be familiar with HIIT now (High Intensity Interval Training, typically weightlifting for bodybuilders). If not, have a look at this post and this one.
Studies have shown that anaerobic exercises have more effect on your metabolic rate, due to the muscle mass development and to a longer lasting effect after exercising (up to 24 hours): you will burn more during two hours running than half an hour high intensity weightlifting, but much less in the next 24 hours, and thus the total calories burnt are higher with anaerobic exercising.

Metabolism Diet: Avoid the Yo-Yo Effect!

The Weight Loss Yo-yo Effect explained by Ephedrinewheretobuy.comThis is a common trap where lifetime dieters fall frequently: low-calorie diets are interpreted by your body as a survival mode. Consequently, your brain waits for better times by reducing your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). Your diet will be less efficient because both RMR and calorie intake decrease together, thus no change for the balance. The aggravating factor is that you will lose part of your muscle mass, which lowers your lean body mass and consequently your Resting Metabolic Rate. It already looks like a vicious circle, but it goes worse, with what is called the “yo-yo effect”: with less muscle mass, you burn less calories. Because of your low RMR, exercising becomes too hard. Typically after a few weeks, you stop this low-calorie diet and all is set for your next weight gain: your body will not only come back to the initial weight, it will also stock fat in your starving adipocytes to be prepared for your next fasting experience!

Foods that Speed Up Metabolism

Add Chili Peppers to your Diet for a Fast MetabolismFortunately, there are other safe ways to achieve a fast metabolism through a smart diet.
Remember the golden rules (eat a bit of everything) and add these foods that will raise your temperature and energy.

  • Chili peppers contain capsaicin which can boost metabolism by up to 25%. It’s worth the burning sensation and sweating.
  • Spices like cinnamon, ginger, cayenne, garlic or mustard seeds.
  • Citrus fruits, thanks to their high amount of vitamin C.
  • Egg whites.
  • Lean meat.
  • Whole grains, because your body works harder to digest complex carbohydrates than processed ones. Go for pasta, brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal or white bread. They also regulate your insulin levels, as seen in my last post.
  • Essential fatty acids (omega-3’s) found in fish and in many nuts and seeds.

Drinks to Boost Your Metabolism

Coffee Speeds Up Your MetabolismHere are also a few drinks which have shown good results.

  • Coffee. Studies show that caffeine can increase your metabolism by up to 16 percent. It also has synergistic effects with ephedrine. More info about EC stacks here.
  • Milk (because of calcium).
  • Green Tea is a well-known metabolism booster, among many other health benefits (high in antioxidants).
  • Water! You can’t have a fast metabolism without pure water which detoxifies your cells and speeds up fat burn. It also reduces your appetite. You may remember my favorite “weight loss tip“: drink a glass of water before each meal!

Fast Metabolism: Ephedrine is the Best Way

As you can see, having a fast metabolism is quite easy if you do it right. You can do it with these foods and drinks but if you want the best possible results in the shortest time, nothing beats ephedrine and ephedra alkaloids. Have a look at my other posts for a detailed explanation. In a nutshell: ephedrine will not only boost your metabolism but also your energy (less fatigue), your focus and will suppress your appetite.

If you are concerned about the legal aspects, check out this page. And regarding potential side effects, no worry, medical studies have proven that ephedrine is safe if taken in a controlled way: of course it’s mainly about contraindications and dosage, but avoiding heat and using your common sense also play a role 🙂

-Mike Budd

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