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Top Offer – ECA Stack For Sale

I hope that you came here because of the email I just sent to all our Subscribers: in that case you still have a good chance to profit from this true opportunity: a pre-mixed ECA stack for sale in the USA!

If you landed here by any other way (Google search for instance) well, the big deal may be over now 🙁  At least, do now the right thing for the next one: subscribe to our mailing list on the top right of this page 😉

OK now, what is it about? and why am I so excited? Because NutraCave (again!) is coming with a great offer with a famous product, Xtreme Thermoburn. So many people have been looking for it without success, and here it is finally! Cherry on top: you will get 35 percent off with the coupon code 35thermo. Thanks who? 😉

NutraCave is just starting pre-orders because of a limited quantity (200 units) with an estimated shipping around Sept 20th. You will have to wait a bit, but it’s worth your patience, believe me…

If you hurry up you might well get one of the strongest fat burners available today. And for all guys living in the USA who are currently not able to get the right products  (see what I mean?) honestly there is not much to think twice: GO! You have no better choice today.

Frankly I don’t feel like detailing all the benefits of this product: you have it in our articles here and there. And also in many many other posts. Lazy guy? No, just busy 😉 I will just mention these benefits below and copy paste a few reviews. For more information you will find tens of reviews in the bodybuilding and weight loss forums: this ECA stack is well known and makes unanimity about its effectiveness. But our time is limited so here is the link, click on the following picture and pre-order asap:

ECA stack for sale in the USA



Benefits of this pre-mixed ECA stack, Xtreme Thermoburn

Pre-Mixed ECA Stack

24 mg Ephedrine alkaloids
200 mg Caffeine
50 mg Chromium Picolinate

Powerful Appetite Suppressant

<<at least we are both proving the point….they WORK… he,s hardly eaten today too…>>

<< Can really feel the effects and have help reduce my appetite to aid weight loss.>>

<<On two capsules, I’m talking a mile a minute, got tons of energy and have zero appetite.>>

<< It is early days, but overall, this product seem very good and if any one has severe food cravings or binge on food for comfort eating, this pill will certainly curb your cravings to 0% without lifting a finger. >>

Energy Booster

<< I’ve been using this ephedrine product for some time now and find it the most effective both in providing energy and increasing metabolism to help stay lean. >>

<<Wow, these are fantastic, great energy boast prior to working out, they make me workout so much harder, it’s unreal. I thought I worked really hard at the gym, with these I’m drenched, a good sign if you ask me. >>

<< Without a doubt, I recommend this product. It increases your energy, drops your appetite and raises your focus. >>

Top Fat Burner

<<you can really loose weight pretty quickly without damaging your health. The beauty of this ephedrine product is that you do not need to reduce your calories intake. Of course it is better to eat a bit more protein and less carbo, reduce calories intake from fat, drink plenty of water. However, even if you do not, effects are guaranteed. It is as simple as it sounds: you take XTreme Thermoburn Ephedrine ECA Stack and you lose weight. What is also very important, you never ever feel tired.>>

<<I have been using this ECA product for a while now and I can honestly say it is the best one out there. It give you a real boost during a workout, and is a great appetite suppressant. I exercise regularly and mix cardiovascular with weights and the difference in just training alone is amazing.>>

<< Wow, i have never tried anything like this before, i have tried and i mean “TRIED” to lose weight before. >>

No (low) side effects

<< I also find that any initial reactions from using a thermogenic product for the first time do dissipate quickly as your body adapts to the formula.>>

<< The only thing I have found is that you need to have something to eat before taking them i.e. not first thing in the morning as they can have a tendency to make you feel a little bit queasy – not sick I hasten to add, just a little bit like you have a churning stomach.>>

<< A great product which works. It kills the appetite for sure. It gives me the shakes for a while about 1 hour after taking them and also gives me a good feeling of confidence and hyperactivity. >>

<< Have used these capsules now for 6 weeks with dramatic effects. My husband and I have both had excellent weight loss results coupled with much better workouts in the gym and whilst running. Side effects are minimal.>>


Go ahead and do your own research online if you want: you will see pages and pages of such positive feedback.
I will just add the usual safety recommendations: use this ECA stack as directed. Read our page about potential side effects and contraindications. Drink a lot of water and avoid adding caffeine (present in so many products today). Read also this page about a safe dosage of EC stack: of course the recommended dosage doesn’t apply because Xtreme Thermoburn is pre-mixed but the safety points are the same and very important!

Happy Fat Burning 🙂
Mike Budd

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About Ephedra Distachya And Diet Pills

Ephedra Plants

I have received two nice pictures of ephedra plants and I take this opportunity to say some words about ephedra: we speak a lot of ephedrine HCL, the synthetic form of ephedrine that is made in laboratory and we sometimes forget about the natural form that grows in so many places and countries, the so-called Ma Huang and here in the following pictures, a member of the Ephedraceae herbs called Ephedra Distachya, the other name of Ephedra Vulgaris. This variety is famous for its high level of ephedrine alkaloids but you would have to spend a lot of time to extract these alkaloids by yourself 😉 If you are not afraid of this challenge, go ahead, the extraction process works basically like making tea; Mormons have understood the benefits of this plant and they have been early fans of the physiological effects of ephedrine (energy level, metabolism, appetite reduction, fat burning), in such an extend that ephedra or Ma Huang is also known as Mormon Tea.

Ephedra Herbs Are Not Banned

There is also a point worth mentioning: the herbal form of ephedra has not been banned by the FDA, it is totally legal to buy ephedra herbs in the USA, in any quantity: if you do your own decoction instead of buying ephedra diet pills for your weight loss program, no one can object, it is your right to do so. It is even legal to grow your own ephedra for personal use.

Greedy People

A few days ago I saw a page online about ephedra products that upset me a bit, it was this kind of site that has only one purpose, which is to make you buy products sold by websites owned by the same persons or companies. I have found many wrong information there, for instance they try to convince you that only ephedrine HCL is effective for weight loss, not ephedra products. You know it’s not true: the powerful fat burning effects that we mention frequently come from these alkaloids that you find in ephedrine HCL and also in ephedra plants that naturally contains these alkaloids. Just keep in mind that behind these different names, there is only one active principle or chemical component that confers the characteristic weight loss action: it is this special alkaloid called ephedrine.
In other words, you get the same effects from ephedrine HCL than from ephedra-based products if you have the same quantity of ephedrine alkaloids in both cases.

Bad Intention, Bad Information

The other point that bothered me was that this site was saying that the FDA had banned the weight loss supplements based on ephedra plants due to dangerous additional chemical compounds found in these plants! And also that ephedrine HCL was not as dangerous as herbal ephedra. Come on… All serious people know that the FDA was targeting ephedra (ephedrine) specifically. The controversy came from the fact that the FDA justified this decision by safety concerns when ephedrine has been proved safe and effective by most medical studies. Who doesn’t know today that the real reason of the ban had to do with drugs control, ephedrine being a precursor of methamphetamine?  Other point, why would ephedrine HCL be less dangerous than herbal ephedra? Based on what? They have the same side effects. People who publish such information are not serious, they have no medical background, they just want you to buy ephedrine HCL and only that, not herbal ephedra or pills containing ephedra alkaloids.

Trust Their Disclaimer Only

That’s it, I know I talk too much when I am upset. In a nutshell: don’t trust all information found online, these guys want your money, that’s all. To be polite in most cases they have no idea about their selling topics, they just copy and paste information from serious sites. Just an example: they say that “additional chemical compounds” are dangerous, well then, please name these compounds and give scientific evidence that they are dangerous! What makes me laugh also (so to say) is that they pretend to have some scientific authority by adding one or two references at the end of their pages: just have a look, in most cases these references have nothing to do with the main topic of the page! If you want to see a real serious work on medical references, done by doctors, just have a look at our page about coffee or our article about the methodology of medical studies. Ask a doctor what he thinks about it, you will see what site is trustworthy or what other is not. The best page on all these misleading sites is their disclaimer! Often the same one, copied over and over 😉 I can resist the pleasure to quote them: “All content of EphedrineForIdiots is just an opinion and not advice and should not be taken as advice”. Don’t tell me 😉

Finally The Nice Pictures

OK now, here are the nice pictures of Ephedra Distachya I wanted to share with you:

Ephedra Distachya contains ephedrine alkaloids used for diet pills







Ephedra Distachya has ephedrine alkaloids with amazing weight loss properties









Photo Credit: bara-koukoug

Take care and again, use your common sense when browsing the web because some people out there think that you are just a stupid buyer. Ephedrine HCL or ephedra alkaloids, no difference in terms of weight loss, just make sure that you buy it from the right places.

Mike Budd.

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Our Preferred Ephedrine is Kaizen Ephedrine HCL

As explained in this post, our team decided to take a stand by recommending the best sites and the best products based on ephedrine currently available online.

This is just our point of view, but it is a serious one. It is based on our own experience and on the feedback of trusted members only.

As you know, it is not allowed to promote ephedrine for weight loss, but only as bronchodilator used for asthma, allergy, cold and flu. Keep also in mind that the legal quantity of ephedrine purchased per month and per person in the USA is legally limited to 9 grams  if bought in a real store, and to 7.5 grams per month if purchased online.

That being said, here is our preferred ephedrine currently available online, and the reasons why we think it is the best.

Kaizen Ephedrine HCL

Many ephedrine products are available for sale online, but if you already did a quick search, you know how hard it is to identify which type of ephedrine it is, to be sure if it is pure ephedrine or just an ephedra free product, if is has ephedrine alkaloids, what real quantity of ephedrine is contained per tab, etc… Knowing the risk linked to a wrong dosage, you would better think twice before ordering ephedrine due to the lack of transparency in this market. This explains why the most frequent question received per email is: “What ephedrine product should I take? What is your recommendation?”.
We have answered this question per email until now, always giving the reason of our choice with a recommendation of dosage also. In that way, we know that people who trust us receive a safe answer: they get our preferred selling site, our preferred ephedrine product made by a trusted company, and most important, they know how to take it in a safe way.

Why do we prefer Kaizen Ephedrine HCL?

Because it is produced by a serious company

EphedrineWhereToBuy.com Prefers The Winning Combination, Producer of Kaizen Ephedrine HCLThe name of the company is “The Winning Combination Inc.”, founded in 1990. They are manufacturing the famous Kaizen Ephedrine HCL, a trusted name for over 10 years and considered by experts as the best ephedrine on the market. In fact the brand Kaizen is much more famous to customers than the name of the company itself. With a brand name such as Kaizen, you might have thought of a company based in Asia (the Japanese word Kaizen means “constant improvement”) but it’s not the case: the company is based in Canada, in the industrial area of Winnipeg. The Winning Combination Inc. became a major manufacturer of natural health products and supplements in Canada.
You can have a look at the company website here.
And here is the link to the site dedicated to the Kaizen brand.

Because of vertical integration

The Winning Combination Inc. is a vertically integrated manufacturer, which means that they control each level of their production, ensuring thus the required quality of product. This is especially important for nutritional supplements. Their production is fully compliant with high quality control standards, thereof the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. They sell ephedrine through their Kaizen brand since years, in Canada first, but also in the USA and internationally.

Because Kaizen Ephedrine is HCL (hydrochloride)

EphedrineWhereToBuy.com Prefers Kaizen Ephedrine HCL

Another decisive factor in our choice is that Kaizen Ephedrine HCL contains ephedrine hydrochloride. HCL means hydrochloride, and as explained in our page “what is exactly ephedrine“, this is the synthetic form of ephedrine: not an extract from ephedra leaves, but a pure chemical form of the alkaloid molecule produced in a laboratory. The high advantage is that it is a pure pharmaceutical grade which is controlled during manufacturing and tells you exactly what quantity of ephedrine you have per tab. No doubt about ephedra extract, about concentration of ephedrine alkaloids, no guess work and risk for your health. Kaizen Ephedrine HCL tabs contains 8 mg pure ephedrine alkaloids per tab and you can rely on that.

Because sales of Kaizen Ephedrine HCL are perfectly legal

Next to the FDA ban of ephedrine for weight loss, Health Canada had to follow soon, due to the industrial and commercial connections between both countries. Of course they have contacted The Winning Combination Inc. directly concerned by this topic, and here is the result which was published in the press:

The Winning Combination Inc. has cooperated with Health Canada to remove claims from their website pertaining to “body fat reduction or a preworkout energy boost.” The company has also taken action to discontinue pamphlets that list the product as one of their weight loss products. It should be noted that this product can still be taken for its approved use as an oral nasal decongestant for short periods of time.”

As you can see, it is legal to buy Kaizen Ephedrine HCL, being approved for cold, allergy and asthma treatment in the USA and Canada. The Winning Combination Inc. is not allowed to promote the amazing weight loss effects of their product and you can see that on their website. It means that people who buy Kaizen Ephedrine HCL for asthma will also get fat burn effects but due to adverse effects, The Winning Combination Inc. can’t advertise on this in order to sell ephedrine to people willing to burn fat. This makes sense when you know the risks linked to an excessive dosage, see our detailed page about adverse effects here.


We feel very confident by recommending Kaizen Ephedrine HCL as one of the best ephedrine product on the market. And this, by facts as just mentioned (chemical composition, manufacturing, age of the brand etc..) but also by experience: we have only positive feedback comments about it. If Kaizen Ephedrine HCL doesn’t work for you, just let down ephedrine, no other ephedrine product will work, it comes probably from a wrong usage – drop us an email and we will see that together.

Where to buy Kaizen Ephedrine HCL

We have seen that The Winning Combination Inc. is progressively pushing the other brands and products and less publishing about ephedrine, maybe due to the controversy and the never-ending legal discussions about it, for instance in the USA with the current bills which aim at further control of sales of ephedrine. We would not be surprised if they stop this production one day and focus on other nutritional supplements, as many other companies already did. We will keep you informed anyway.

Meanwhile, you can buy Kaizen Ephedrine HCL from our recommended websites.

And you may notice that Kaizen Ephedrine HCL only comes with 8 mg of ephedrine per tab: this is due to the legal rule in Canada, see our dedicated article. If you find it in a higher dosage of ephedrine per tab, it is probably a fake product: please notify us per email so that we check that out. For safety reasons, we decided to publish a day per day dosage of ephedrine taken as EC stack, in milligrams of ephedrine and in tabs per serving as well.

Keep in touch, and meanwhile, stay safe!

By Mike Budd

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Coming soon – Our Recommendation of the Best Products from the Best Sites

As you know, we are frequently reviewing websites having ephedrine for sale in order to check their information, to see if they are serious, consistent, especially in terms of safety (side effects, maximum dosage etc..).

Sorry to say that the result is sometimes poor, and in certain cases even dangerous. Why? Probably because this is published by people who have no medical background and who care more about your money than about your health…

We usually notice two types of misleading information:

  • Some sites make no difference between the various forms of ephedrine, and thus of concentration of alkaloids proposed by the different producers. Honest producers know their products of course, because they control all the formulation process and they have to report on the different ingredients to the authorized organizations. They also cover a worldwide market, and the legality of ephedrine in the USA or Canada is different from the legality in Europe, especially UK, and other countries as well. These producers don’t think in terms of legality but in terms of production and marketing. The problem is not by honest producers, but by producers who rely on the marketing effect of “Ephedra extract” on the label to sell products without alkaloids; in such case, it is quite impossible to get reliable information from them about the real ingredients and their concentration. The problem is also by retailers who have a large portfolio and leave all responsibility to the customers: is ephedrine legal in your country? Is it authorized for weight loss or only as bronchodilator for asthma? What is the maximum authorized quantity? What is the recommended dosage? Up to you… In the best case, they propose ephedrine which is not real ephedrine but “ephedra free” products, usually a blend of typical products for weight loss programs. We say “best case” because even if it is a misleading information, at least you have no real risk for your health. You won’t have the real effects of ephedrine but no side effects either…
  • The second type is the dangerous one: you can get real ephedrine from some sites but with dangerous recommendations. For instance we have seen EC stacks with recommended dosages per day which were 3 times the safe dosage! In fact the quantity of ephedrine per tab was higher than usual (equal to the maximum daily dosage already!) and they were recommending to limit to 3 tabs per day, hence an insane recommendation of 3 times the safe dosage of ephedrine per day!

When it is a mistake from serious sites (“serious” meaning that they are reachable through a phone number, a real address, a real “about us” page and not fake information) of course we contact them and we ask them to correct it immediately. Some time with success, sometimes without…

Considering this, during our last team workshop we decided to go a step further in our recommendations: we are receiving a lot of emails from persons who have a limited knowledge about ephedrine and who don’t really know what are the differences between products, and what would be the right indication of dosage for them. Most of the time, they want to buy ephedrine for fat burn and as you know, in some US states it is not allowed to promote ephedrine for weight loss next to the FDA ban, so we won’t do that in our website, even if many other countries allow it. In such case, we suggest to people from countries where ephedrine can be sold legally for weight loss to email us.

To sum it up, how will we go a step further in our recommendations?

  1. We will do what we did per email for some persons only: we will publish a recommendation of the best products from the best websites from our point of view, based on our experience and all the feedback we got until now.
  2. We will explain why we consider it as the best choice for our readers.
  3. We will give the safe dosage taking into account the composition of the selected product.
  4. We will also detail the day per day dosage for an EC stack or ECA stack with these products, taking into account the percentage of ephedrine alkaloids, and thus there will be no risk of error for you.
  5. We might as well give 2 plans, a safe one for beginners, and a standard one for people like bodybuilders who have an excellent physical condition and a long experience of ephedrine.

So stay tuned until we publish this information.
And meanwhile, stay safe!

Mike Budd

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Fascinating Alkaloids, The Example of Ephedrine

There is a group of molecules which has always fascinated chemists, biologists and even ecologists, due to its amazing diversity and to the number of applications in so many areas, thereof agriculture, food, biotechnology, etc…

Fascinating Alkaloids, CaffeineWe are speaking of Alkaloids, which became rapidly a huge field of scientific investigation attracting thousands of researchers from various areas and professionals in clinical laboratories. In this article we will go through a definition of alkaloids in order to get a clearer idea of this family (not only the chemical description but hopefully a real idea of what exactly is an alkaloid), then we will see why we are sure that alkaloids deserve our special attention, and finally we will take one example which will not surprise our frequent readers: ephedrine. This time we are less focused on ephedrine for sale but rather on the biological properties of this amazing molecule.

What are alkaloids?

Even agreeing on a definition of alkaloids is a subject of academic controversy and started in 1805 when an apothecary’s assistant in Germany first isolated morphine, which is a giant step in the medical history (think of how much pain has been relieved in hospitals thanks to morphine). Based on the same process, two French pharmacists isolated a few years later an interesting range of alkaloids, thereof quinine, caffeine, febrifuge, veratrine and strychnine. The name Alkaloids has been found by a German apothecary due to similarities to « Alkali » or chemical base solution (you know, solutions with a pH higher than 7, opposed to acid solutions). Alkali is an Arabic term meaning burned plant ashes, used since antiquity to produce soaps with added animal fats. The water extract of « Alkali » or burned ashes was called potash, which gave its name to potassium, hence the chemical symbol K from alkali.
Now that we know the origin of the name, still there is this question of definition. It took ages to scientists to debate about it and still there is not one but several commonly agreed definitions, we will give you here a broad one that we like, from T. Aniszewski: « Alkaloid is any biologically active and heterocyclic chemical compound which contains nitrogen and may some pharmacological activity and, in many cases, medicinal or ecological use ». We like it because it is a broad definition focusing on applications rather than chemical structure. From a chemical point of view, alkaloids are compounds which contain mostly nitrogen. But maybe this doesn’t give you a clear idea of what exactly are alkaloids? Think of natural products (molecules) found all around the Globe, produced by a very large range of organisms by chemical reactions: plants, animals, bacteria, etc… There are more than 8000 natural compounds recognized as alkaloids and each year we find another 100. These secondary compounds are derived from amino acids, they are synthesized by living cells, for other living cells.

Why are alkaloids so interesting?

Alkaloids are more than interesting, they are fascinating: they are studied since more than 200 hundred years and they did not yet reveal all their secrets. We still don’t understand why these chemicals are produced by organisms and why they have such a broad range of biological effects. The more we know, the more new questions we have, understanding the alkaloid group is similar to revealing the secrets of life on Earth. Millions of people use alkaloids every day without knowing it, for instance when drinking a cup of tea or coffee. The amazing part is that these natural products have medicinal use. Did you heard somebody criticizing the wisdom of primitive peoples who knew how to use plants for medicinal use, compared to the efficiency of our modern pharmaceutical products? Well, the pharmaceutical industry made progress of course but in many cases the source of inspiration is in Nature and we try to mimic the chemical behavior of natural substances that primitives peoples knew since centuries. Alkaloids are used by the pharmaceutical industry to fight malaria (quinine), cancer (vincristine, vinblastine, taxol), leukaemia, Parkinson disease, they can even promote blood circulation in the brain (vincamine). Here are some famous alkaloids: caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, morphine, quinine, and ephedrine.

The amazing effects of Ephedrine

Ephedrine is a good example of the powerful physiological effects of alkaloids: ephedrine will work by increasing the activity of noradrenaline on adrenergic receptors. It will cause your brain to discharge neurotransmitters to some of your cells which will react in a kind of « fight-or-flight response », or to use another image, it will be similar to an adrenaline rush.
Ephedrine has been used for 5,000 years for weight loss as being one of the most powerful fat burner. It has synergetic effects that looks like a blessing of Nature if you want to lose your extra pounds:

  • Ephedrine will act as bronchodilator due to its stimulation of beta–2 receptors in the lungs increase blood pressure
  • Ephedrine will stimulate thermogenesis which is the heat production of the body, thus higher metabolic rate, increasing energy consumption and fat oxidation
  • Ephedrine will decrease gastric emptying
  • Ephedrine will improve athletic performance by stimulating the central nervous system and by increasing heart rate and contraction force via activation of the beta-1 receptors

In a nutshell: ephedrine will boost your metabolism through increased thermogenesis, reduce your appetite, keep your energy and improve your athletic strength for adding a physical activity to a diet.
Ephedrine is to our knowledge the most effective product for weight loss. Many medical studies have confirmed these points, please check these references on our detailed page.

Alkaloids, Nature’s Curse or Blessing?

Ephedrine in Alkaloids, Nature's Curse or BlessingThis title is from Manfred Hesse who analyzed the controversial image of alkaloids, due to their link to drugs like cocaine but also all their medical contribution as above mentioned. Quoting Paracelsus: « The dose makes the poison ». You could die from drinking too much water, yet water is essential to life. To our point of view, the same is valid for alkaloids, and also for ephedrine. We are so convinced that we have developed a complete website dedicated to ephedrine, its risks and benefits. Despite all these benefits used since 5,000 years for weight loss, ephedrine is now banned by the FDA after a very controversial decision (probably linked to the control of methamphetamine in the USA). Still ephedrine is legal in the USA, ironically for asthma treatment. If you plan to buy ephedrine online, just have a look at our recommendation of the best sites having real ephedrine for sale, not fake products.

By Mike Budd

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