Summer Changes

It’s summertime and we are feeling lazy.

That’s why we didn’t post much these last weeks. If you know a bit about us, you can easily guess why: time management! The Health Dream Team is currently sharing time between daily job, family life and summer vacation.

Our tech guys are IT geeks by day and Black Ninjas by nightIt doesn’t mean that nothing has been done recently: our tech guys have done amazing improvements in the site structure and consequently the loading speed has dramatically increased! Sometimes you get the page so fast that you might well go back to the previous page and do it again, just to be sure 😉  These improvements have been achieved by secret techniques shared only by a group of black ninjas, so don’t expect any details from my side: black ninjas have a strong Code of Honor and a low sense of humor 😉

OK, seriously now.

We also had interesting email exchanges with some members. I mean not the usual requests “is ephedrine safe? and where can I buy it?”, but good feedbacks about sellers and products, and also propositions for our selection of the best sites that you find in our homepage: for instance introducing new sellers or changing the current ranking.

Well, our typical answer is: “NO” 😉 followed by: “Go ahead! create your own site”. Just kidding 😉 Of course we are open to changes and recommendations, but under strict rules:

– All recommendations are welcome of course, but we take into account only those coming from people we trust, and… confidence needs time.

Confidence needs time

– We are quite cautious about newcomers who send us a feedback such as “hey I bought ephedrine from this site and they are so good that you should mention them in your recommendation”. OK… what’s your job in that company? 😉 First, why didn’t you follow our recommendation?! Second, what is your experience with ephedrine? Most of the time we can tell rapidly…

– We think that time doesn’t respect what has been built without him. If a selling company has years of experience and happy customers, this means something. It is quite easy to build an e-commerce site and then to resell products that you don’t really know and that you don’t have in stock: no risk for them, all for you. Risk for your wallet of course, but risk for your health in the first place. That’s why we don’t change easily when time has proven that the recommended companies deserve our trust.

– Still we have to update, when serious guys tell us that other companies have their place here and should be mentioned in our list.

That will be our next step: stay tuned for changes coming soon in our recommendation.

Meanwhile, keep safe and enjoy your break if you are having one!

Mike Budd.

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