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Running at  lunchtime has many benefitsIn many companies, people join at lunch time to run together and they have full support from their employer. Starting from showers and locker rooms to wellness programs and incentives, many companies are encouraging healthy living through physical activity promotion, as explained in our post, Don’t Pay For Weight Loss, Get Paid Instead!
In fact your boss is not a philanthropist, he just cares about the bottom line: a healthy employee is happier, more effective, less ill, earning more and costing less. It is a real win-win where you will get incentives to be healthier and your company will pay now for your long term health results. Here I would like to detail all the advantages that you will get from running at lunchtime.

Mutual Benefits of Running at Work

If you have this opportunity, congratulations! It means that your company is cool and you have a win-win here with many benefits:

  • You will make new connections at your job because running is team-building, it’s a great way to bond with co-workers.
  • Running might even help your career through networking and building professional relationships: many business points are discussed between runners on the road.
  • You will have a better image internally because of your willpower.
  • You are jogging, it means to all that you take care of yourself, you do things that other people would like to do but don’t dare, in other words you’re a winner 🙂
  • Important benefit: running at lunchtime is saving private time. It might even take a bit longer than the lunch hour, in that case you are supposed to find a compensation, for instance staying a bit longer. In fact, considering all previous points about your new image you will see that you have the sympathy of all people here and after a while, you will see that running a bit more is acceptable. Don’t get me wrong: I am not saying that you should steal time at work to run, I just say that jogging at lunchtime is saving personal time without cheating with your company. Remember that your employer is allowing it and even promoting it. All parties find a benefit as you can see in all objectivity in this list.
  • As a result, you will transfer private time to the working day: during your lunch hour you are stuck at work anyway, so why not using this hour for your health instead of exercising after work. It is very useful to all here, but first to women: let’s be honest, we all know who is taking the big part at home and who has a “double day”.
  • You will also train on a regular basis because everything is planned in advance, you have to prepare your clothes the day before or in the morning, so when it’s lunchtime and colleagues begin to gather, you don’t hesitate and you just do it. In other words, incorporating your running into your daily routine will markedly improve the regularity of your exercising.
  • Your human resources department and your employer are cool because they promote health and allow you to run at work, be fair in return, ask the marketing guys to give you corporate T-shirts to promote your company outside 😉
  • During your jogging you can brainstorm new ideas or even have a kind of meeting on the run, rather than in a boring conference room.
  • All lunchtime runners will tell you that jogging is a good way to break up the day, to lower stress and to get re-energized instead of that afternoon slump.


Exercising starts with warmup and stretchingTo sum it up, if you can run during lunchtime in your job, do it!
If you are just beginning, run with beginners and pick up our first exercising program here. Remember to get ephedrine before Day One and just follow our recommended safe dosage here (it is meant for an EC stack but you can ignore the caffeine for the moment and just follow the daily intake of ephedrine). Make sure to be aware of the risks before taking ephedra alkaloids or ephedrine HCL. Take your tabs preferably half an hour before running. Drink a lot of water before jogging and a bit during the run. Don’t neglect the warm up and slow down phases because you are with co-workers, or you will pay it with muscular soreness. Don’t forget your cushioning shoes at home and avoid the usual aches and pains that make people say they can’t run. You may also want to have some healthy snacks in your office: remember the first pillar of weight loss, Eat Less. As for all changes, the hard part is in the beginning, decision and then first step: do it! It might change your life.

Mike Budd.

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