Physical Activity, Choose the Right One

Choosing the right physical activity is probably an interesting topic, but why a specific post on that, and why now, after the summer break??

In fact, I got this idea because every year at this period, I see many people coming back from vacation with good resolutions regarding their physical activity.

Measuring your physical activityMany of them would like to keep their summer activities (usually running or swimming) after the Back to School period. For instance, I see many joggers that I never saw before — and believe me, I know the regular guys on my permanent running route πŸ™‚

OK, good for them, we all know that a regular physical activity has many health benefits:

  • improved physical fitness
  • delayed aging effects
  • protection against many serious diseases
  • more energy
  • better mood coming with weight loss
  • etc…

The problem is that these good resolutions don’t survive the first rainy days πŸ™
After a few weeks, most people go back to their routine.

Back to School

Because I’ve been there too, I fully understand:

  • The summer effect is over, your beach-ready body can chill for some time now
  • Your to-do-list becomes impressive especially if you are a woman and you have kids…
  • The workload in most businesses is heavy in Q4 (end of year targets..)
  • All in all, you would need a serious motivation to keep your good resolutions.

The main problem is to find time to allocate to your new physical activity, which would mean giving up something else. I know exactly how hard it is to choose between the last episode of your preferred TV shows and running at night: I did it some years ago.

More Results in Less Time

Here is where I can help, hopefully: time management is important if you want to increase your physical activity, but not only. It took me years to figure it out, so please be smarter πŸ˜‰

One thing is sure: we all have the same number of hours per day and that won’t change.
Finding ways to free up time in your day is hard, for you and for me. My Aha moment has been to accept the idea that more is not better. Instead I have focused on ways to get more results in less time.

Introducing METs

As usual, a little research showed me that everything has already been thought, studied and measured by other people in the past!
In that case, it’s called MET, for Metabolic Equivalent of Task. Can you believe that researchers have thoroughly compared all physical activities in terms of burnt calories?

By the way, see how consistent I am? πŸ˜‰
Right after two posts about metabolism (Fast Metabolism with Ephedrine and Metabolism and Weight Loss) and one about thermogenesis, now we can move forward and see how you can choose the best physical activities for you, knowing exactly what they are worth in terms of metabolism or energy expenditure.

Choosing the Right Physical Activity

I have started a post on this MET topic to help you get more of your time. When writing it, I had new ideas and at one moment, I thought it would be better to publish it as a page linked to the main menu, just as the pillars of weight loss, Eat Less and Move More. In that way, it won’t be buried in archives within months.

My plan is to show you new angles, especially what would have helped me years ago. Not the general information you can find elsewhere online, but my own point of view and recommendation.

OK, the teasing is done, so stay tuned for more! πŸ™‚

-Mike Budd


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