New Name for EphedrineOnline But Same Ephedrine HCL

EphedrineOnline's old logoJust a quick word to tell you that EphedrineOnline, one of the well-known Canadian sites that have pure ephedrine HCL for sale, decided to take a new start with an ambitious growth plan for their business, beginning with a change of name: EphedrineOnline is now NutraCave.

EphedrineOnline Becomes NutraCaveYou may remember that our members asked us to include EphedrineOnline in our recommendation, that we took our time 😉 and finally we decided to include them for the following reasons:

  • They are based in Eastern Canada where you can legally sell and buy ephedrine as an oral decongestant with a limit of 8 mg ephedrine per tab.
  • They sell our preferred brand, Kaizen Ephedrine HCL, produced in Canada also.
  • Excellent feedback for their customer service, orders shipped to the USA or Canada but also all around the world (fast and discreet shipping).
  • Good impression when we got in touch directly: knowledge of ephedrine, years of experience, professional approach.
  • It’s getting hard to buy ephedrine when you live in the U.S., we had already excluded two sellers and since a few weeks EphedrineForSale is not shipping to the USA anymore…
  • Last but not least: their prices are very competitive, maybe the cheapest ephedrine for sale online, in general and specifically for Kaizen Ephedrine HCL.

We wish NutraCave all the best for the future and the same success for their new products ranges as for ephedrine until now.

Mike Budd.
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