Legal Purchase of Ephedrine HCL in the USA

UPDATE 01/30/2017

Here it goes again 🙁

We have reached a point where I can’t recommend this ephedrine webshop anymore. I will give more info in a coming post. Meanwhile don’t get into trouble. All links below will bring you to an honest seller, iSupplements.

UPDATE 04/04/2016

Done! Finally 🙂
Check out these big news: ephedrine that you can order online if you live in one of the 38 states where it’s legal. Just a quick form to fill out online once and you get your real ephedrine shipped to your door 🙂



UPDATE 01/31/2016

Guys, I got emails saying that this post was out of date and my Goodness, of course it is!
I posted it a looong time ago (April 14, 2013!) and so many things happened since then, many sellers have closed their online shops: NutraCave who was shipping Kaizen Ephedrine HCL to the US from Canada, or WorldClassNutrition who had these EPHED and Ephedrine Plus, well, they’re out of business now 🙁

We just have to adapt…
I am intensively looking for other reliable sources and I will come back to you asap.
Meanwhile I will link the nice pics below to our top ranked seller to date, i-Supplements.

In my previous post the focus was on pure ephedrine HCL, with two recommended sellers:
NutraCave for deliveries from Canada to the USA and other countries
Century Supplements for shipments from UK to all countries except USA.

I would like to complete now this information with another possibility to legally get ephedrine HCL in the USA, and maybe this will bring tears to some old guys here, when I will mention the name of this famous product: Vasopro! Many of you remember the good old days when you could buy Vasopro in any gas station 😉 Well, the good news are that with similar products you can get the same ephedrine HCL you loved so much with Vasopro. These products are manufactured by DMD Pharmaceuticals®. Be very careful because it is quite tricky to identify the right products with such names:

Ephed Tablets Contains Ephedrine HCL


EPHED® Tablets is OK as it contains Ephedrine HCL and Guaifenesin.



Ephed Plus Contains Pseudoephedrine

EPHED Plus® should not be chosen if the two others are available: it is based on pseudoephedrine instead of ephedrine HCL.




Ephedrine Plus Contains Ephedrine HCL

Ephedrine Plus® is a good choice because the main ingredient is ephedrine HCL, the second one being Guaifenesin. The highest formulation (25mg ephedrine hydrochloride per tablet) is usually out of stock but the 12.5mg tablets are still available online.


These products are sold legally in the USA because they include an ingredient that makes it impossible to turn into meth. And this extra ingredient is not exactly designed for weight loss, but for asthma treatment. In fact Ephed and Ephedrine Plus add 200mg of Guaifenesin to ephedrine HCL, let’s see that in detail now.

What is Guaifenesin?

Basically, guaifenesin is an expectorant acting on the volume and viscosity of secretions in the trachea and bronchi, it helps remove secretions. It has bronchodilating effects by loosening the mucus and thinning the bronchial secretions for those wheezing from bronchial asthma, have shortness of breath issues, and tightness felt in the chest cavity.

Is Guaifenesin Safe?

Well, there are possible side effects, some mild such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and some severe such as the formation of kidney stones. The adverse effects are not frequent but they might happen so you’d better know it before making your decision.

Pure Ephedrine HCL or Ephedrine HCL plus Guaifenesin?

To be honest we have different opinions in the team about this point. Two of us are not great fans of such mixed products (ephedrine plus guaifenesin) due to the above mentioned side effects. The strict point of view is: don’t compromise on quality if you have the possibility to get pure pharma grade ephedrine HCL! Guaifenesin will not help for weight loss, increased energy or muscle strength.
The rest of the team is not so strict and don’t really mind about guaifenesin, saying that it’s better to have 200mg guaifenesin added to ephedrine HCL than no ephedrine hydrochloride at all… Do we know people who took Ephedrine Plus 12.5mg or 25mg? Yes, a lot of them. Did they experience adverse effects? No. Does it mean that you will not experience side effects? No, but it is highly unlikely. Hence their recommendation: if you don’t find pure ephedrine HCL, if you live in the USA and your state allows purchases of Ephedrine Plus, it’s a very good choice to buy it online from WorldClassNutrition.

Where To Buy Ephedrine Plus?

Get Legal Ephedrine HCL from WorldClassNutrition

– Click on this picture of Ephedrine Plus to jump to WorldClassNutrition.

– If you live in the USA, check if your state is in the blue list! If not, have a look at this other post about pure ephedrine hydrochloride.

– You will have to send a copy of your driving license, just follow the indications on the site.

– Don’t forget to use these coupon codes offered by WorldClassNutrition: Save 10% On All Orders Over $100, $4.99 Flat Rate Shipping, Buy 2 Get Free Ground Shipping


Vasopro… if this is not nostalgia 😉 Anyway… Again, these years are gone and the good point is that we have new alternatives with Ephedrine Plus which provides the same quality of ephedrine HCL. If you have the possibility to buy it online, do it while it is still available. Your next weight loss program might well be the last one with our support and this extra bonus called ephedrine 😉

In my next post I will come back to running because I love it 😉 and I am so honest that I will twist my own arm and try to help you exercising even if you don’t want to run! despite all my efforts to convince you in my previous posts such as Move More, You Say You Can’t Run, Run at Lunchtime, 12 Tips For A Happy Running etc…

Mike Budd.

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9 thoughts on “Legal Purchase of Ephedrine HCL in the USA

      1. Teri House

        I have placed an order at Gorilla Jacks for the Kaizen ephedrine hcl 8mg. they reply by telling me they have filed paperwork with a regulatory agency to when they can ship to the United States, is this a real reason or are they just giving me the runaround?

        1. Mike Post author

          Hi Teri,

          Frankly speaking: stay away from Gorilla Jack…

          Have a look at their page about Kaizen ephedrine HCL — I don’t like the Shipping Information (3 links on the right side: Canada, USA and International):
          “Its impossible for us to keep up with all the regulations/laws in every country. It is your responsibility to know what is legal and what is not in your country. We will always ship discreetly for your privacy /…/ If you have any questions, we encourage you to speak with the Dept. of Homeland Security – US Border Protection office.”
          Sure, they will love your story 😉

          To my knowledge Gorilla Jack still has no license to export ephedrine HCL to the USA and honestly, hiding behind the fact that they can’t “keep up with all the regulations/laws” is a dead end: ask Rob King from EphedrineForSale 😉
          In a nutshell: you have the right to know what to expect when you order ephedrine HCL to be shipped from Canada to the US.
          Anyway you have other possibilities to buy ephedrine legally.

          Take care,

  1. Tammy

    Can you help me with providing a legitimate web site to order ephedrine ? It helps with my asthma. I can’t find any. All web sites say they don’t carry it ?

  2. Belinda

    I get it in my area at the village pantry. Sure I sign a log book (depending on how busy they are or who is working) and dmd has changed the look of the package, but it is the 24 pack of 25mg ephedrine hci plus 200mg of guaifenesin for $11.99, I am on the west side of Indianapolis and dmd is on the north side of town, and it is more expensive if I buy it online. Hope this info helps someone out there.

  3. Charlie

    Hi Belinda or anyone else who’s tried this product, what has your experience been using DMD’s EPHED PLUS® TABLETS 24 pack of 25mg Ephedrine HCI & 200mg of Guaifenesin in terms of appetite suppressant/weight loss?


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