Inspired by Brown Fat and Cold Weather

Some of you guys are not serious 😉

Do you remember that we published recently the results of a medical study comparing the weight loss results of ephedrine and brown fat activated by cold exposure?
If not, it is still time to have a look, you will probably be amazed by these findings.

Well, serious as we are, we did not plan that you would make fun of this serious medical survey 😉

In fact we didn’t expect so much creativity about losing weight in cold weather!
Not speaking of questions about the “paradox of fat Inuit women” 😉
Not even mentioning Alaska in general and Sarah Palin in particular – you know how politically correct we are 😉

Your emails made us laugh a lot and honestly, it’s a pity that laughing doesn’t burn fat, I would be skinny now 😉

Some emails came with pictures, but I will share only two of them – probably the only ones I can decently upload without being categorized as an adult site 😉

Here we go:

Your feedback about ephedrine compared to brown fat for weight loss








And also:

Second feedback about ephedrine compared to brown fat for weight loss








Seriously 😉

While waiting for winter and snow, you can always purchase ephedrine here.

Thanks for your feedback and keep in touch!

Mike Budd.

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