About us

Hello, here is the place where we tell you who we are, and what we are doing here!

If you choose to join our group, you will receive by email the detailed story which led to the creation of this website, here I will shortly present our group of 5 members, partly family and partly friends:

  • Ann, dietitian, is a dear friend of mine, working part time in a hospital for nutrition issues and the rest of the time in a private office. She is proud of some (boring) books she wrote regarding nutrition 😉 More seriously, sadly most of the issues she has to deal with in the hospital are not “how to lose weight” but “how to gain weight” for many reasons (cancers, anorexia….)
  • Laurence, endocrinologist, is another dear friend of mine, she started her career in a private pharmaceutical company and then decided to leave her marketing function in order to open a private practice – hard times in the beginning (no patients!) but now well established and you have to book 3 months in advance…
  • Daniel, physical coach, is my brother-in-law. He is a freelance worker who shares time between preparing high level sports team in their physical condition and spending the rest of his time running in hills… His main competitions are so-called Iron Man, combining swimming 2.4 miles (3.9 km) then biking 115 miles (185 km) and then running a marathon, 42.195 kilometers (26.219 mi)! Good luck if you want to try, here is the link to Wikipedia – fortunately there are other ways to lose weight!  😉
  • Mary, oncologist, is my beloved wife! That’s why we have so many doctors in our friends group… She is leading the oncology service in a hospital and also consulting part time in other centers (regional network), she specialized in some cancers – I don’t even know which ones, because I don’t like talking with her in details about her job (too hard for me, given cancers in my own family). She has a very good background in nutrition, weight loss, and she insisted that I request support from Ann for my overweight.
  • and I am Mike, the main writer of this group, not a doctor, working by a big chemical company, and due to personal background and social environment I developed a solid knowledge regarding nutrition, diets, weight loss programs etc… You will have more information if you join our group (see below).
  • Let’s call us the Health Dream Team or HD Team 🙂 Around us five we have many friends, most of them doctors, but not being part of the core team due to lack of time or motivation or any other reason. But from time to time they might help in their specialized field.

OK that was answering the “Who” question, now the “Why”:

  • When I started working, I was fit as can be. Unfortunately I took 1 kg per year… during 20 years 🙁 and then it went even faster because of age probably 😉
  • I will not detail what I did then, this is reserved to the persons here who will benefit from our support if they also accept to help the other persons by giving a feedback on their experience
  • After this experience and many dinners, we decided to go online, and here we are!

Now the “How” question:

  • As said we are private persons, not companies, and to be fair I must say that Life has been good to us: we have good jobs and busy lives, we all earn a decent amount of money – be sure that our motivation is not to be richer by taking your money 😉 We will detail the “money topic” below.
  • Our motivation is to share with people who might profit from our experience and knowledge.
  • All information given here is our best information, we sincerely believe it is accurate and reliable but you never know… What has worked for us might not work for you, even though it’s highly probable that it should work. Still there are potential risks – see our page named “Side effects” – due to irresponsible behavior, thus we will assume no liability or responsibility for any direct or indirect consequences of decisions made by you or any other third parties to follow or adapt our program. Do what you want, but at your own risk.
  • “Si vis pacem, para bellum!” This means: “if you want peace, prepare war!”. Most people out there have good intentions but some may not, and as we are not an international company having several lawyers ready to defend us 😉 we prefer to anticipate any legal issue. Hence our disclaimer.
  • The money topic: it is important to detail this part, as it is a highly sensitive question for many people and it has influence on trust, at least in the beginning when you don’t really know us. As said before, our HD Team is not here to take your money. The greedy member of this team is me 😉 I think that we should not lose money either, thus I accepted so-called affiliate links when proposed to us when building the website: it means that when you buy to a shop having ephedrine for sale through a link in our pages, you pay the normal price but we receive a small commission, aimed at covering the hosting costs and development costs of this website. The good point is that we can avoid ugly ads on our pages and it’s totally moral as nobody is cheating here. For instance when you read your newspapers you see many ads that contribute to the financial figures of the journal but don’t influence the writers – well we do it in the same way, no influence on our texts. We sincerely hope that it is ok for you as, again, it makes no difference to you, and no difference also for us regarding our independence toward sellers, only a small financial support for IT costs. And to be honest until now we have never earned more than our costs! But again it’s important for us to state it clearly – we are serious people here, and even too serious sometimes 😉

We would like to tell you also about our projects:

  • Ann thinks that the nutrition part is not well covered in many websites and she would like to develop it – what we don’t know yet is if we should develop a nutrition section in this website or if she should go on her own with another website.
  • Depending on our resources (time and costs) we would like to develop high quality content categories here, allowing us to build a long term relation with you, our readers, through developing a dedicated website with user registration, data protection, forum, chat, tutorials, downloads etc… so that we could have our HD Team in touch individually with each of you and all of you with the others. Of course this will depend one the growing number of members.
  • We have another project which is a big idea (at least we think!) but which we don’t want to tell here and see somebody developing it elsewhere;-) so it is our secret.

Join us now!

Right now, what do we have for you? A lot. If you join us by completing the form at the end of this page (basically giving your first name and email address) we will come back to you with a detailed information on what has worked well for us regarding weight loss. In our page about weight loss we give general information only, if you join you will have a step by step road-map to durable weight loss success! This information has a very high price for us because it took us years to come up with a successful plan. And it can be yours for free. We will also share our list of the best products (real ephedrine) from the best sellers at the best price, and also things we can’t publish here. In a nutshell: we keep you informed when there is something new, interesting about ephedrine.

So do the right thing and join us right now!

By Mike Budd

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