EC Stack For Sale At NutraCave

You know that NutraCave is one of the last Canadian site shipping to the USA and from time to time they have very interesting coupons.

What’s in it for you?

A good opportunity, no doubt: Thermoburn Xtreme with 24mg Ephedra. We have already mentioned this product in a previous post, with many reviews, have a look here.

What’s the deal?

For the next hours only, you can profit from their Deal of the Day: 38 percent off. Plus the special coupon, another 30 percent off!

Bottom line: you get 3 bottles of Thermoburn at $104 instead of $240!

24 mg Ephedra plus 200 mg Caffeine equals a pre-mixed EC stack: probably the best legal fat burner you will find with shipping to the U.S.

Even without exercising you will lose weight due to appetite and metabolic effects. But if you add exercising as I recommend here, you will soon get short of fat ;)

Be quick, it won’t last: click here first.

Then on NutraCave’s homepage, click on Deal of the Day on the right, you can’t miss it, it looks like that:

EC Stack for sale











You will be directed to the shopping cart, here is what you will see:

EC Stack for sale before coupon


Last step, but the interesting one ;) Minus 30 percent!

Add the coupon code spring30. Here is what you should get: another $45 discount!

EC Stack for sale with a 30 percent off on top of The Deal of The Day


There you go! $104 for 3 bottles of 120 capsules pre-mixed EC Stack!

Thanks who? ;) Guys, if you have a better deal somewhere else, I’d love to know about it…
So don’t hesitate too much and get ready to burn fat.

Keep in touch,
Mike Budd

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Cutting Phase: Lose Fat, Not Muscle

In a previous article I have listed a few recommendations about nutrition when cutting. Now I would like to cover exercising, with one focus: how to lose fat and not muscle during your training sessions. Depending on digressions I will see how far it goes with this article ;) In fact I would like to take this opportunity to do a refresher on some basics (aerobic vs anaerobic exercise, catabolic vs anabolic, fat oxidation, fasted cardio, HIIT vs LISS or LSD – in plain english, High Intensity Interval Training vs Low Intensity Steady State vs Long Slow Distance, etc..). And in all cases with lessons that non-bodybuilders could learn from cutting for a weight loss plan.
If I digress too much, feel free to tell me :)

Bulking and Cutting Cycles

Let’s start with a typical newbie question ;) How long should a bulking and cutting phase ideally last?And what is the best time in year for that?

Planning Your Bulking And Cutting CyclesRegarding the first question, it depends on your metabolism but a reasonable period of time for bulking would be three months, due to the efforts and body changes. Regarding the cutting phase, do it until you have reached your fat loss goals. No hurry – cutting might be hard in the beginning until you find your own way, I will come back to that later.

Now the second question: best time for bulking and cutting. Years ago the leitmotiv was: bulk up in winter and cut down in summer! Then people thought that there could be a better way than alternatively building muscle and fat and then dieting for fat loss: they proposed a so-called «Clean Bulking» meant to increase muscle and a minimum of fat through cardiovascular workouts during the bulking phase. This idea is quite surprising because bodybuilders think that cardio training was counterproductive during the anabolic phase, tending to use muscle as energy source thus reducing the muscle mass.

I will not take a stand here but rather give you my own advice based on experience and recent discussions within the team and with people around me (mainly doctors). In fact, due to the pressure that Derek has put on me, I thought that it would be fair to challenge my own point of view ;)

Especially with recent medical studies that I had no time to review, considering the workload and lack of time since.. well, since last summer! OK, time to catch up :)

Quick Reminder About Nutrition

Proteins For Your Cutting PhaseVery important: keep your protein intake at the right level! Prefer low fat proteins from tuna, salmon, chicken, turkey, egg whites and lean red meat. This is highly recommended if you want to keep your muscle mass and lose fat at the same time: if you lower your protein intake during your diet, your body has no other choice than breaking down muscle tissue as protein source for energy.

Help your body

Choose A Good Post-Workout Supplement For Your CuttingWith a caloric deficit you will see that your workout will become much harder. I will detail below, the quick advice here is to find a good pre-workout supplement and even more important, a good post-workout one to support your recovering process: if taken immediatly after your workout, it will help your body to build new muscle tissue and to stop the breakdown of the existing one. The best post-workout supplements are digested quickly and provide high quality amino acids, preferably BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) like this one in picture (click for details). Make sure also to choose a supplement that is in line with your dieting efforts.

Get Ephedrine

HellFire Eph150 is one of the strongest ephedra products sold onlineAs mentioned in the previous article, ephedrine is the perfect match for your cutting phase. It’s not a surprise if bodybuilders rely on it when they want to get rid of the fat that came during bulking along with muscle growth. You can use ephedrine alone or preferably in an EC stack, in both cases it will boost your results by:

  • raising your metabolism
  • boosting the lipolysis process (starting the breakdown of fat cells earlier and converting them into energy that can be used for exercising)
  • raising your energy level
  • lowering your appetite as indirect dopamine agonist

OK, I will now give you some time to do your research on post-workout supplements, hopefully at the same place where you already buy ephedrine in order to save a bit on shipping costs. Meanwhile I will prepare the next post about the frequently asked question: is cardio training recommended during a cutting phase, knowing the risk of muscle loss?

Keep in touch,
Mike Budd

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Another Canadian Website Charged For Selling Ephedrine

Do you remember how ephedrineforsale has run into trouble with the Canadian police for selling and shipping ephedrine to the USA? If not, here is the post with videos explaining what happened to Rob King, owner of ephedrineforsale.

Well, another Canadian website has just been hit in the same way: NiceAndNatural.

It started in January 2013 when the Canada Border Services seized a package returned from the U.S. to NiceAndNatural with 500 ephedrine tabs inside. Generally speaking webshops hate returns, guess what when they are selling ephedrine without a licence ;)

Ephedrine seized at the Canadian border
Does this pouch look familiar? Of course! The name of the manufacturer has been blanked out by the customs officiers but most guys here know what is our preferred brand for pure Ephedrine HCL.



Then later in May the Canada Border Services Agency received a notification from the New Zealand customs officials who had seized 3 packages of ephedrine shipped by NiceAndNatural.
Another ephedrine seized in Canada








It was enough for the Canadian Customs to launch an investigation and since that point of time, the process has been quite similar to the previous one with ephedrineforsale:

  • First the Canadian Border officials got a court order allowing them to access the website to track everything.
  • Then they established a surveillance of the 2 owners of the website, a father, Barry James MacKinnon, 63, and his daughter, Kelly MacKinnon, 36, living in Charlottetown.
  • The next steps are classical: picking up garbage bags containing hundreds of shipping documents, finding the postal outlet used to mail ephedrine boxes to the USA, for instance to Florida, Texas, Missouri, Oregon, Pennsylvania or New Jersey.
  • And finally seizing business paperwork and computers.

As NiceAndNatural had no licence for selling Ephedrine outside of Canada, the MacKinnons have been charged with four offences under the Customs Act and Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and will be judged in February. By the way I heard that Rob King is scheduled to appear in court in March.

That’s it. A bit scary, isn’t it? It gives you an idea of the current pressure being put on Canadian sellers.

When you read that, as individual you might think that ordering ephedrine online is not legal as it is a controlled substance and as online sellers get charged. It’s totally wrong: ephedrine is controlled but legal! Depending on your state you will have to fulfill some requirements (driver’s licence) but in all cases it is perfectly legal to purchase ephedrine as bronchodilator, knowing that you might lose weight also. The persons who are identified as buyers in the documents seized by the Canadian Customs officials have nothing to fear, just as people who had purchased EC stacks from ephedrineforsale.

Be sure that people who are currently lobbying to change the legal status of ephedrine in the USA are doing their best efforts to get local bills passed in cities and counties to restrict the sales of pseudoephedrine and ephedrine. In other words: we know that the opponents of ephedrine are mainly drug agents and law enforcement, not doctors nor patients.
If cops could pass laws, ephedrine would be totally illegal in the U.S. since long ago and fortunately it is not the case. Until now there has been no change at federal level, there is even a recent debate since some states have challenged these local bills saying that it had to be decided at federal level only. I will come back to that in another post.

OK, let’s finish with better news: a coupon code.

NutraCave is helping you in your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution with 30% off all prices, regular and already on sale products, for instance one of their best-sellers, Xtreme Thermoburn:

Free Dendrobium at NutraCave Most of you know it and the other guys can see here how effective it is for weight loss.

Just click on this picture and enter the coupon code NewYou2014 at checkout.






That’s all for now, don’t be afraid by all the buzz around ephedrine, it is mostly a psychological pressure that some officials are trying to put on law abiding people.
I see more and more people reacting to this unfair situation. Taking into account the new game changers I wouldn’t be surprised that the controversial case of ephedrine will be reconsidered one day.

Keep in touch,
Mike Budd

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from!







2013 is almost gone and at this moment you are probably just like me, actively preparing for New Year’s Eve ;)

So not exactly the right time to be serious and to remember the highlights and lowlights of ephedrine in 2013 – we have time for that :)

I hope that you finish this year with less pounds and more energy, if not, we will do our best to help you make it happen in 2014.

We wish you Health, Peace, Love and Happiness in 2014!

Happy New Year!

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Bragging Rights

You know what? I’m happy :)

This last weekend I have sent an email to all subscribers to let them know about the recent offer by NutraCave and I had the pleasure to receive this reply:

On 2013-11-18 1:27 am, Derek Rutherford wrote:
Doing fine with Century Mike thanks. They’re a class act. Keep the info coming though. I would love to know how to maintain muscle mass and get ripped. Bit late though. I won the NABBA Mr Britain and placed top six in the NABBA Universe ripped to shreds (see photo) but lost at least 5lbs of muscle….. everytime. Still training heavy but no more dieting to 3% bodyfat. It aint good for you. : )
Take Care
Merry Christmas

Here is the picture that Derek attached to his mail: honored by Derek Rutherford






Look at that! I realized I was giving him weight loss recommendations and also telling him about a coming post on “how to keep your muscle mass when dieting” ;)
By the way I wonder how I would look like if I lost 5lbs of muscle ;)

Anyway I was not sure about the irony in Derek’s sentence, “I would love to know how to maintain muscle mass and get ripped“, knowing his achievements?
I thought it would be polite to reply and explain that I have many readers and subscribers, from professional bodybuilders to total beginners in terms of weight loss, hence my following reply:

On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 18:48 GMT wrote:
Hi Derek,
Wow! Impressive :)
I feel a bit lame, having sent such email when for sure you don’t need my weight loss information… I’m in touch with other guys bodybuilders and they also make fun of me when I give them some general advice about dieting or exercising :)
The good point is that many others are just struggling with their extra pounds and i’m really happy to help them. Eat less, move more, get support. And take example from bodybuilders…
Don’t you mind if I post your email on my blog, to show others the funny part of me telling you how to lose weight? :) Would be cool. Just let me know.

You know what? Derek is a nice guy. Here is what I got in return:

Hi Mike
You do a great job. Your articles are invaluable, very honest and informative. I appreciate you staying in touch with up to date offers etc. I certainly don’t mind if you use the e-mail/photo on your website.
Wishing you and your family a happy festive season.
Take Care.
Keep up the good work.

Is that cool?!

This is a kind of feedback you don’t get very often and believe me, from a pro bodybuilder like Derek it’s something I really appreciate. Makes me think that the time spent writing articles and helping people is worth it. This is also what I mean when I speak of trusted members: these guys you can trust for sure when they give you a feedback about online shops or ephedrine products.

OK. Now I feel some pressure regarding this coming post about “keeping your muscle mass when dieting” :)
I think I will rewrite it a bit ;)
To be sure to give a good information to all, from beginners to guys like Derek ;)

Keep in touch,
Mike Budd

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Free Dendrobium At NutraCave

NutraCave is frequently offering coupon codes but this one has caught my attention – you now have the opportunity to test Dendrobium for free:

Free Dendrobium at Nutracave









As you may know, NutraCave is presenting Dendrobium as a replacement for Ephedrine and they even include it in a surprising stack: Dendrobium + Synephrine + Caffeine! If you went through my other posts, you know what I think about that:

  • Does Dendrobium work for weight loss? Yes
  • Is it a replacement for Ephedrine? No
  • Should you buy it instead of ephedrine? Come on, do I have to answer that? ;)
  • Should you try it for free? Yes!

The feedback I got so far was essentially from guys who use Dendrobium as a pre-workout supplement and to be honest we have no serious medical references in terms of weight loss results. The globally admitted effects are:

  • lower blood pressure
  • enhanced mood
  • and increased metabolism.

Regarding the side effects, forget it if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or if you have diabetes. All others have apparently nothing to fear – at recommended dosage of course. Well, this is not a scientific assessment but just my opinion based on feedback from bodybuilders who took it for a while and also a quick double-check online: I have found no other mention of potential adverse effects. If you have extra information about health risks linked to Dendrobium, please comment or send me an email.

I am sure that many of you would be ready to test Dendrobium if they get a free sample, see for instance Audrey’s comment. Well, now’s the time! You will get a free bottle of 60 caps, thus 2 months to see if Dendrobium deserves all this publicity or not.

I almost forgot to mention the other product, you know, the one you have to buy to get a free Dendrobium ;)  Good news, it’s the very famous Xtreme Thermoburn as you can see below:

Free Dendrobium at NutraCave








Most of you know it and the others – shame on you ;)  – can see here how effective it is for weight loss.

So all in all, a very good deal (again!) from NutraCave who is slowly becoming one of the more interesting seller online since Kaizen Ephedrine or other HCL brands are no more available in the USA.

Last word: do I really have to ask you for a feedback if you get your hands on this free Dendrobium? ;) Of course not, you guys are cool :)

Bye for now,

Mike Budd

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Ephedra For Sale at I-Supplements

Just a quick post to tell you that I-Supplements is offering a 12 percent coupon on all orders today.

I-Supplements has Ephedra for sale today


Have a look: I-Supplements is a big online store with a strong bodybuilding orientation, they sell ephedra diet pills at low prices since 2001 and they have over 7000 products from 500 brands so the main issue for you might well be to pick up the right one ;)

I-Supplements is in our list of recommended ephedra sellers since the beginning and the global feedback is good, if you are after ephedrine for sale right now, for an EC stack or planning a cutting phase, take this coupon opportunity by using coup12 at checkout.

Coupon code at I-Supplement for Ephedra Pills




Happy Fat Burning,
Mike Budd

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Cutting Phase, Achieving 4 Percent Body Fat

If you had a look at our Bodybuilding page, you already know our high consideration for bodybuilders and why we usually refer to them for weight loss: usually you don’t start bodybuilding without some psychological reasons, these guys have the right mindset, they work hard for their body (a bit of narcissism, maybe?), they don’t hesitate to ask for support in the gym, they exchange best practices in forums, and last but not least, they know how to diet down.

Take Example From Bodybuilders

Ephedrine helps bodybuilders during cutting phasesSo even if you are not really willing to walk in the steps of Arnold Schwarzenegger, there is no doubt that this good example will help you if you resolve to lose weight, men and women as well (by the way we will come back to Bodybuilding for Women later).

If you meet a bodybuilder and you want to pretend that you are familiar with these things, just ask him: “Bulking or cutting?”
In fact bodybuilders alternate these two phases, bulking up to gain muscle (anabolism) and then cutting down (catabolism) to lose this fat which came inevitably from the bulking phase. Don’t get us wrong: most of the time they don’t have a lot of fat to lose, no obesity here: they want to go from 8% body fat to 4% or less. We know many people who would be happy with their starting figures ;)  The main goal is aesthetic of course, in order to lose enough underskin fat to show their chiseled cut muscles. In some other languages, the “cutting phase” is called “drying phase”. How do they achieve this fat loss and how to learn from it for your weight loss? This is what we will detail though nutrition and exercising.

Cutting Phase: Nutrition Guidelines

Synergy between EC stack and DietBodybuilders take their nutrition very seriously: you would be amazed to see their knowledge on this topic. Some of them take it easy but from experience it is not the majority, most of them fix their diet in a very precise way and stick to it (remember what we said regarding their psychological profile? They have the right mindset and a clear motivation translated into action). They work so hard during their sets of weight lifting repetitions that they don’t want to jeopardize their results with a lack of mental toughness or willpower. When you know the high price of what you got, you don’t want to mess it up for some junk food during the cutting phase. We don’t want to generalize here, it is hard for everybody to reduce food intakes below your body’s needs, but frankly bodybuilders have the right psychological dispositions which make it happen where others will fail.

Let’s detail their typical diet at cutting phase and see how you can benefit from it.
First you need to know exactly how many calories you will have daily. Either buy a book detailing how much protein or carbohydrate there is in any food, and do your math, or go to an online site proposing a calorie counter page. We highly suggest the first choice which will force you to see your food differently, knowing its composition and its calories. After a while you are able to “weight” any menu only by reading it.
Then you need to know your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) or your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR): the goal is to be about 500 calories below your BMR.
During a cutting phase, the average intake is around 40% protein, 40% carbohydrate and 20% fat. Some nutritionists recommend 25% protein, 55% carbohydrate and 20% fat. Some say that 15% fat is fine also but I don’t recommend it, 20% is reasonable.
In order to keep a constant metabolism, it is better to have 5 or 6 meals daily, the last one before 7 pm.


  • Keep it as it was during the bulking phase or a bit below, in order to preserve your muscle mass: usually 1 gram per pound body weight per day (2.2 grams/kg) which is already quite high, the important point is to keep that level or your body would look for another source of energy
  • Exclude beef and pork from your choices; eat fish, tuna, egg whites, chicken or turkey instead – by the way, never fried!


This is your source for energy and it is more complex than “sugar” as thought by most people. There is also confusion about the glycemic index, which tells you how fast saccharides will raise the blood glucose level.

  • Avoid “quick sugars” passed directly to blood and stored as fat when not used immediately. Prefer complex carbohydrates – starches – such as grains (wheat, rice, barley, oats), beans, corn and potatoes.
  • Try to avoid processed food as much as possible, just buy fresh food and cook!
  • This might be hard for some people, but still: avoid eating bread during your cutting phase. Quick hint: don’t buy bread ;)
  • Last point: it would be better if your carbohydrate could go decreasing during the day, ideally carbs only at the four first meals and nothing for the two last ones. Don’t worry, carbohydrates are not essential nutrients for man, you will survive ;)

Additionally, you will be probably happy to learn that during this cutting phase you are more than encouraged to eat plenty of vegetables! Go for lettuce, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, onions, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. Fruits are recommended too, preferably with low glycemic index, because they are tasty and will help your mood, and because their antioxidants have a positive effect on free radicals and toxins.


We finish with the Hated Family, Fat – in fact vital for us, but perceived as The Enemy by half of the population. Back to the point:

  • As we said, total fat intake shouldn’t exceed 20% of your total day calories
  • No alcohol
  • Avoid industrial food
  • No fried food
  • Even if recently discussed, prefer (poly) unsaturated fats (seeds, fish, nuts, algae, leafy greens) to saturated fats (butter, coconut oil, palm oil, dairy products)
  • This one may hurt: avoid sauces! Use spices instead.

Last point: drink a lot of water.

Ephedrine during a cutting phase Prefers Kaizen Ephedrine HCLEphedrine or ephedra alkaloids will make it easier for you during a cutting phase. If you are familiar with our site you probably know all reasons why, I will mention them rapidly here for newcomers ;)

1. Fat burn

Ephedrine or ephedra alkaloids (difference? here) have thermogenetic effects that raise your basal metabolic rate. As a result, lipolysis is stimulated and your calorie consumption is significantly increased so fatty lipids are released from adipocytes: your fat is converted into energy.

2. Energy level

Most diets fail due to low energy after a few days of low calories. You feel so tired that even daily activities become hard, no chance for any extra exercising! Thanks to ephedrine your energy level will be enhanced for a sufficient period of time in order to start producing weight loss results, thus virtuous circle by effect on mood.

3. Appetite suppression

Let’s detail this point a bit because I like it so much. This is probably the key success factor of ephedrine as fat burner. It shows how complex our body is and I love the way we try to find tricks to fool him ;) OK, usually after a few days of diets your body figures out what you are doing and the reaction is painful: your small fat cells are very efficient at restocking fat and ask for more, with immediate effect on your appetite: you feel so hungry that keeping your motivation for the cutting phase becomes harder. Here is how ephedrine will do the trick here: physiologically, dopamine plays a big role in the regulation of appetite, well ephedrine will help you as indirect dopamine agonist by increasing its release from the cytoplasmic pool (basically everything in the cell except the nucleus, where metabolic pathways occur). Bottom line: your fat cells are starving but ephedrine gave a signal saying that you are not hungry anymore, as if you had eaten enough. Your adipocytes can shout all day long, your brain is not listening anymore ;)

4. Lean Muscle Mass Retention

Lean Muscle Mass Retention is the final synergy between ephedra or ephedrine and fat burn. Have a look at our page gathering medical references: “During dietary energy restriction Ephedrine plus Caffeine promotes fat loss and preserves fat-free mass”). This is exactly what you want during a cutting phase! After all these efforts to build muscle, you now want to keep them and get rid of the fat that came during the bulking phase. The good point is also that by keeping your metabolic rate high and being able to exercise without serious fatigue, you will burn more calories at all times (the more muscle you have, the more calorie you burn, even at rest).


The end goal of a cutting phase for bodybuilders is to show their chiseled cut muscles. Again, many people reading our blog and you also maybe are not exactly bodybuilders ;) but these nutrition tips and the support of ephedrine will have the same results for you. We just might see less chiseled cut muscles ;) but you will lose fat in the same way, for the same reasons.

Make sure to find ephedrine for sale from our recommended sites only, don’t buy fake products from fake sites: it’s impressing how many spam sites are now “selling” ephedrine without prescription for a delivery in the USA! To be fair, it’s true that no prescription is needed, as no ephedrine will be delivered, in the USA or in any other country ;) They will just debit your credit card :(

OK, that’s it for now, the next post will detail an exercising program which will consolidate your dieting results without compromising your muscle mass.

Mike Budd

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Top Offer – ECA Stack For Sale

I hope that you came here because of the email I just sent to all our Subscribers: in that case you still have a good chance to profit from this true opportunity: a pre-mixed ECA stack for sale in the USA!

If you landed here by any other way (Google search for instance) well, the big deal may be over now :(  At least, do now the right thing for the next one: subscribe to our mailing list on the top right of this page ;)

OK now, what is it about? and why am I so excited? Because NutraCave (again!) is coming with a great offer with a famous product, Xtreme Thermoburn. So many people have been looking for it without success, and here it is finally! Cherry on top: you will get 35 percent off with the coupon code 35thermo. Thanks who? ;)

NutraCave is just starting pre-orders because of a limited quantity (200 units) with an estimated shipping around Sept 20th. You will have to wait a bit, but it’s worth your patience, believe me…

If you hurry up you might well get one of the strongest fat burners available today. And for all guys living in the USA who are currently not able to get the right products  (see what I mean?) honestly there is not much to think twice: GO! You have no better choice today.

Frankly I don’t feel like detailing all the benefits of this product: you have it in our articles here and there. And also in many many other posts. Lazy guy? No, just busy ;) I will just mention these benefits below and copy paste a few reviews. For more information you will find tens of reviews in the bodybuilding and weight loss forums: this ECA stack is well known and makes unanimity about its effectiveness. But our time is limited so here is the link, click on the following picture and pre-order asap:

ECA stack for sale in the USA



Benefits of this pre-mixed ECA stack, Xtreme Thermoburn

Pre-Mixed ECA Stack

24 mg Ephedrine alkaloids
200 mg Caffeine
50 mg Chromium Picolinate

Powerful Appetite Suppressant

<<at least we are both proving the point….they WORK… he,s hardly eaten today too…>>

<< Can really feel the effects and have help reduce my appetite to aid weight loss.>>

<<On two capsules, I’m talking a mile a minute, got tons of energy and have zero appetite.>>

<< It is early days, but overall, this product seem very good and if any one has severe food cravings or binge on food for comfort eating, this pill will certainly curb your cravings to 0% without lifting a finger. >>

Energy Booster

<< I’ve been using this ephedrine product for some time now and find it the most effective both in providing energy and increasing metabolism to help stay lean. >>

<<Wow, these are fantastic, great energy boast prior to working out, they make me workout so much harder, it’s unreal. I thought I worked really hard at the gym, with these I’m drenched, a good sign if you ask me. >>

<< Without a doubt, I recommend this product. It increases your energy, drops your appetite and raises your focus. >>

Top Fat Burner

<<you can really loose weight pretty quickly without damaging your health. The beauty of this ephedrine product is that you do not need to reduce your calories intake. Of course it is better to eat a bit more protein and less carbo, reduce calories intake from fat, drink plenty of water. However, even if you do not, effects are guaranteed. It is as simple as it sounds: you take XTreme Thermoburn Ephedrine ECA Stack and you lose weight. What is also very important, you never ever feel tired.>>

<<I have been using this ECA product for a while now and I can honestly say it is the best one out there. It give you a real boost during a workout, and is a great appetite suppressant. I exercise regularly and mix cardiovascular with weights and the difference in just training alone is amazing.>>

<< Wow, i have never tried anything like this before, i have tried and i mean “TRIED” to lose weight before. >>

No (low) side effects

<< I also find that any initial reactions from using a thermogenic product for the first time do dissipate quickly as your body adapts to the formula.>>

<< The only thing I have found is that you need to have something to eat before taking them i.e. not first thing in the morning as they can have a tendency to make you feel a little bit queasy – not sick I hasten to add, just a little bit like you have a churning stomach.>>

<< A great product which works. It kills the appetite for sure. It gives me the shakes for a while about 1 hour after taking them and also gives me a good feeling of confidence and hyperactivity. >>

<< Have used these capsules now for 6 weeks with dramatic effects. My husband and I have both had excellent weight loss results coupled with much better workouts in the gym and whilst running. Side effects are minimal.>>


Go ahead and do your own research online if you want: you will see pages and pages of such positive feedback.
I will just add the usual safety recommendations: use this ECA stack as directed. Read our page about potential side effects and contraindications. Drink a lot of water and avoid adding caffeine (present in so many products today). Read also this page about a safe dosage of EC stack: of course the recommended dosage doesn’t apply because Xtreme Thermoburn is pre-mixed but the safety points are the same and very important!

Happy Fat Burning :)
Mike Budd

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Biggest Coupon Ever At NutraCave

Kids are back to school and many of us are totally running out of time these days…
Every day is a challenge: look at these to-do lists! Not sure what takes me more time, writing them or doing the tasks ;)  Between my daily job and my second boss at home, I have to steal time from sleep if I want to keep in touch online :)

For these reasons I will keep it short today for this first post after a great summer break. Here are the main points:

  • As soon as I get up to speed, I will post a nice picture of my holidays and if you can guess where it is, you will get something cool by email :)
  • Prescription for ephedrine has been intensively debated lately in some states, in the coming weeks I will give you a quick update to know in which states it is still legal to buy ephedrine and pseudoephedrine.
  • Some news also about these two promising meth-proof products: Zephrex-D and Nexafed.
  • And the most interesting point for you: the Biggest Coupon Ever At NutraCave!

NutraCave's biggest coupon ever: up to 80% off

Even if NutraCave isn’t selling ephedrine HCL anymore, it’s really worth considering it: you get 30% off regular prices which is already cool, but the great deal is for products that are already on sale: you can save up to 80% off retail prices!

This coupon code is valid for 3 days and is meant for subscribers to NutraCave’s newsletter only so you might have to give your email address before ordering to be sure.
Then use coupon code BOOM30 at checkout.

This is a good opportunity to test their stack that we have mentioned a few times already: Dendrobium, Synephrine HCL and Caffeine.


We had more and more feedback about this supposed alternative to ephedrine and no surprise: it worked ok for most guys but far from the weight loss results that you get with ephedrine HCL or ephedra alkaloids.

To be fair, the good points reported so far is that Dendrobium might lower blood pressure, enhance mood, increase your metabolism and even reduce pain. Caution though: these effects are mainly reported by bodybuilders who use Dendrobium as a pre-workout supplement (Driven Sports Craze anybody?) and some of you here are not exactly bodybuilders ;) My concern is that we have no medical study of these effects in humans – at least to my knowledge. I did a quick review of the medical literature and we have tens of medical studies about Dendrobium but no one in our field of interest.

To sum it up, there is a common belief that dendrobium has the a.m. positive effects, based on empirical observations. Some say that dendrobium might be the next hot supplement, we say that we don’t have medical evidence about it, not even speaking of potential side effects that it might cause. As usual, try it if you want, but at your own risk.

Synephrine HCL

Now a quick word about the second component of this stack, Synephrine HCL: the good points are that NutraCave is selling the pharmaceutical grade at a reasonable dosage: 30mg. It should have the desired lipolytic effects that you expect :) Other reassuring point: the medical literature about synephrine – especially about its thermogenic effects – is plethoric and no adverse events have been reported at the proposed dosage.
Synephrine belongs to the amazing alkaloid family and you find it in its natural form mainly in citrus fruits.


Last word about the third component, caffeine: in all modesty we have written great posts about coffee and caffeine ;) if you need a refresher have a look here and there.


Happy BOOM30 to all ;)
Be nice and leave us a short feedback about your experience and weight loss results if you try this Dendrobium plus Synephrine stack. And if you prefer to stick to our preferred fat burner, you know where to buy ephedrine and ephedra alkaloids.

Mike Budd.

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