10 Tips to Stay Fit during the Festive Season

For the last post of the year, not 8, not 9 but 10 tips to stay fit during the festive season!

Because I don’t know about you but I tend to fall in each and every trap when it comes to stay fit πŸ™‚ If you don’t believe me, read this and that.

In the most part of the year I use several lame excuses (I have a long list), but between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I don’t even need an excuse πŸ™‚

How Could You Stay Fit at this Time of the Year?

Honestly, why would you say no to all these treats offered to you during the holiday season? Especially if you did enough efforts to get in shape and stay fit during the year?

It’s part of the tradition. We spend hours eating and sharing with our loved ones. Some cakes take weeks to be prepared, how could you say no to your mother-in-law? πŸ˜‰
It’s a warm spirit. It’s about sharing presents, good time and good food. Period.

So you end up overindulging in sweets and you compromise months of efforts πŸ™

So here is what I do: 10 tips to stay fit during the festive season. For me it’s a good compromise: I get the most of the festive season and I am not falling too far off track.

Resist the Treats!

Resist the Christmas treats to stay fit!1) Be selective. Eat only your top favorite treats when you have the choice, and politely say no when they are offered, even by your mother-in-law πŸ™‚
Or say yes, but give them discreetly to the dog πŸ™‚ Think of how many times you said yes just to be polite! Remember: it’s your body, your health, your efforts to lose the extra weight that will come with these treats, so you don’t have to have them all πŸ™‚

2) Always prefer homemade treats . Many recipes are delicious and healthy. Find a good book (another great Christmas gift idea).

Weight loss or Brownie?3) If you didn’t have the willpower to resist once, it doesn’t mean that from that point on, you lost *definitely* and you can now indulge anything. I hear that so many times: one slip up in the morning becomes a day off… and with one day off, you might as well skip the whole week! You see what I mean: it’s not “all or nothing”.

4) Now the easiest and cheapest tip I know for weight loss: drink lots of water! I do it consistently since years and it works wonders. Pure water, when you feel hungry, instead of grabbing a piece of cake. After a glass of good wine, instead of a second one, drink the same amount of water. Before lunch. It’s amazing how it regulates your metabolism and your appetite. It helps detoxing your body. Especially during this season where we typically drink more alcohol.

Keep Moving!

Running alone in the cold5) Adapt your training routine if necessary (because it’s getting cold and dark) but keep up with your plan. Switch to evenings to lunchtime if you want but don’t get too far off track. You would have to pay the high price later.

6) You know I love running. Well, I love the fat burn results you get from running πŸ˜‰ During the festive season, you have less opportunities: usually your training buddies are not there, again it’s cold and dark so you would a superhero willpower to lace up and hit the road alone. What I do is switching to short, intensive workouts at home. I say at home but in fact I mean inside, it can be in a hotel room or when traveling to relatives. My preferred workout is an intensive leg training because it’s the most effective (due to the big muscle groups like the quads).

7) My preferred timing for these intensive workouts is before the heavy meals, you know, these special days where you already know that your weight will suffer πŸ™‚ I know that 10 minutes of high intensity training will be followed by muscle recovery that will compensate the extra calories. And come on, 10 minutes only! Definitely worth it πŸ™‚

8) The next trap in this period is that we sit for hours, day after day. So my next tip is not spectacular but quite effective: I take any opportunity to keep moving. I get up when we need something in the cellar, I go upstairs and downstairs as soon as something is missing, I go and grab things in the kitchen, well, you get the point: move more!

Family Fun Outside9) Play outside with kids. They have more energy in one day than us in one week πŸ™‚ It’s getting harder to get them outside in our connected world but if you manage to start any old-fashioned activity that requires more than their thumbs, for instance playing with a ball or “catch me if you can”, you will see how many calories you will burn, just by trying to follow them πŸ™‚

10) If you’re not the “running type”, you could go for a walk every day, in the fresh air. Even if brown fat in winter is known to burn calories, don’t expect the same results as with other classical cardio sessions (rowing, biking, swimming and the top one, running) but walking has several health benefits that I really enjoy with my family. We have more time, we talk a lot, and frankly I can’t think of a better way of getting your energy back after a long lunch or dinner. It’s not so demanding, compared to a workout (preparation, clothes etc), anybody can do it. If you have a goal in mind (visiting something or somebody) it becomes a healthy side benefit of a real activity. Plus it has an excellent effect on your stress and well-being. You see, no excuse πŸ™‚


I remember that my first post this year was about motivation and goal setting. In all modesty, it was a “high-level” contribution πŸ˜‰ It’s not what you think, I’m not being pretentious here, I said “high-level” because it is supposed to set the frame for the whole year. You have to see the big picture before thinking of details.

Now the tricky part: it took me years to apply it and to get results.
Why is it so easy to set goals and so hard to achieve them?
Because it’s about change.
And change comes only with action.
You can have all needed information, you won’t change until you do it.
Change is about doing, not knowing. You may “know it all” and still be stuck, year after year.

You can change and stay fit only when you know what to do, how to do it and when you start to apply it consistently. Day after day.

That’s it for the last post of 2016.

Time to wish you Health, Peace, Love and Happiness in 2017 πŸ™‚

Happy New Year!






-Mike Budd
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My Weight Loss Story, Episode 2

The last post was about my weight loss experience and I got many emails from people who went through the same issues. And apparently my “magic soup” experience made some people laugh πŸ™‚ well, years later, this is the first positive thing about it! I’ve been asked for what I did after that, so here it is: My Weight Loss Story, Episode 2 πŸ™‚

Dieting again

I’m a stubborn guy. When the “magic soup” experience appeared to be useless, I thought that it was my fault because I had been naive and I just didn’t find the right information online. Next time I’ll find the magic one! Stubborn and a bit stupid too πŸ™‚

So I went to Google again and this time I placed my hopes in another method, a famous diet, widely promoted as very efficient: the high-protein, low-carb diet, you know, the Atkins kind of diet. The idea was to drastically cut carbs which are used first by your body for energy, so that fat is used instead, in a metabolic state that doctors call “ketosis”. Honestly I liked it immediately! I found the idea brilliant, the name “ketosis” sounded like the end of my problems, I was truly sure that this scientific approach with such a name was a winner πŸ™‚ I was already picturing my new body quickly running short of fat πŸ™‚

So I started this approach with great enthusiasm and I even decided to push it to the next step: high protein foods and veggies only, nothing else! I wanted the best possible ketosis, not the average one πŸ™‚

Then, back to reality. I remember that it was quite embarrassing in the office because we used to have lunch all together and of course I got many question from my co-workers who immediately noticed that I was dieting…
One day, we have been invited in a very expensive restaurant to celebrate the end of a big project and I had to say no to a very old red wine. Apparently our business partners wanted to show their gratitude and really, nobody could understand my reaction. They told me that this wine was so famous, so rare, so expensive that it was a dream for many wine lovers around the globe! And I was drinking water because of a stupid diet! In my head, I was silently repeating my mantra: Ketosis, Ketosis, Ketosis! πŸ™‚

Embarrassing Side Effect

At least the good point about this high-protein diet is that I was not hungry. The bad point is that ketosis has an embarrassing side effect: bad breath πŸ™ I will never forget this glimpse of surprise followed by disgust from people I was talking to. First they take a step back, and they avoid you completely πŸ™‚ Or they increase the “social distance” when they *really* have to be in front of you. I’m not sure but I think I got more emails than usual during my ketosis period πŸ™‚

The result of this diet in terms of weight loss has been modest, real but modest. But these few pounds off came with a very high price: my cholesterol levels did skyrocket. They were already high but after this diet they went wild. It took me years to bring them back to normal levels.

My Weight Loss Story, Episode 2

Run Till You Fall

Now a few words about the second part of my plan: running.
I was feeling very confident because I used to exercise a lot when I was young. So I started running with high hopes, even thinking of future competitions πŸ™‚ My typical session was the following: after a quick warm-up, I was running around half an hour at my maximum speed, sweating like in hell. My main problem was about time management: I had long days in the office and I didn’t want to sacrifice dinner with my wife and kids. So I ended up running at night, after dinner. Stupid again. My running route never varied. In the beginning people were surprised to see me running at night. They probably thought I was crazy, running in the dark, in the cold, in the rain… Same route, same houses, same people, same dogs barking at me… Finally after a few weeks people and dogs got used to my late runs and nobody paid attention anymore. I was the “poor fat guy running at night”…

So, what about the weight loss results?
The sad truth is that I lost.. almost nothing. The main result was injuries: it was too much stress for my heavy body. The most painful points were the knees and hips. Painkillers didn’t help much. I knew that I needed some rest, but guess what? I can do it πŸ™‚
I went to friends doctors who helped me with anti-inflammatory injections. A few days later I was on the road again. But not for long. The real end of the story came from the mental side. I realized that all these efforts were for nothing, that it was a failure, that I was a failure.
It was like a breakthrough. During the last night run, I was exhausted, beyond acceptable fatigue and yet trying to keep on running. At one moment I thought: what’s wrong with me? Does it have to be so hard? It’s not working. I have to accept this weight, this age. I have been unhealthy for years and I will never be healthy and fit again. It’s too late. So I stopped running and I walked my way back home πŸ™

Believe me, this second failure has been much more devastating than the first one.

OK, that’s it for the embarrassing memories.

The good point is… the happy end πŸ™‚

It was not “too late”. I was my learning curve. It took me time to do the right things, in the right order: get support, eat less, move more — but not the way I did it!

Keep in touch,
-Mike Budd

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My Weight Loss Experience

As you can guess from the title, “My Weight Loss Experience”, this is going to be a very personal post… Maybe a bit of nostalgia, looking back at all these years πŸ™‚

I have received emails about my last post, saying that many people lack of patience when they try to lose weight, compared to all these years of poor diet food and no exercise.
Hmm, apparently it was a bit rude…
No offense though. I had one example in mind when writing that, and as always, it’s a poor idea to generalize.

What can I say?
Well, I could say that if at some point you realize that, regarding your overweight, enough is enough, I totally understand, because I’ve experienced it years ago. I had something like 50 pounds to lose. I was happy in every aspect of my life, with my family first, my friends, my job.
Except that I had been gaining weight for years and years.

My weight loss experienceAnd it was not a problem. It came so progressively that it was not something we talked about. Easy life, busy life, good food, alcohol, nothing to worry about. No exercise by the way.
Until that day where I almost died due to this overweight.
Suddenly I realized the high price I had to pay now πŸ™
And I’ve been very angry because I had been surrounded by doctors during all this time and nobody told me about the health risks. And remember, my wife is a doctor.

Now with the distance, frankly I don’t blame them.
Nobody forced me to have this lifestyle. Again, I was really happy with my life.
As you can guess, this new perception has started tough discussions with my wife and with friends πŸ™‚
My conclusion was clear: it’s my life, sure, but it also affects my family, so I have to take real control of my health. I decided to get healthy as quick as possible.
And of course, I also wanted quick results…
So as you can see, if you’re currently trying to lose weight and you want quick results, I can fully understand…

My Weight Loss Experience

What I want to say now is that, with this mindset, I did all possible mistakes.
I decided to try by myself, without support, because I was angry. This was a real mistake.
I have tried all possible “magic diets”. When I think about it today, honestly it makes me laugh πŸ™‚ Do you want an example? OK. I found somewhere a “miracle diet”: The Ultimate Fat Burning Soup! It was supposed to burn fat like crazy, but you had to eat this soup only, nothing else, for a whole week!
I did it… One weekend before vacation, I tried to convince my wife that we had to cook a huge quantity of this “miracle soup”! She refused and we didn’t talk for one week πŸ™‚ But her reaction didn’t stop me: “you’re a big boy, go buy these veggies and cook it yourself”!
So during that week I’ve been eating this soup 3 times a day, from breakfast to dinner! And after a few days, even the smell in the kitchen was making me nauseous…
But I did it.
And guess what? No results of course.
I could go on with all other mistakes, but you get it.
I’m a stubborn guy.

I could also tell you how wrong I’ve been when starting the “exercise” part of my weight loss experience. I think I mentioned it already in my previous posts about running. All these efforts, for nothing! A pity.

OK, what I want to say with these embarrassing memories is that I can fully understand you.

But please, don’t do the same mistakes.
Be smarter.
Be patient.

Because in the end, I finally managed to lose these extra pounds. Not by accident.
By doing the right things.
By asking for support.
By *really* applying the weight loss pillars, eat less and move more. In the right way, step by step.

And fortunately, one day, I came across one post about ephedrine and it changed my life.
I spent months learning everything about it and finally I decided to try, hesitating between hope and the memory of the past stupid attempts (magic pills, miracle diet and so on).

I’m happy I did it finally. Because it helped me a lot with my weight loss, but most importantly, because it gave me the opportunity to create this blog and to help many people.
And fortunately, to help you too.

Keep in touch,
-Mike Budd

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Weight Loss Coaching, My Lessons Learned

Weight Loss Coaching

Do you know my biggest problem in my weight loss coaching experience so far?
The lack of patience I see with most people asking me for support.

Demotivated after Two Weeks!

Weight Loss Coaching, my lessons learned at EphedrineWhereToBuy.comI can understand that if you do some efforts, you want results. Sure. But how come that we want results quite immediately nowadays?
I know that especially young people live in the “micro-wave generation”. You know, when even waiting for one minute until the beep is too much πŸ™‚

I’m always surprised when after 2 weeks coaching I hear the first signs of demotivation!
Come on! Apparently it’s not a problem if you had a poor lifestyle for years (having a poor diet and no exercise). And now you complain because these last 2 weeks you finally reduced slightly your calorie input and you managed to run twice a week?Β  Seriously…

Think of all these progressive changes that happened in your body, usually during years, leading to your current overweight. Do you really think that all these changes can be reversed by a 2 weeks diet and 4 running sessions??

How to Overcome this Demotivation

You know me, I’m telling you that, but I will never say it to the people I coach πŸ™‚
Instead I just try to be friendly and supportive, I try to bring them back to reason and to work on their motivation.
In fact if they quit here, my weight loss coaching would have been a failure and it will be worse for them later. I can’t stand it, honestly πŸ™

So during that phase, we talk a lot πŸ™‚

And most of the time we find a agreement: keep up the good job and you will see the result.
Then depending on their physical condition, usually I vary the intensity in order to break the routine and the monotony. But the most important point is to *finally* have these expected results! A few pounds off are enough. Just something to celebrate, with new clothes for instance — not drinks πŸ™‚
This is my preferred part, the one that rewards you for all the efforts: it’s when these men and women realize that regular, progressive efforts lead to solid, stable weight loss for the long run. So easy to say and so hard to do.

What About Ephedrine?

In most cases I do not include ephedrine in my weight loss coaching, especially with people I don’t really know.
I prefer to test their patience πŸ™‚
And usually I use it later on, to boost the results when we have reached a plateau.

But sometimes I have no other choice than introducing it sooner, during the demotivation phase, because I feel that the person is really close to quit. It’s a kind of deal: after in-depth explanations, especially regarding the legal aspects (trust me!), I ask them to make an informed decision. Most of the time, they accept because they expect less efforts and more results.

So Why Not Starting with Ephedrine Directly?

Yes, I always get this question πŸ™‚ Why did you ask me to spend weeks dieting and running for no results when I could have been taking ephedrine from the beginning?!

The answer is easy: you don’t necessarily need ephedra or ephedrine to lose weight. You can reach your desired weight by adapting your lifestyle. Eating less and moving more.
But it takes time and the risk is to quit because it’s so hard. Your metabolism goes on vacation and you don’t have the needed willpower and physical energy to exercise. Your body enters in the “starving mode” and does its best to keep this overweight! But still, it’s feasible. And you don’t have to pay for the pills. You could buy new clothes πŸ™‚

So again it’s their informed decision: if they want buy ephedra or ephedrine for less efforts and quicker results, for sure I can understand. I just insist on the fact that their weight loss will mean nothing if not sustainable: it has to come with real adjustments to their lifestyle.

Keep in touch,
-Mike Budd

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Weight Loss Thoughts From Vacation

Before sharing my weight loss thoughts from vacation, first a few words about these summer holidays: it was great πŸ™‚

Not like last year when we visited Japan and South Korea. This year we had totally different kind of vacation: one place only, but a beautiful one, where all you have to do is to relax, exercise and have fun πŸ™‚ Here is a photo, I mean a real one, not a stock photo, straight from my Nikon! If you guess the place, I give you my camera πŸ™‚

My family holidays 2016










It was specifically the request of our kids who wanted a break after all these “exhausting” trips abroad, where we typically walk for miles every day.
And also the big benefit for them is that they get to know other young people who become friends after 5 minutes πŸ™‚ I find it amazing, how quickly they connect, at this age…

So to be honest, I was not expecting to see them around us, parents, but to my big surprise, they really enjoyed spending time with us!

This is by far the most important point, the first thing I will remember for years to come: we had a truly wonderful family time.

Family, Health, Time

Do you remember the post I wrote about New Year’s resolutions? And the beautiful handmade picture I did for that matter? πŸ™‚
Here it is again:

Weight Loss Thoughts From Vacation










It was my first resolution for 2016 and this summer has been the perfect opportunity to combine all three goals. Do you see how consistent I am? πŸ™‚

OK, seriously now. Here is the key message: if you want to achieve something, you have to think about it, to plan it, to do it, to measure progress and to adapt because deviations always occur. Things do rarely happen by accident!

Weight Loss Thoughts From Vacation

You probably see already where I’m heading here πŸ™‚
How does that translate to weight loss? What is the link between having a great family time and and these “weight loss thoughts”?
Easy answer: these goals or resolutions share the same method. I have experienced it again and again, and still today while coaching a young lady who has tried losing weight in vain for several months. Five easy steps… easy in theory because most people fail at step 3 and 4.

1) Think About It

Remember The Strangest Secret Article by Earl Nightingale? You become what you think about.

2) Plan It

Be reasonable when setting goals.
Plan for midterm results: you might have some quick wins but the real challenge is not to lose weight, it’s to stay at this new weight!
Do not set goals in terms of results (“lose X pounds”), instead set goals in terms of efforts around the pillars (eat less and move more).

3) Do It!

The first two steps were just happening in your mind, no real action to this point: now is the time for action! Do what you have planned and be accountable for it.

4) Measure Progress

Year after year I’m still amazed: so many people miss this point.
You can only improve what you measure.
It is well known that people underestimate their calories and overestimate their physical activity. But to that extend, it’s huge!
This has been the main part of my coaching with this young lady. She had no idea of her BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), of her calorie intake and expenditure!
How come that smart people who have access to so many information (internet, apps etc..) can be so wrong about themselves?
That was her Aha moment: by tracking these data (seriously, no guess work and without cheating) she realized the real cause of her overweight and how to solve it.

5) Adapt When Deviations Occur

That’s life. You may have to change your goals and it’s OK. Sometimes you have no choice, for instance in case of injuries. But even if you keep your initial goals, most of the time you will have to adapt your efforts.


For people who reach step 5, I could add a sixth one: celebrate! πŸ™‚
I know that these weight loss thoughts may sound familiar and you are probably thinking: “I know it already… Tell me something I don’t know!”.
Well, if you know it and you’re still struggling with your weight loss… Think twice πŸ™‚
That’s the huge difference between knowing and doing things.

Bottom line: these steps can take you to your desired weight, no doubt. It’s a hard way and that’s the reason why so many people fail: at some step, they give up. Too hard.

In my case, I have tried to lose weight with hard runs and without ephedrine. Believe me, I did my best but I had to stop due to repeated injuries.

The good news is that you are not obliged to do it the hard way. If you want easier and quicker results (burning more fat with less efforts), then ephedra or ephedrine are your friends (here is why).
If you don’t know the difference between ephedra & ephedrine, please read this page.
If you live in the US, check if ephedrine is legal in your state.
Based on that, you can choose between my top 3 ephedra and top 3 ephedrine products.

Keep in touch,

-Mike Budd
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Ephedrine Midyear Review

Before having a highly deserved break in August, I’d like to do a kind of “ephedrine midyear review”: news about sellers, products, legal aspects, etc.

Ephedrine Midyear Review: Sellers

Order Real Ephedrine Online in the USA with LiveLeanTodayThe best news and major change this year have come from LiveLeanToday. You are now able to order real ephedrine online, shipped to your door, in all legality if you live in one of the “blue or orange states”.
Excellent feedback so far. The only problem I heard of has to do with the online registration when you order for the first time. The next orders are processed automatically.

So long Astronutrition πŸ™Β  You may have seen it in the homepage: they have decided to step out of the ephedrine market. It’s a pity, but fortunately we have other options.

Ephedrine in Canada: forget about it if you don’t live there. Anyway for Americans, ordering from Canada is not interesting anymore: you have now access ephedrine HCL through LiveLeanToday, as just said.

iSupplements: as you may know this site has been created and sold later by the current owner of LiveLeanToday — it’s a small world πŸ™‚
Just a quick word about them: they kind of specialized in ephedra and they do a great job, when I see all the positive feedback. Good range, cheap prices and top customer satisfaction. Plus frequent coupon codes: don’t forget to enter eph12 at checkout.

Ephedrine Midyear Review: Products

No new products and it’s not a surprise: ephedrine based products are produced by big pharma companies and the market is mature.
Thus no changes to my top 3: Ephedrine Plus, Bronkaid and Primatene.
OK, 4 if I include an EC stack based on Bronkaid πŸ™‚

Ephedrine Midyear Review: Ephedrine PlusEphedrine Midyear Review: Bronkaid legally sold online in the USAEphedrine Midyear Review: Primatene, the legal ephedrine HCL that you can get online in most US statesEphedrine Midyear Review: legal way to get an ECA Stack in the USA



Regarding ephedra products, producers are smaller and more flexible so, from time to time, you see new products which add new ingredients but the basis remains the same, the good old ephedra. Personally I prefer to stick to my preferred, time-tested products.

Green Stinger is still the king of the category, a best seller since more than 10 years now, and for a reason: it curbs appetite, it increases focus and energy. Most importantly, Green Stinger burns fat without jitters. Last but not least: it has the synergistic effect of an EC stack because it contains caffeine.

That being said, if you already have some ephedra experience or if you can handle some discomfort, my advice would be to try a stronger product, such as Hellfire: you will have more physiological effects, hence better & quicker fat burn results. Careful though, as usual, do it progressively, follow the safety recommendations and listen to your body!

For instance you can start with Green Stinger and try Yellow Devils or Hellfire next. Have a look at this post: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Top 3 Ephedra from EphedrineWhereToBuy.com: Green StingerTop 3 Ephedra from EphedrineWhereToBuy.com: Yellow DevilsTop 3 Ephedra from EphedrineWhereToBuy.com: Hellfire EPH 150





Ephedrine in Europe and other countries

I am still looking for reliable sources: please tell me about yours!

Legal Aspects

In the US: politicians are still stuck in the middle of conflicting interests between cops, doctors and people like you and me. Some new prescription bills locally but no important changes. Every month we have growing evidence that these restricting bills have put a burden on law-abiding people for a minimal effect.Β The main consequence is that Mexican drug cartels are now flooding the US with cheap and pure meth. I’ve been saying it for years…

No news about legal changes in Europe. Any input is highly welcome!

Ephedrine Online

If you spend time online, you may have seen it also: ephedrine is more and more popular, it is mentioned in forums, health / weight loss sites, communities, etc… I see also new sites about ephedrine that appear and disappear overnight…Β  With my 5 year old website, I feel like a dinosaur πŸ™‚
In many cases my pages and posts are copied without permission but I don’t care. I’m happy to see this interest. It’s a way of spreading the word about all the benefits and the unfair FDA ban. I hope that more and more people will have the chance to use ephedrine for their weight loss.
It’s also good to see that it is mentioned not only in bodybuilding forums but also in standard forums such as reddit.
My advice: be careful with the answers you get in forums, especially when it comes to side effects or dosage.


Some of us knew it for years but it’s now becoming mainstream: ephedrine is the best legal fat burner. It has very low risks (hypersensitivity). And even no risk if you follow the rules (small initial dose to test potential intolerance, no heat, no HIIT, etc..).
I’m happy to share the knowledge and hopefully to help you lose some pounds πŸ™‚

That’s it for this ephedrine midyear review: enjoy your break if you have one and keep in touch!

-Mike Budd
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Ephedra or Ephedrine?

Ephedra or Ephedrine? Good question! Apparently many people are confused because they don’t know the difference and most importantly, what would be the best choice for them in terms of weight loss.

I know I didn’t post a lot lately, due to many issues — I should write a post about that πŸ™‚

I said I would update my pages about EC stack dosage, from 8 mg ephedrine per cap as it used to be years ago when ephedrine HCL was shipped from Canada, to the new dosage, 12,5 mg (EPHED or Primatene) and 25 mg (Bronkaid or Ephedrine Plus)… But still on the to-do list πŸ™ I’ll do it, I swear πŸ™‚

Anyway, I feel I should start with this clarification about ephedra or ephedrine, because I’m getting tons of questions and hopefully I will be able to answer just by linking to this post πŸ™‚

OK, let’s start.

Beach Body Ready

Ephedra or Ephedrine for Your Beach BodyWow… All the buzz around this ad πŸ™‚ And all these funny social media reactions πŸ™‚

The best way to burn fat has nothing to do with this ad which tries to sell meal replacements. The best way is to have an EC stack, together with a smart diet (optional) and some exercise (also optional).

When I say smart diet, I mean that you don’t have to go through a crash diet or starve yourself. Reducing your calories, let’s say minus 500 is fine. Honestly, this is so easy you won’t notice it.

Same thing for the “move more” recommendation: it’s up to you. You will lose more and quicker with a bit of cardio training.

Bottom line: with the synergistic effects of caffeine and ephedrine/ephedra, you will have less appetite and more energy and consequently you will lose weight with minimal effort. But for such results, real ephedra alkaloids or real ephedrine are absolutely needed.

If you don’t know why, please read this page which explains how ephedrine actually works, what effects it has in your body that result in weight loss. It tells you also the difference between ephedra alkaloids (taken from plants) and ephedrine HCL (made in labs).

Second bottom line: ephedra alkaloids or ephedrine HCL, you don’t care because you get the same effects.

My usual reply to people who raise this question is: if you hesitate between both, you should take into account 2 major points: legality and physiology.


If you live in a “red state” where ephedrine is not legal, (check the color of your state), no need to go further: you have to get ephedra alkaloids and no regrets because you will have the same results πŸ™‚
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If ephedrine is legal in your state (blue or orange states), my recommendation is to try ephedrine HCL first: you’re lucky, you have online access to Ephedrine Plus, Bronkaid and Primatene πŸ™‚

Ephedrine Plus Contains Ephedrine HCLBronkaid (ephedrine sulfate) legally sold online in the USAPrimatene, the legal ephedrine HCL that you can get online in most US statesThe legal way to get an ECA Stack based on Bronkaid





Ephedra or ephedrine? I have tried both and from my (long) experience and all exchanges I had since years, what I can say for sure is that some guys have better results with ephedrine and others with ephedra. I know, looks like a lame answer, but it’s an honest one πŸ™‚

Ephedra or Ephedrine?

You have to try for yourself!

  1. Check the legality of ephedrine in your state
  2. If legal, buy ephedrine (best products here)
  3. If not, buy ephedra (my top 3 here)
  4. Even if you have access to ephedrine, try ephedra with your second EC stack: you may get better results by cycling products because your lazy body will be surprised πŸ™‚

Bye for now,

-Mike Budd
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Legal, Real Ephedrine HCL in the USA

Last month we had probably the best news in years:Β  legal, real ephedrine HCL in the USA, online, in stock, from a trusted seller.

If you are new to ephedrine, trust the old guys like me who have been on the topic since years: bodybuilders, athletes, etc.. They will all tell you the same thing: if something burns fat quicker than ephedrine HCL plus caffeine (the famous EC stack), it’s probably not legal.

If you don’t trust me, it’s fine too πŸ˜‰
Do your own search online, check the medical literature if you want, you will inevitably end up with the same conclusion: if you want to lose some serious pounds with minimal effort, you don’t know how lucky you are to put your hands on real ephedrine HCL, ordered online and shipped discreetly to your door, in all legality! Hmm, if it’s legal, why is it shipped discreetly? Because your weight loss plan is a private thing, no need to share that with others.

Again: Legal, Real Ephedrine HCL!

I know it sounds like I’m over-excited, but I can’t help it πŸ™‚
Since 5 years now, through this blog, I live and breathe ephedrine, so to say πŸ™‚
Do you remember the good old times with Kaizen Ephedrine HCL that was shipped from Canada? And then all shops closing one after the other?
And today, finally, you have access to the best products, in all legality.

Ephedrine Plus

You can go for Ephedrine Plus which is for me the best ephedrine HCL but extremely hard to get in the US. You can now order it online with a few clicks πŸ™‚

Ephedrine Plus Contains Real Ephedrine HCL







Or you can get Bronkaid, which has 25 mg ephedrine sulfate:

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EPHED 12.5 mg and Primatene

And if your state doesn’t allow 25 mg ephedrine per cap, no problem, you can still get real ephedrine HCL with EPHED 12.5 mg (24ct) or Primatene also with 12.5 mg ephedrine HCL per tab.

EPHED is 12.5 mg of real ephedrine HCL






Primatene, the legal and real ephedrine HCL that you can get online in most US states







Last advice: ephedrine shortages are frequent and you will notice that when it happens, it affects all brands. It’s not a surprise: they all buy ephedrine from the same sources, big chemical companies. And I know several places already running out of stock. For the moment LiveLeanToday has Ephedrine Plus, EPHED 12.5 mg, Bronkaid and Primatene in stock, but you don’t know for how long. If you decide to start an EC stack, do it right from the beginning and stock up to the legal limit.

If you need a refresher about all these aspects, max quantity etc, you have all useful information in this page: Legal Ephedrine Sold Online in the USA.

It covers all these points:

  • How they manage to sell ephedrine online legally in the USA?
  • Legality of ephedrine in your state: “red states” where ephedrine is illegal, “orange states where you have to buy EPHED 12.5 mg or Primatene and “blue states” where you can get what you want πŸ™‚
  • What are the legal obligations before getting ephedrine?
  • What are the best products for your state?
  • Difference between ephedrine HCL and ephedrine sulfate?
  • Difference between Ephedrine Plus, Bronkaid and Primatene?
  • How many boxes of each product you can buy per state, per order and per month

Quite complete as you can seeΒ  \o/
Hmm.. That’s what I thought when I finished it. And then I got your emails πŸ™‚

I’ve got a lot of feedback: except in one case, all orders have been shipped ok. The main topic in the emails was about the EC stack dosage: my recommendation so far was for 8 mg ephedrine per cap. Remember, I wrote that when we were supplied by Canadian sellers and in Canada by law you can only get 8 mg tablets!
So I got the kind request to update these daily tables based on the new dosage, 12,5 mg (EPHED or Primatene) and 25 mg (Bronkaid or Ephedrine Plus).

I will update all tables at once, in mg and in caps, day per day for all 3 products, so that you make no mistake in your EC stack dosage.

Thanks who? πŸ˜‰


-Mike Budd
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May is coming at the end of the week, Game of Thrones Season 6 has started, days are longer and skirts are shorter, love is in the air πŸ™‚

It’s high time to step out of your comfort zone and to lose some serious pounds before summer.

You have approximately eight weeks to get the perfect beach body (this is for the truly motivated guys here) or just to shape up and to have more energy before the summer break (you’re so reasonable…).

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Top 3 Ephedra Products

It’s the right time for you to try one of my top 3 ephedra products: you know, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly πŸ™‚

  • Green Stinger: a true star, a best seller since years.
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Start now your bikini-ready diet that will make you hot on the beach. The good news is that you don’t have to go through a crash diet or starve yourself to look good in your new swimsuit: nothing beats an EC stack when it comes to burn fat quickly. You’ll get less appetite and more energy and you will lose weight with minimal effort.

Bottom line: pick up your preferred ephedra product from i-Supplements and don’t forget the EPH20 coupon code at checkout!


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Running or Ephedra?

Running or Ephedra?

Since months now I am trying to answer this question: what is best to burn this stubborn belly fat, hiding my abs? Running or ephedra? I have tried many things:

I have joined a running team.
I have tried hard runs and didn’t lose one pound.
I have added a smart diet but no results on the scale.
And I can’t do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT, the best way to burn fat) because of a joint pain in the hip.

Running or ephedra? I'd prefer ephedra :)It’s a pity: all these efforts for nothing πŸ™

OK, let’s be positive.

If something is not working, it’s high time to vary and to test a different approach.

That’s what I did with this new training program.

First, Intensity

I can’t run “fast” anymore because of the burden put on my joints.
I already had an ankle, a knee and hip injured by this pace, without any weight loss, so it would be stupid to stick to that.
So I have no other choice than “slow runs”. You know, the ones that keep you under 65-70% of your MHR (maximum heart rate).

Second, Duration

I had to limit it to 30 minutes because of the joint pain: I am OK when I start running but unfortunately this pain always appear after a few minutes and increases progressively, so half an hour is the maximum I can endure.

Third, Frequency

How many runs per week? Well, it was not really my decision. I just realized that more than twice a week didn’t give enough time to recover between two painful runs.
All in all, here is what I’ve been doing since one month now: 2 “slow runs”, twice a week, for about 30 minutes.

Results so far

So disappointing. I didn’t lose one pound πŸ™
And I didn’t build lean muscle either. In a nutshell: since the beginning of all these tests around “running or ephedra”, I can’t see any benefits so far. This last approach seems to be useless pain with no results. You know that my “success criteria” is more how my jeans fit rather than a number of pounds on the scale. Well, my jeans have seen no particular change recently πŸ™

Why this Lack of Results?

There are two main explanations for me:

1 – Lipolysis
If you don’t exercise more than 40, 45 minutes, your body doesn’t start lipolysis (burning fat) because it has enough “energy” (glycogen) stored for these 30 minutes. It doesn’t mean that running 30 minutes twice a week is not good for your health, it means in my case that it’s not enough to lose weight.

2 – Diet

I thought initially that my “smart diet” would be enough:

  • No calorie counting
  • No hunger, even increasing my meal size between running days
  • In compensation, focus on good healthy foods
  • No more bread during lunch, no refined sugar, no sauces/dressings
  • No alcohol except during the weekend

I realize that it’s far from enough. I am now convinced that a calorie deficit is needed in my case to start burning fat, especially in the midsection. With this increased activity I tend to eat a lot more, healthy food but still. The number of “calories in” is too high, compared to the number of “calories out”. I am sure to have other overall health benefits (heart etc)Β  but not the “visible” kind.

Now I have to make a choice: for the sake of completeness I should now try slow runs three times a week, one hour each, without ephedrine or ephedra.

But honestly I’m tired. Running or ephedra? I’d prefer ephedra πŸ™‚ Because this is really exhausting, compared to the energy boost and appetite suppression you get with an EC stack.

I don’t know yet… but in all cases I will let you know.

Keep in touch,

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