3 Steps To Lose Weight in Q4

Kids are back to school, summer is over, winter is coming, as the Starks would say ;)
And tomorrow it will be Christmas again…
So if you want to do something for your health, it’s time to take action.

EphedrineWhereToBuy.com Your Q4 Weight Loss ProgramThink about it: how could you not gain weight at this period of the year? Back to work, daily routines, shorter days, sugar and carb cravings, couch time, baggy clothing ;)
It’s a pity, as this period is the right one to lose weight. Ask any coach: it’s in Q4 that you make a difference. For you, the difference between packing on extra pounds and burning fat.

OK, you might think “burning fat? easy to say…”.
Nope… it’s easy to do. Really.
Give me one minute to explain.

If you read this page, you probably want to lose weight. You know that starting is the most difficult part. You know that eating less and moving more are the right thing to do, but…
there is a huge difference between knowing and taking action.
Psychologists call it volition, I call it “persuading yourself”.
You delay because you think that it’s hard or you find yourself fake excuses. No offense here, we all do it ;) “No time”, “I’ll start next week”, knowing deep inside yourself that “next week” means “next month” in the best case.

OK, let’s say one month.
You want to lose weight, sure, but who do you want to be in one month?
You, with the same body and mind, with the same goal? In that case I can already guess your new year resolutions ;)
Or you, with a leaner body and more confidence because you did it, finally?
Only you can answer this question.

It’s up to do to make the right decision. Time to decide!
Think of the benefits, not of the difficulty.
Don’t let your brain decide for you. It’s what I call “living on autopilot”: your brain is so clever at building fake excuses to postpone and you are fine with that because you buy these fake excuses.

I should count all the people who told me that they didn’t have enough willpower to lose weight and who did it finally.
They all recognize that the key point has been the first microsecond when they told themselves “OK, I try and we’ll see”. Believe me, they saw the change ;)
Do you know why they succeeded? Because it was not hard. They all thought first that it would be too much efforts. In fact it’s not, if you take ephedrine or ephedra alkaloids.
The difference is huge: you won’t suffer, thanks to the appetite-suppressing effect.
You won’t be tempted. You won’t have those cravings. You will have a better mood and much more energy.

So, again, it’s up to you: who do you want to be? All it takes is one second: decision making. Not me persuading you, you persuading yourself.

Take action! One second to decide and 3 steps to get started:

1) First, a light calorie deficit: an easy diet will be enough, you won’t have to exercise — you could of course ;) but what I mean is that it won’t be necessary here.

2) Ephedra of course, but the right one. Get Green Stinger or a pre-mixed ECA stack such as ECA Elite or Xtreme Thermoburn.

EphedrineWhereToBuy.com Recommends Green StingerEphedrineWhereToBuy.com Recommends ECA EliteEphedrineWhereToBuy.com Recommends Xtreme Thermoburn







3) Personal support: if you agree I will get in touch by email. First I’d be happy to see that you made the right move :) but most importantly I can help you as I did for many other guys out there. Yes, for free ;) Obviously I won’t be able to answer all questions ;) but many of them for sure, and in all cases I will do my best and come back to you.

Don’t delay again! Do it right now. You’ll see how easy it was.
Again, read this page, “Eat Less, The First Pillar of Weight Loss” to get the basics because we will refer to it many times, then buy one of the three recommended ephedra products, then drop me a quick email and I’ll get back to you immediately.

I would even add a fourth step: take a selfie because we will need it in one month for the before-and-after photo ;)

Talk to you soon!

Mike Budd

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Two Sales At EphedraWarehouse

EphedraWarehouse is currently offering two sales at the same time: the first one is a new product and the second, well, maybe the most famous fat burner in the USA ;)

Let’s start with the new one.

First Sale, ECA Elite

This product is made by Hard Rock Supplements and I find it interesting because it is a pre-mixed EC stack. So you don’t have to worry about the exact dosage of ephedrine and caffeine, and most importantly you reduce the risk of error and side effects.
Another good point is that Hard Rock Supplements has added vitamins in it and this cannot hurt ;)
The main ingredient is their proprietary blend, based on ephedra, phenylthylamine HCL, synephrine HCL and yohimbe extract. As you can guess, all the interest and fat results will depend on this proprietary blend. Especially ephedra: I hope that they included the right alkaloids!

Here is the exact composition:

  • Niacinamide – 20 mg
  • Folic Acid – 200 mg
  • Vitamin B6 – 2 mg
  • Vitamin B5 – 10 mg
  • Chromium – 100 mg
  • Proprietary ECA Elite Blend: Caffeine Anhydrous, Glucuronolactone, Phenylthylamine HCL, Yohimbe Bark Extract Yohimbe 8%, Picamilon Sodium Salt, Synephrine HCL, Ephedra Extract, White Willow Bark, Nettle Root extract is 4:1, Xantinol Nicotinate – 726 mg

With such combination you have all you need for the synergistic effects that you expect from an EC Stack:

  • Appetite reduction
  • Energy boost
  • Increased metabolic rate and quicker lipolysis

Add a smart diet and exercising plan to that and even your stubborn fat will melt soon ;)

The good news is that EphedraWarehouse is currently promoting this pre-mixed EC stack to push it in the market and to give it a better chance to be tested: they are selling it at less than half price.

Just click on this picture below if you want to give it a try:

ECA Elite, a new pre-mixed EC stack








Second Sale, Green Stinger

This is a Limited Time Offer:
today only EphedraWarehouse is offering $10 off Green Stinger!
And even more if you buy two or more bottles:

1 Bottle: $39.99 per bottle
2 Bottles: $34.99 per bottle
3+ Bottles: $32.99 per bottle

Just click on the picture below and enter the coupon code TodayOnly at checkout:

Green Stinger is back!








That’s it for today ;)

You should have enough good stuff for your “Back to School Weight Loss Program” ;)

Happy Fat Burning!

Mike Budd

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Green Stinger For Sale At EphedraWarehouse

Green Stinger is back!







Back again ;)

Probably the most famous fat burner in the USA, produced by Schwartz Labs in Cincinnati.
A best seller which has been a victim of its own success recently: all sites were sold out and had no idea of the next replenishment date.

Just a quick post today because it is a limited time offer.
Quick refresher about the ingredients:

  • 27 mg of ephedra
  • Synephrine
  • Phenylethylamine HCL
  • Green Tea
  • Yohimbe
  • 200 mg of caffeine (avoid all other sources of caffeine such as coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks etc..)

Serious stuff as you can see ;)
If you are not familiar with the weight loss effect of each ingredient, have a look here.

To seek forgiveness, Ephedra Warehouse is offering a 48 hour sale ;)
120 caps of Green Stinger for $44.99 with free shipping.

Click on this image below and enter the coupon code Green Stinger at checkout.

Green Stinger For Sale At EphedraWarehouse

Enjoy :)

Mike Budd

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Two Coupon Codes At i-Supplements

i-Supplements is a big online store: created in 2001, they now sell over 7000 products from 500 brands, essentially to bodybuilders (prohormone, protein, creatine, pre & post workout supplements etc..).
Voted best supplement site by over 130,000 Elite Fitness Members for 2008.
They have partnered with several professional bodybuilders and MMA athletes.
Their online shop is hosted by the Yahoo eCommerce platform, thus no fake reviews.
Regarding ephedra, they also have a pretty good range, 69 products exactly. You will find quite all reputable brands there.
All in all, serious stuff. Not the kind that will debit your credit card and disappear…

You have many shipping options, national and international:

  • Flat Rate Super Saver: flat $5.95 for any order under 2 pounds, 3-8 business days
  • USPS Flat Ground Rate: $6.95
  • UPS Ground Rate: $9.99
  • UPS Air Rate: from $15.99 (3 Day) to $35.99 (Next Day)

(for the last three: plus $1.00 per each additional item).

Ephedra Pills For Sale

If you are planning to lose some fat, you can get 30% of on all ephedra diet pills by using this coupon code: eph30.
You can get for instance Hellfire EPH 150 for $27.99:

Ephedra Diet Pills For Sale At iSupplements









Coupon Code for All Other Products

i-Supplements is also offering 12% off all products for the whole month of July: just give ss12off during the checkout process.

Add some exercising, a good nutrition plan and you’ll be ready for the summer swimsuit season ;)
I personally have to hurry a bit as you may know ;)

Take care!
Mike Budd

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Weight Loss, My Ratchet Effect

Do you know the best part of having such blog? It’s when you get a feedback from one of your readers who tells you that he or she managed to lose weight thanks to our advice, with the support of ephedrine of course. Feels like improving your karma :)
To honest, recently I felt a bit jealous also…
How come? Let me tell you as I have more time today – hopefully you too :)

The old members here know what I’ve been through in terms of weight loss: 1 kg per year during twenty years, one day you have to pay. They know how I managed to lose weight with the great support of ephedrine and how hard it has been. Never again, that’s what I said for years. Well, I might have to do it again :(

So What Happened?

I'm not suoerstitiousI won’t go into too much details but you know these “good luck/bad luck” cycles? In my recent case it has been bad luck :(
Too much work, a lot of stress, many business trips, fast food, long evenings in hotel bars drinking beers and cocktails with colleagues…
Less time for exercising because so tired when back home that, well, it was just too much, I always preferred to relax and spend time with my family.
And then bad luck, an old condition that I had no time to treat correctly became less and less bearable. Not very smart when your wife is a doctor as most of your friends and when our parties look like an episode of Grey’s Anatomy ;) Anyway, the shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot…

I didn’t see it coming and one day the chronic pain went wild and I was not even able to get out of the bed. So I had no other choice than obeying my wife and going with her to the hospital, what I didn’t plan is that I had to stay there for surgery…
I skip the details but believe me, when you see all the misery in hospitals, you truly understand what they tell you regularly but you don’t really care unless it hits you: Health is the most precious thing in your life.
It took me a while to recover and I am fine now :) Let’s come back to the main topic, weight loss.

Where Am I Now

Weight Loss Ratchet EffectAs you can guess I was not able to run a lot during the next weeks after surgery ;)
From a nutrition point of view, the food they give you in a hospital is close to what you get in jail I suppose ;) so I lost a bit of weight there.
Then back home I took it again twice! That’s the weird part I’d like to share with you today.
It is so strange: when you are focused on weight loss as I have been for years, you might think that you know your body quite well, how you react to changes, why you lose or gain weight, taking into account all factors that I describe in this blog. That’s why I have not been surprised by these extra pounds. Back home I have indulged some cravings and without exercising I knew I was going to supersize some adipocytes ;)
What I did not expect was the next step: I was sure to lose it all only by starting again my normal lifestyle (long stressful working days and jogging). Usually I lose fast, after a few weeks I am back to my ideal weight. Well, for the first time, it didn’t happen! No way: I don’t know if something changed in my basal metabolism but getting back to normal nutrition and usual exercising was not enough to lose these extra pounds. As if there was a kind of ratchet effect in terms of weight loss: minor changes in both directions are reversible until you reach the next level where you get stuck, reverting to the previous level seems impossible. So here I am, frustrated and a bit jealous.
Of course I discussed it with the team but they didn’t help much, preferring to make fun of me: “overreacting”, “effect of age”, “bias”, “do what you advise other people to do!”
OK, I’ll do that.

Action Plan!

Ractchet Effet, The Action PlanSo back to the basics:

  • I would like to understand what explains this change but I don’t want to become obsessed with weight loss.
  • Clearly I have to lose fat and to build muscle again but I don’t want to set quantitative goals — it doesn’t work, I know from experience that goal setting should be focused on efforts, not results.
  • I decided to set back to the healthier lifestyle I can live with (same idea, I don’t want to become obsessed, I have no deadline such as wedding in 2 weeks ;) Exceptions are tolerated.
  • When you do efforts you want to see quick results. Tell that to your fat… I have now accepted the frustration of the absence of quick results ;) I have time.
  • But reasonable time only, I don’t want to stabilize at this weight level too long or my fat cells will think they won the war ;)
  • That’s why I decided to take the Team’s word: “do what you advise other people to do”. OK, I will start a short cycle of EC stack :)

It’s been a while since the last one, now doubt it will give me a good boost. I will try to identify between all benefits of ephedrine for weight loss (increased metabolism, energy, appetite reduction etc…) which one helps more in my case. And choosing ephedrine from a good online shop shouldn’t be a problem ;)

That’s it for now. Be sure I’ll keep you informed :)

Mike Budd

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Bragging Rights, Part 2

Thank you!

I told you in Bragging Rights Part 1 how proud I was to have such nice and expert people who like our website. The emails exchanged with Derek are for me a good example of this kind of surprise that rewards you for hours of work, discussions, emails, article writing, giving our best recommendation to people who trust us.

So what is it about this time? Why Bragging Rights Part II?

Because we had the pleasure to discover that people read our pages from all around the world: believe it or not, we have readers in 102 countries!

EphedrineWhereToBuy.com has readers in 102 countries!To be honest when I heard it I thought I misunderstood. Is it sure? How come that we know about the country of our readers, and what about other personal information? So I asked for details and I was told that when a person does a search online and visits our site from there, his or her country is added to the list but no other personal information is available fortunately, only the country based on a so-called “IP address”.
That being clarified, then I really took the measure: 102 countries! Wow :)
For some of them I only heard or read the name a few times in my life! In many cases I wouldn’t be able to locate them on a globe ;)

EphedrineWhereToBuy.com has readers who speak EnglishBy the way, how do all these people understand our pages in English? I know that it is the international language mainly used online but still… In fact I got the explanation: in many cases our readers use the automatic translation provided by Google, you know, the famous Google Translate. Honestly I always heard that these automatic translation tools were a bit lame, giving funny results in the best case, so of course within the team we jumped to our laptops to have a look and feel and then we stopped, feeling a bit stupid: how can we test this translation to make fun of it if we are not able to understand the result in other languages? Aha… OK, who has language skills in the team? A second or third language, and fluent enough to tell if the translation is correct or not? We decided that finally, compared to our language skills, any translation tool in so many languages is not so lame ;) The good point is that it allows people in 102 countries to read our posts about ephedrine.

EphedrineWhereToBuy.com has readers in EuropeI couldn’t tell how happy I was, thinking of thousands of people around the world being interested by ephedrine, its legality and its effects for weight loss. It is the revenge of Nature who produces the best fat burner ever, banned for controversial reasons by the FDA :) in fact just controlled, because you can still buy ephedrine in all states in the USA and other countries but under various rules (ID, max quantity per month or eventually prescription).

EphedrineWhereToBuy.com has readers in South AmericaI know it may sound like auto-satisfaction but it’s good to brag from time to time, isn’t it? ;)
Well, all team members and myself are really happy and proud to give you our honest information and to see that this effort is worth it, that many people have a better knowledge and understanding about the risks and benefits of ephedrine and that they make informed decisions based on our articles — including our selection of trustworthy sites where to buy ephedrine or ephedra pills.

If we could ask you something in return: please do not hesitate to give us your thoughts or questions in the comment section below our posts! In fact we receive many emails compared to the number of comments and the main explanation is that people prefer a direct contact, others don’t want to discuss about ephedrine in public — even if it is totally legal, many emails are about losing weight so these persons don’t want to give personal details online. In all cases we fully understand :) nevertheless many exchanges could be useful to all readers and only your first name is required so it’s not like sharing private information with the world ;) Sometimes it’s a bit hard for us to reply within 2 days because we have our full time jobs and family life, especially with teens ;) We do our best to reply to each and every email but it would be cool to share your questions and experiences with all.

We would be also very thankful if you could support us by sharing or liking our pages in Facebook or Google Plus, or by tweeting them: you would do us a great favor by clicking the nice icons placed at the bottom of each post :) When you do it, our site is kind of recommended by you to the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, it tells them that you like our site and that we give a reliable information about ephedrine.

Readers' country number 102 for EphedrineWhereToBuy.com is ZambiaPlease do it :) We would be happy to add new countries to the current 102 ;)


and to learn in Google Maps where in the world they are!

Take care,
Mike Budd for the Team

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Cardio To Burn That Stubborn Fat

If you jumped to this page by mistake, welcome first ;)
This post is part of a series of articles about the famous bodybuilding cutting phase and how it can help “normal” people in their weight loss plan. Here is the first part, nutrition when cutting, and the second about exercising to cut fat, not muscle.

Seriously, No Cardio At All?

Seriously, No Cardio At All?Here is where I disagree with most people about exercising during a cutting phase: the common advice is to avoid long aerobic sessions because it would shrink your muscle mass.
Some sites even recommend NO cardio at all! For me it makes no sense. I know that most bodybuilders hate cardio but this is not a reason to tell people to avoid it. Think about it in a reasonable way: why should you exclude cardiovascular exercises that have evident benefits for your health just because some people tell you that “catabolic is bad” and “anabolic is good”? In their mind, catabolic exercises result inevitably in muscle loss and anabolic sessions are the best way to grow muscle fast. OK, but not the ONLY way to build muscle or to preserve it: what about these athletes who train cardio during years? Don’t they have enough muscles? ;) They often have amazing physiques with lean, dense muscles built over years that will also last for years by minimal exercising – Time does not respect what is done without him.

Am I a bit overreacting?

HIIT is just too hard when you are overweightMaybe ;) I just have the feeling that a lot of information found in fitness sites might be misleading for overweight people. When I read that cardiovascular exercise is just a waste of time, sorry… Words are important and all people interested in weight loss are not athletes or even highly trained people, so please no generalization when comparing the respective weight loss results of HIIT compared to steady-state cardio training, especially for people with a BMI over 30!

Cardio Training Health Benefits

Exercising has many health benefitsLet me tell it again: cardio training presents many health benefits, including those associated with weight loss but not only.

  • Your heart is a muscle, if you get it pumping at a higher rate with regular cardiovascular exercise it will become stronger: every beat will pump more blood, your resting heart rate and blood pressure will decrease and consequently you will significantly reduce the risk of heart diseases.
  • If you run regularly, you will increased your muscle strength and endurance, your joint flexibility and bone density and thus reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Your blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels will decrease progressively.
  • Cardio training will also reduce stress, anxiety or depression and will have a positive effect on your sleep.

Losing That Stubborn Fat

Cardio Training Increases CapillariesNow more specifically about weight loss benefits: if you exercise in the aerobic mode, let’s say 30 percent below your anaerobic threshold, you will lose fat inevitably. Aerobic training increases the number of capillaries in your muscles and in your fat tissues. This is very important: capillaries, the smallest blood vessels in your body, transport nutrients and wastes in both ways to your tissues. The more capillaries you have, the more oxygen will be served to your muscle and fat tissues. From several medical studies we know that aerobic exercise has two major benefits:

  • it will improve your capillary density by the growth of new capillaries [1]
  • it will also improve the effectiveness of the existing capillaries, regardless of density [2].

The end result is that your muscles will become more efficient at using fat during exercise and even at rest. Plus something that will ring a bell for most you: stubborn fat anyone? Developing new blood vessels in your fat tissues is a mandatory condition to burn this stubborn fat in these desert areas ;)
Cardio training will also help your hormonal balance by stimulating epinephrine, norepinephrine, insulin which all play a role in fat burn but also cortisol and endorphins, the feel-good hormones.

In a Nutshell

Losing That Stubborn Fat With CardioWhen you are in a cutting phase, you do your best efforts to lose fat, so why should you ignore cardio that will burn fat and especially this stubborn fat that is so hard to mobilize, even if the price to pay is a small reduction of your muscle mass? You will have time later to build it again! For me it is much more difficult to get rid of fat than to build muscle. That’s what I was meaning by “think about it in a reasonable way”, it’s a matter of proportions and common sense: it’s not a disaster if you lose a very small part of your muscle mass, considering that you lose a lot of body fat at the same time. It’s not all or nothing, black or white, there are many shades of grey in between — something like fifty, I’ve heard ;) It is possible to reduce this muscle mass loss as low as possible and we will detail that in the next post, along with recommendations for your exercising plan, of course taking into account the physiologic support of ephedrine for fat burn.


[1] Robbins JL, Duscha BD et al. “A Sex-Specific Relationship Between Capillary Density and Anaerobic Threshold”. Journal of Applied Physiology (1985). 2009 Apr;106(4):1181-6.

[2] Gates PE, Strain WD, Shore AC. “Human Endothelial Function and Microvascular Ageing”.  Experimental Physiology. 2009 Mar;94(3):311-6.

Mike Budd

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EC Stack For Sale At NutraCave

You know that NutraCave is one of the last Canadian site shipping to the USA and from time to time they have very interesting coupons.

What’s in it for you?

A good opportunity, no doubt: Thermoburn Xtreme with 24mg Ephedra. We have already mentioned this product in a previous post, with many reviews, have a look here.

What’s the deal?

For the next hours only, you can profit from their Deal of the Day: 38 percent off. Plus the special coupon, another 30 percent off!

Bottom line: you get 3 bottles of Thermoburn at $104 instead of $240!

24 mg Ephedra plus 200 mg Caffeine equals a pre-mixed EC stack: probably the best legal fat burner you will find with shipping to the U.S.

Even without exercising you will lose weight due to appetite and metabolic effects. But if you add exercising as I recommend here, you will soon get short of fat ;)

Be quick, it won’t last: click here first.

Then on NutraCave’s homepage, click on Deal of the Day on the right, you can’t miss it, it looks like that:

EC Stack for sale











You will be directed to the shopping cart, here is what you will see:

EC Stack for sale before coupon


Last step, but the interesting one ;) Minus 30 percent!

Add the coupon code spring30. Here is what you should get: another $45 discount!

EC Stack for sale with a 30 percent off on top of The Deal of The Day


There you go! $104 for 3 bottles of 120 capsules pre-mixed EC Stack!

Thanks who? ;) Guys, if you have a better deal somewhere else, I’d love to know about it…
So don’t hesitate too much and get ready to burn fat.

Keep in touch,
Mike Budd

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Cutting Phase: Lose Fat, Not Muscle

In a previous article I have listed a few recommendations about nutrition when cutting. Now I would like to cover exercising, with one focus: how to lose fat and not muscle during your training sessions. Depending on digressions I will see how far it goes with this article ;) In fact I would like to take this opportunity to do a refresher on some basics (aerobic vs anaerobic exercise, catabolic vs anabolic, fat oxidation, fasted cardio, HIIT vs LISS or LSD – in plain english, High Intensity Interval Training vs Low Intensity Steady State vs Long Slow Distance, etc..). And in all cases with lessons that non-bodybuilders could learn from cutting for a weight loss plan.
If I digress too much, feel free to tell me :)

Bulking and Cutting Cycles

Let’s start with a typical newbie question ;) How long should a bulking and cutting phase ideally last?And what is the best time in year for that?

Planning Your Bulking And Cutting CyclesRegarding the first question, it depends on your metabolism but a reasonable period of time for bulking would be three months, due to the efforts and body changes. Regarding the cutting phase, do it until you have reached your fat loss goals. No hurry – cutting might be hard in the beginning until you find your own way, I will come back to that later.

Now the second question: best time for bulking and cutting. Years ago the leitmotiv was: bulk up in winter and cut down in summer! Then people thought that there could be a better way than alternatively building muscle and fat and then dieting for fat loss: they proposed a so-called «Clean Bulking» meant to increase muscle and a minimum of fat through cardiovascular workouts during the bulking phase. This idea is quite surprising because bodybuilders think that cardio training was counterproductive during the anabolic phase, tending to use muscle as energy source thus reducing the muscle mass.

I will not take a stand here but rather give you my own advice based on experience and recent discussions within the team and with people around me (mainly doctors). In fact, due to the pressure that Derek has put on me, I thought that it would be fair to challenge my own point of view ;)

Especially with recent medical studies that I had no time to review, considering the workload and lack of time since.. well, since last summer! OK, time to catch up :)

Quick Reminder About Nutrition

Proteins For Your Cutting PhaseVery important: keep your protein intake at the right level! Prefer low fat proteins from tuna, salmon, chicken, turkey, egg whites and lean red meat. This is highly recommended if you want to keep your muscle mass and lose fat at the same time: if you lower your protein intake during your diet, your body has no other choice than breaking down muscle tissue as protein source for energy.

Help your body

Choose A Good Post-Workout Supplement For Your CuttingWith a caloric deficit you will see that your workout will become much harder. I will detail below, the quick advice here is to find a good pre-workout supplement and even more important, a good post-workout one to support your recovering process: if taken immediatly after your workout, it will help your body to build new muscle tissue and to stop the breakdown of the existing one. The best post-workout supplements are digested quickly and provide high quality amino acids, preferably BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) like this one in picture (click for details). Make sure also to choose a supplement that is in line with your dieting efforts.

Get Ephedrine

HellFire Eph150 is one of the strongest ephedra products sold onlineAs mentioned in the previous article, ephedrine is the perfect match for your cutting phase. It’s not a surprise if bodybuilders rely on it when they want to get rid of the fat that came during bulking along with muscle growth. You can use ephedrine alone or preferably in an EC stack, in both cases it will boost your results by:

  • raising your metabolism
  • boosting the lipolysis process (starting the breakdown of fat cells earlier and converting them into energy that can be used for exercising)
  • raising your energy level
  • lowering your appetite as indirect dopamine agonist

OK, I will now give you some time to do your research on post-workout supplements, hopefully at the same place where you already buy ephedrine in order to save a bit on shipping costs. Meanwhile I will prepare the next post about the frequently asked question: is cardio training recommended during a cutting phase, knowing the risk of muscle loss?

Keep in touch,
Mike Budd

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Another Canadian Website Charged For Selling Ephedrine

Do you remember how ephedrineforsale has run into trouble with the Canadian police for selling and shipping ephedrine to the USA? If not, here is the post with videos explaining what happened to Rob King, owner of ephedrineforsale.

Well, another Canadian website has just been hit in the same way: NiceAndNatural.

It started in January 2013 when the Canada Border Services seized a package returned from the U.S. to NiceAndNatural with 500 ephedrine tabs inside. Generally speaking webshops hate returns, guess what when they are selling ephedrine without a licence ;)

Ephedrine seized at the Canadian border
Does this pouch look familiar? Of course! The name of the manufacturer has been blanked out by the customs officiers but most guys here know what is our preferred brand for pure Ephedrine HCL.



Then later in May the Canada Border Services Agency received a notification from the New Zealand customs officials who had seized 3 packages of ephedrine shipped by NiceAndNatural.
Another ephedrine seized in Canada








It was enough for the Canadian Customs to launch an investigation and since that point of time, the process has been quite similar to the previous one with ephedrineforsale:

  • First the Canadian Border officials got a court order allowing them to access the website to track everything.
  • Then they established a surveillance of the 2 owners of the website, a father, Barry James MacKinnon, 63, and his daughter, Kelly MacKinnon, 36, living in Charlottetown.
  • The next steps are classical: picking up garbage bags containing hundreds of shipping documents, finding the postal outlet used to mail ephedrine boxes to the USA, for instance to Florida, Texas, Missouri, Oregon, Pennsylvania or New Jersey.
  • And finally seizing business paperwork and computers.

As NiceAndNatural had no licence for selling Ephedrine outside of Canada, the MacKinnons have been charged with four offences under the Customs Act and Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and will be judged in February. By the way I heard that Rob King is scheduled to appear in court in March.

That’s it. A bit scary, isn’t it? It gives you an idea of the current pressure being put on Canadian sellers.

When you read that, as individual you might think that ordering ephedrine online is not legal as it is a controlled substance and as online sellers get charged. It’s totally wrong: ephedrine is controlled but legal! Depending on your state you will have to fulfill some requirements (driver’s licence) but in all cases it is perfectly legal to purchase ephedrine as bronchodilator, knowing that you might lose weight also. The persons who are identified as buyers in the documents seized by the Canadian Customs officials have nothing to fear, just as people who had purchased EC stacks from ephedrineforsale.

Be sure that people who are currently lobbying to change the legal status of ephedrine in the USA are doing their best efforts to get local bills passed in cities and counties to restrict the sales of pseudoephedrine and ephedrine. In other words: we know that the opponents of ephedrine are mainly drug agents and law enforcement, not doctors nor patients.
If cops could pass laws, ephedrine would be totally illegal in the U.S. since long ago and fortunately it is not the case. Until now there has been no change at federal level, there is even a recent debate since some states have challenged these local bills saying that it had to be decided at federal level only. I will come back to that in another post.

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That’s all for now, don’t be afraid by all the buzz around ephedrine, it is mostly a psychological pressure that some officials are trying to put on law abiding people.
I see more and more people reacting to this unfair situation. Taking into account the new game changers I wouldn’t be surprised that the controversial case of ephedrine will be reconsidered one day.

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