Move More, The Second Pillar of Weight Loss

If you are doing well with the first pillar of weight loss, Eat Less, congratulations! There is no reason why you shouldn’t do well also with this one, Move More. The good news is that ephedrine will help you dramatically and you will benefit from synergistic effects, appetite reduction and energy boost.
Don’t be afraid by the length of this article: we didn’t want to give a general recommendation, we know from your messages that some of you want to lose weight but have no regular physical activity and some others, bodybuilders for instance, look like athletes. That’s why we have prepared three specific recommendations based on your health and current physical activity so that you get the maximum benefits.

Why Exercise Is Key

Exercising has many health benefitsWe have seen that the first and most important pillar of weight loss is “Eat Less”. This doesn’t mean that the second, “Move More”, and the third, “Get Support”, must be underestimated.
Exercise is key because it raises your metabolism and spends calories that would otherwise be stocked as fat in your adipocytes. You will burn calories during exercising but also after: believe it or not, most of your calories are burned at rest, in proportion with your muscle mass.
Even if you are overweight, regular exercise will improve your global health:

  • Your heart will be stronger
  • You will have less risk factors for many health conditions and diseases
  • Your mood will improve
  • You will sleep like a baby
  • Last but not least, exercise is great for your sex life, someone will thank you πŸ™‚

Know Your Starting Point

It is important to know your Body Mass Index (BMI)If you read that, we can assume that you have some pounds to shred, but quite often there is a confusion between body image and heath issues. Let’s start with a well-tried method: you should calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) by using your height, weight, age and amount of exercise a week. This will evaluate your leanness (muscle mass) compared to fat. Many sites do the math for you, for instance this one.

If you can afford it, you can also consult a dietitian who will run a bio-electrical impedance analysis to measure your water, muscle and body fat percentages in order to compare them to ideal figures and to keep track of your future progress. If not, don’t worry, the BMI results that you will get with this link will measure your overweight and also tell you how many calories you are supposed to burn per day in order to get fit again.

Measure Your Level of Physical Activity

A pedometer monitors your heart rate and burned caloriesMost people overestimate the real impact of their exercise in terms of burned calories. Furthermore they tend to eat more by compensation, which is in total opposition with our first pillar. You can avoid this common mistake by using a pedometer or other sophisticated gadgets that will track your physical activity. Some are quite expensive (Nike’s FuelBand, $149) and some are really cheap (Omron HJ-720ITC, $31, our preference). The high-end will even synchronize with your iPhone to keep you motivated πŸ™‚

Respect The Three Phases of Exercising

Exercising starts with warmup and stretching

  • The warm-up should last five minutes with stretching exercises and then starting your exercise activity at a very low intensity.
  • The training phase is the core element (walking, running) that we describe in detail below, including frequency, intensity and duration of each session.
  • The cool-down phase should also last five minutes where you will decrease the intensity of your exercising (decrease, not stop) and finish with the same stretching exercises that you did during warm-up.


Start Your Exercising at the Right Level

Adapt your exercising to your physical conditionYou have to plan your physical activity based on your current health level and previous physical activity. Your program has to be safe and regular to give you the most benefit: it would make no sense to start with a marathon if you didn’t jog since high school πŸ˜‰
We sometimes have to deal with people who are so motivated that they start like rockets but don’t go very far πŸ˜‰ You have probably seen these overweight persons running outside, with their faces red like tomatoes and so exhausted that they might fall at any moment? You don’t want to be like that: their efforts are totally counter-productive, it’s a pity in fact. Most of the time they quit rapidly because it’s just too much and they have no results. Just follow our advice. We did three programs for three groups: no previous physical activity and low physical condition, no previous physical activity and fair condition, occasional exercising and good physical condition.
We insist that you stick exactly to our programs, even to the duration in minutes. So take your chronograph watch with you or buy a cheap one, it would be one of your best investments πŸ™‚

1) No Exercising and Low Physical Condition

No previous exercising and low physical conditionLet’s be honest: it won’t be easy πŸ˜‰ but it’s feasible. Our strict recommendation is to consult your physician first. Don’t put yourself at risk, you must get a doctor’s green light to start without risks, taking into account your health level. This is especially important for people at risk: heart disease, obesity, diabetes, people over age 40. Please do it. Seriously. Last December, just before Christmas, one old colleague of ours decided to start losing weight and went for a jogging without a doctor’s visit and no preparation despite years or even decades without intense physical activity. He died from a sudden cardiac arrest (what people call massive heart attack). As we often say, do you really want to die for a slim body? Be a responsible person, visit your physician and tell him about your exercising plan.

OK, that being said, how do we do with people in this group when they ask for our support? We do a physical program starting very slowly with shorts walks, in order to avoid body stress and injuries (joints for instance). We plan short exercises with enough recovery time. The background is that you didn’t exercise for years and the result is overweight; old fat is hard to remove and your muscle mass percentage must be quite low, so you can understand that it will take time to go down that hill. A positive aspect is that you can be fit again at any age, young people have better physical capacities but older guys can also reach a good level, with less intensity but more endurance. Important point: with this overweight and low physical condition, you should stay far below your maximum heart rate, we recommend 60%. Here is how to calculate this value: 220 minus your age gives your maximum heart rate, then you multiply by 0,6. Example: if you are 40, (220 – 40) = 180 multiplied by 0,6 = 108. See here for an online calculation. Now the usual question: how do I know my heart rate? πŸ˜‰ Well, if old-school you can measure your pulse rate at your wrist or neck, and if techie you’d rather ask for a heart rate monitor as birthday gift πŸ˜‰

Ready to start? Let’s go.

  • First week: walking 3 times at low pace with 10 minutes increments (10/20/30 min)
  • Second week: 20 to 30 minutes walking, low pace, 3 times
  • One week off
  • Next 2 weeks: 20 to 40 minutes walking, moderate pace, 3 times per week
  • One week off
  • Next 2 weeks: 40 to 60 minutes walking, brisk pace, 3 times per week. Heart rate to be checked carefully and pay attention to any “message” your body might sending you (knees hurt etc…)
  • One week off
  • Next 3 weeks: 40 to 60 minutes walking, brisk pace, 5 times per week

From experience we know two kinds of people: those who want to vary their walking or running routes so that they don’t get bored, and those who always walk or run the same route and would never vary because they are so used to it πŸ˜‰
If you feel fine after that, congratulations! You did a giant step: first because you organized yourself to exercise regularly and second because you “started your engine”. You are ready to join folks at Group 2 after this 3 months program.

2) No Previous Exercising and Fair Physical Condition

No previous exercising and fair physical conditionThe first week of this program is a transition phase for the persons coming from Group 1. Same advice for a doctor’s visit. The target heart rate is now 70% of your maximum heart rate, thus in our previous example: (220 – 40) = 180 multiplied by 0,7 = 126. Now that you are in the cardio zone you will burn fat like crazy πŸ™‚
We take it easy during one month and then we will increase the efforts. During 2 weeks, we insist that you alternate walking and running.

  • First week: 3 sessions, you will walk for 10 minutes, run for 2 minutes, both at low intensity. That’s it, total time per session: 10+2+10+2+10 equals 34 minutes.
  • Second week: 3 sessions, this time with 8 minutes walking and 4 minutes running, low intensity. Total time per session: 8+4+8+4+8 equals 32 minutes.
  • One week off
  • Test week: walking and running time is equal now, 5 minutes walking and 5 minutes running at low intensity. Total 25 minutes thereof 10 minutes running. If you can do it at your target heart rate, you are on the safe side and nothing can stop you now πŸ™‚
  • Next 2 weeks: 3 sessions, 2 minutes walking and 8 minutes running, increase the speed now but stay below your target heart rate. Total time per session: 2+8+2+8+2 equals 22 minutes. Easy πŸ™‚
  • One week off
  • Next 2 weeks: 4 sessions, 1 day off between 2 sessions, 1 minutes walking and 10 minutes running, same intensity. Total time per session: 1+10+1+10+1 equals 23 minutes. Still easy πŸ™‚
  • One week off
  • Next 2 weeks: 4 sessions also but we push each session to 45 minutes: 1 minute walking and 10 minutes running, 1+10+1+10+1+10+1+10+1 equals 45 minutes thereof 40 minutes running. The goal is to be as close as possible to your target heart rate, not above. If you achieve it, your heath condition will raise dramatically and you will be ready to join Group 3.

By the way, this program is only a starting point, we will come back later in our blog to other types of exercising that you might find fun and very effective.

3) Occasional Exercising and Good Physical Condition

Ephedrine can boost your cardio trainingWe start this program with a test week: 3 sessions of 45 minutes running non stop. If you can’t stand this duration at target heart rate, this means that you are in fact in Group 2 and not 3, go to the previous section. If you can do it without problem, we have a special program based on cardio training plus ephedrine: with higher thermogenesis, lipolysis will start earlier and last longer and as a result you will mobilize and burn more fat at low intensity training. Same remark as for group 2, cardio training is the just a starting point, we will develop the next steps later in the blog, just keep in touch.

No Fake Excuses

Don’t cheat, you made a resolution to lose weight and now that you are confronted to changes and efforts, you will probably find all possible fake excuses to escape: it’s cold outside, it’s too dark, not in the mood to run, too busy, alone, kids’ schedule, too boring, my muscles hurt, too tired to go to the gym, not today but in two days, etc… Just complete our list with your own fake excuses for completeness’ sake πŸ™‚
If you don’t see quick progress on the scale or in the mirror, don’t get discouraged! You are probably building muscle and as you know muscle is heavier than fat, it will take a few weeks before you get evidence that your efforts finally paid off πŸ™‚

Increase Your Energy Level with Ephedrine

HellFire Eph150 is one of the strongest ephedra products sold onlineThe main reason why people fail in their weight loss plan is their low energy level caused by eating less which makes exercising too demanding, they are so tired during the running sessions that they quit. Do you remember that in the Eat less article we told you that ephedrine was a key success factor as appetite suppressant? In this physical section, another synergistic effect of ephedrine will also help you: you will get this energy boost that will keep you exercising and you will avoid that huge fatigue that stops even the most motivated guys. Ephedrine will be your fat burning booster and the difference between success and failure as it did for me and for all people who took our advice. Be careful though, check your potential sensibility, know all side effects and don’t compromise on quality, be sure to get ephedrine from our selected sites and not fake ephedra diet pills from vendors who have no stocks but unpaid bills and who would just debit your credit card.


Let’s say that you are already saving 500 calories per day by eating less and that you now burn 500 calories more with these exercises: there is not doubt that you will rapidly destock fat and increase your muscle mass and the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even at rest. The first two pillars of weight loss plus the sympathomimetic properties of ephedrine will start a virtuous circle that will transform your body in a way you probably didn’t even dream of πŸ™‚

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