Burn Fat Faster with METs

As announced in this post, Physical Activity, Choose the Right One, I would like to share with you what has helped me years ago to burn fat faster.

You may know it from my personal goal setting: I always try to find the right balance between my family, my friends, my job and all other activities. Including taking care of my health… and keeping in touch with you through this website!

Time Management

At a certain time, I was struggling to find one or two hours per week to exercise. Then I reorganized my free time to start my physical activities after dinner, without sacrificing this precious family time. But I realized I was spending too much time and efforts compared to the poor results. My Aha moment has been to realize that more is not better.

It was time for me to do some research and to find other ways to get more results with less time, in other words, to burn fat faster.

Two Findings

I came up with two findings: one was ephedrine and the other was METs. No need to detail the weight loss benefits of ephedra or ephedrine here, because the whole site is about that. I just want to draw your attention here on METs, which stands for Metabolic Equivalent of Task.

As you know, I have a scientific background and my wife and most of my friends are doctors, so I loved the MET approach. When I first heard that researchers had thoroughly compared all physical activities in terms of burnt calories, I thought: Bingo!

Science-Based Information

It is reliable information, based on scientific measurements, done by medical experts and used worldwide. As you can see in Dr. William Haskell’s bio on Stanford University‘s website: this research is funded by NIH and is being conducted in collaboration with scientists at MIT… This is not fake news 😉

Best Physical Activities to Burn Fat Faster

Burn Fat Faster

Here is how I used it and how it helped me. I went through the list of physical activities with one question in mind: how to burn fat faster? How to optimize my time and my results with this list? What activity should I increase (more results) or decrease (more time) to achieve the best possible weight loss results during my daily activities? Is it enough to run twice a week? What activities could be combined with family time? What are my preferred ones, which will help my motivation? And so on.

Big Mac Equivalent

Another important aspect is that I also realized the real cost of some eating habits. I had this idea because MET figures alone are quite vague. OK, they tell you how many calories you will burn in average, but it’s a kind of “cold information”. Things become much more clearer for me when I decided to measure all activities with my “Big Mac Equivalent” 🙂

Here is what I did. I selected a standard menu: Big Mac, medium French Fries, McFlurry with M&M’S Candies and medium orange juice. Then I added all calories contained in this menu. Finally I calculated the time needed with each activity to burn these calories. And the result really shocked me! It’s a good idea to burn fat faster, as long as you don’t restock it even faster!

Table Structure

  • Effect: my own rating in terms of effectiveness for weight loss, considering that we are not athletes 🙂 Low, OK, good and best. Many activities classified as “low” are fun but it will take you ages to burn some serious fat. No pain, no gain 🙁
  • M/W: I know it can be a touchy topic 😉 I thought it could be useful though, so I did it my way: I have asked my wife, my daughter and my two sons about their current activities and the ones they like 🙂
  • Category: I have kept the original MET classification, the one used in all international studies
  • Calories: 3 columns that show the number of calories burns in half an hour by people weighing 130, 160 and 190 pounds (resp. 59, 73 & 86 kg). The formula is MET x weight x 0,5.
  • Big Mac Equivalent: as said above, this is the time you’ll need per activity and body weight to burn the 1740 calories (!) contained in this great menu 🙂

All in all: eat less and move more, but with trustworthy information to support your choices 🙂

EffectM/WActivityMETsDescriptionCal 130 lbsCal 160 lbsCal 190 lbsBigMac 130 lbsBigMac 160 lbsBigMac 190 lbs
lowMW01 - Bicycling4bicycling, <10 mph (16 km/h), leisure, to work or for pleasure1181451727h 22m5h 59m5h 2m
okMW01 - Bicycling6,8bicycling, 10-11.9 mph (16-19 km/h), leisure, slow, light effort2002472934h 20m3h 31m2h 58m
goodMW01 - Bicycling8bicycling, 12-13.9 mph (19-22 km/h), leisure, moderate effort2362903453h 41m2h 59m2h 31m
bestMW01 - Bicycling10bicycling, 14-15.9 mph (22-26 km/h), racing or leisure, fast, vigorous effort2953634312h 57m2h 23m2h 1m
bestMW01 - Bicycling12bicycling, 16-19 mph (26-30 km/h), racing/not drafting or > 19 mph (30 km/h) drafting, very fast, racing general3544355172h 27m1h 59m1h 40m
bestMW01 - Bicycling15,8bicycling, > 20 mph (32 km/h), racing, not drafting4665736811h 52m1h 31m1h 16m
lowM02 - Conditioning Exercise5army type obstacle course exercise, boot camp training program 1471812155h 54m4h 47m4h 2m
okMW02 - Conditioning Exercise7bicycling, stationary, general2062543024h 12m3h 25m2h 53m
lowMW02 - Conditioning Exercise4,8bicycling, stationary, 51-89 watts, light-to-moderate effort1421742076h 8m4h 59m4h 12m
lowMW02 - Conditioning Exercise3,5bicycling, stationary, 30-50 watts, very light to light effort1031271518h 25m6h 51m5h 46m
okMW02 - Conditioning Exercise6,8bicycling, stationary, 90-100 watts, moderate to vigorous effort2002472934h 20m3h 31m2h 58m
goodMW02 - Conditioning Exercise8,8bicycling, stationary, 101-160 watts, vigorous effort2593193793h 21m2h 43m2h 17m
bestMW02 - Conditioning Exercise11bicycling, stationary, 161-200 watts, vigorous effort3243994742h 40m2h 10m1h 50m
bestMW02 - Conditioning Exercise14bicycling, stationary, 201-270 watts, very vigorous effort4135086032h 6m1h 42m1h 26m
lowMW02 - Conditioning Exercise2,8calisthenics (e.g., situps, abdominal crunches), light effort8310212110h 32m8h 33m7h 12m
lowMW02 - Conditioning Exercise3,8calisthenics (e.g., push ups, sit ups, pull-ups, lunges), moderate effort1121381647h 45m6h 18m5h 18m
goodMW02 - Conditioning Exercise8calisthenics (e.g., push ups, sit ups, pull-ups, jumping jacks), vigorous effort2362903453h 41m2h 59m2h 31m
lowMW02 - Conditioning Exercise4,3circuit training, moderate effort1271561856h 51m5h 34m4h 41m
goodMW02 - Conditioning Exercise8circuit training, including kettlebells, some aerobic movement with minimal rest, general, vigorous intensity2362903453h 41m2h 59m2h 31m
okMW02 - Conditioning Exercise5Elliptical trainer, moderate effort 1471812155h 54m4h 47m4h 2m
okM02 - Conditioning Exercise6resistance training (weight lifting - free weight, nautilus), power lifting or body building, vigorous effort1772182594h 55m3h 59m3h 21m
okM02 - Conditioning Exercise5resistance (weight) training, squats , slow or explosive effort1471812155h 54m4h 47m4h 2m
okMW02 - Conditioning Exercise5,5health club exercise, general1622002375h 21m4h 21m3h 40m
goodMW02 - Conditioning Exercise9stair-treadmill ergometer, general2653273883h 16m2h 39m2h 14m
bestMW02 - Conditioning Exercise11rope skipping, general3243994742h 40m2h 10m1h 50m
okMW02 - Conditioning Exercise7rowing, stationary, 100 watts, moderate effort2062543024h 12m3h 25m2h 53m
goodMW02 - Conditioning Exercise8,5rowing, stationary, 150 watts, vigorous effort2513083663h 28m2h 49m2h 22m
bestMW02 - Conditioning Exercise12rowing, stationary, 200 watts, very vigorous effort3544355172h 27m1h 59m1h 40m
bestMW02 - Conditioning Exercise11slide board exercise, general3243994742h 40m2h 10m1h 50m
lowW02 - Conditioning Exercise2,3stretching, mild68839912h 49m10h 25m8h 46m
lowW02 - Conditioning Exercise3pilates, general881091299h 50m7h 59m6h 43m
lowW02 - Conditioning Exercise2,8therapeutic exercise ball, Fitball exercise8310212110h 32m8h 33m7h 12m
lowMW02 - Conditioning Exercise2,8upper body exercise, arm ergometer8310212110h 32m8h 33m7h 12m
lowMW02 - Conditioning Exercise4,3upper body exercise, stationary bicycle - Airdyne (arms only) 40 rpm, moderate1271561856h 51m5h 34m4h 41m
okW02 - Conditioning Exercise5,3water aerobics, water calisthenics, water exercise1561922285h 34m4h 31m3h 48m
lowW02 - Conditioning Exercise2,3video exercise workouts, TV conditioning programs (e.g., yoga, stretching), light effort68839912h 49m10h 25m8h 46m
lowW02 - Conditioning Exercise4video exercise workouts, TV conditioning programs (e.g., cardio-resistance), moderate effort1181451727h 22m5h 59m5h 2m
okW02 - Conditioning Exercise6video exercise workouts, TV conditioning programs (e.g., cardio-resistance), vigorous effort1772182594h 55m3h 59m3h 21m
lowW02 - Conditioning Exercise2,5yoga, Hatha749110811h 48m9h 35m8h 4m
lowW02 - Conditioning Exercise4yoga, Power1181451727h 22m5h 59m5h 2m
lowW02 - Conditioning Exercise2yoga, Nadisodhana59738614h 45m11h 59m10h 5m
lowW02 - Conditioning Exercise3,3yoga, Surya Namaskar971201428h 56m7h 15m6h 7m
lowW02 - Conditioning Exercise4,5water walking, moderate effort, moderate pace1331631946h 33m5h 19m4h 29m
okW02 - Conditioning Exercise6,8water walking, vigorous effort, brisk pace2002472934h 20m3h 31m2h 58m
goodW02 - Conditioning Exercise9,8water jogging2893564223h 0m2h 26m2h 3m
lowW02 - Conditioning Exercise2,3activity promoting video game (e.g., Wii Fit), light effort (e.g., balance, yoga)68839912h 49m10h 25m8h 46m
lowW02 - Conditioning Exercise3,8activity promoting video game (e.g., Wii Fit), moderate effort (e.g., aerobic, resistance)1121381647h 45m6h 18m5h 18m
okW02 - Conditioning Exercise7,2activity promoting video/arcade game (e.g., Exergaming, Dance Revolution), vigorous effort2122613104h 5m3h 19m2h 48m
lowM02 - Conditioning Exercise3,5resistance (weight) training, multiple exercises, 8-15 repetitions at varied resistance 1031271518h 25m6h 51m5h 46m
okMW02 - Conditioning Exercise5health club exercise classes, general, gym/weight training combined in one visit1471812155h 54m4h 47m4h 2m
okMW02 - Conditioning Exercise7,8health club exercise, conditioning classes2302833363h 46m3h 4m2h 35m
lowW02 - Conditioning Exercise3,8home exercise, general 1121381647h 45m6h 18m5h 18m
lowW02 - Conditioning Exercise3,5CurvesTM exercise routines in women 1031271518h 25m6h 51m5h 46m
goodMW02 - Conditioning Exercise9,8Kettlebell workout, interval or continuous kettlebell swings2,32893564223h 0m2h 26m2h 3m
okW03 - Dancing5ballet, modern, or jazz, general, rehearsal or class1471812155h 54m4h 47m4h 2m
okW03 - Dancing7,3aerobic, general2152653154h 2m3h 17m2h 45m
lowW03 - Dancing5,5aerobic, step, with 4-inch step1622002375h 21m4h 21m3h 40m
okW03 - Dancing7,5aerobic, step, with 6 - 8 inch step2212723233h 56m3h 11m2h 41m
goodW03 - Dancing9,5aerobic, step, with 10 - 12 inch step2803454093h 6m2h 31m2h 7m
goodW03 - Dancing8,5bench step class, general2513083663h 28m2h 49m2h 22m
okW03 - Dancing5aerobic, low impact1471812155h 54m4h 47m4h 2m
okW03 - Dancing7,3aerobic, high impact2152653154h 2m3h 17m2h 45m
goodW03 - Dancing10aerobic dance wearing 10-15 lb weights2953634312h 57m2h 23m2h 1m
okW03 - Dancing7,8general dancing (e.g., disco, folk, Irish step dancing, line dancing, polka, contra, country)2302833363h 46m3h 4m2h 35m
bestW03 - Dancing11,3ballroom dancing, competitive, general3334104872h 36m2h 7m1h 47m
goodW03 - Dancing7,3Zumba - Merengue, Salsa12152653154h 2m3h 17m2h 45m
lowM04 - Fishing & Hunting3,5fishing, general1031271518h 25m6h 51m5h 46m
lowM04 - Fishing & Hunting5hunting, general1471812155h 54m4h 47m4h 2m
lowW05 - Home Activity2,3cleaning, sweeping, slow, light effort68839912h 49m10h 25m8h 46m
lowW05 - Home Activity3,8cleaning, sweeping, slow, moderate effort1121381647h 45m6h 18m5h 18m
lowW05 - Home Activity3,5cleaning, heavy or major (e.g. wash car, wash windows, clean garage), moderate effort1031271518h 25m6h 51m5h 46m
lowW05 - Home Activity2,8multiple household tasks all at once, light effort8310212110h 32m8h 33m7h 12m
lowW05 - Home Activity3,5multiple household tasks all at once, moderate effort1031271518h 25m6h 51m5h 46m
lowW05 - Home Activity4,3multiple household tasks all at once, vigorous effort1271561856h 51m5h 34m4h 41m
lowW05 - Home Activity3,5cooking or food preparation, moderate effort1031271518h 25m6h 51m5h 46m
goodW05 - Home Activity7,5carrying groceries upstairs2212723233h 56m3h 11m2h 41m
lowW05 - Home Activity1,8ironing53657816h 23m13h 19m11h 12m
lowW05 - Home Activity4laundry, hanging wash, washing clothes by hand, moderate effort1181451727h 22m5h 59m5h 2m
lowW05 - Home Activity3,3making bed, changing linens971201428h 56m7h 15m6h 7m
lowMW05 - Home Activity2,8standing, playing with child(ren) light effort, only active periods8310212110h 32m8h 33m7h 12m
lowMW05 - Home Activity3,5walking/running, playing with child(ren), moderate effort, only active periods1031271518h 25m6h 51m5h 46m
okMW05 - Home Activity5,8walking/running, playing with child(ren), vigorous effort, only active periods1712102505h 5m4h 8m3h 28m
lowMW05 - Home Activity3walking and carrying small child, child weighing 15 lbs or more881091299h 50m7h 59m6h 43m
lowMW05 - Home Activity2,3walking and carrying small child, child weighing less than 15 lbs68839912h 49m10h 25m8h 46m
lowMW05 - Home Activity4walk/run, playing with animals, moderate effort, only active periods1181451727h 22m5h 59m5h 2m
okMW05 - Home Activity5walk/run, playing with animals, vigorous effort, only active periods1471812155h 54m4h 47m4h 2m
lowW05 - Home Activity3,5Childcare, daycare, playing with children, moderate effort, only active periods1031271518h 25m6h 51m5h 46m
lowM06 - Home Repair3carpentry, general, workshop881091299h 50m7h 59m6h 43m
lowM06 - Home Repair2,5home repair, general, light effort749110811h 48m9h 35m8h 4m
lowM06 - Home Repair4,5home repair, general, moderate effort1331631946h 33m5h 19m4h 29m
okM06 - Home Repair6home repair, general, vigorous effort1772182594h 55m3h 59m3h 21m
lowM06 - Home Repair4,5painting1331631946h 33m5h 19m4h 29m
lowM06 - Home Repair2washing and waxing car59738614h 45m11h 59m10h 5m
lowMW07 - Inactivity1lying quietly and watching television2936431d 5h 30m23h 58m20h 11m
lowMW07 - Inactivity1,3sitting quietly and watching television38475622h 41m18h 26m15h 31m
lowMW07 - Inactivity0,95sleeping2834411d 7h 3m1d 1h 14m21h 15m
lowM08 - Lawn & Garden5,5carrying, loading or stacking wood, loading/unloading or carrying lumber1622002375h 21m4h 21m3h 40m
lowM08 - Lawn & Garden4,5chopping wood, splitting logs, moderate effort1331631946h 33m5h 19m4h 29m
okM08 - Lawn & Garden6,3chopping wood, splitting logs, vigorous effort1862292714h 41m3h 48m3h 12m
lowMW08 - Lawn & Garden3,5digging, spading, filling garden, composting, light-to-moderate effort1031271518h 25m6h 51m5h 46m
goodMW08 - Lawn & Garden7,8digging, spading, filling garden, composting, vigorous effort2302833363h 46m3h 4m2h 35m
okM08 - Lawn & Garden5,5mowing lawn, general1622002375h 21m4h 21m3h 40m
lowM08 - Lawn & Garden5,5shoveling dirt or mud1622002375h 21m4h 21m3h 40m
okM08 - Lawn & Garden5,3shoveling snow, by hand, moderate effort1561922285h 34m4h 31m3h 48m
goodM08 - Lawn & Garden7,5shoveling snow, by hand, vigorous effort2212723233h 56m3h 11m2h 41m
lowMW08 - Lawn & Garden3yard work, general, light effort881091299h 50m7h 59m6h 43m
lowMW08 - Lawn & Garden4yard work, general, moderate effort1181451727h 22m5h 59m5h 2m
okMW08 - Lawn & Garden6yard work, general, vigorous effort1772182594h 55m3h 59m3h 21m
lowMW09 - Miscellaneous1,3sitting, writing, desk work, typing38475622h 41m18h 26m15h 31m
lowMW09 - Miscellaneous3,5touring/traveling/vacation involving walking1031271518h 25m6h 51m5h 46m
lowMW09 - Miscellaneous2,5camping involving standing, walking, sitting, light-to-moderate effort749110811h 48m9h 35m8h 4m
lowMW09 - Miscellaneous4Self-propelled scooter, 80 meters/minute51181451727h 22m5h 59m5h 2m
okMW12 - Running6jog/walk combination (jogging component of less than 10 minutes)1772182594h 55m3h 59m3h 21m
goodMW12 - Running7jogging, general2062543024h 12m3h 25m2h 53m
okMW12 - Running6running, 4 mph (15 min/mile) = 6,4 km/h (9 min 19 sec / km)1772182594h 55m3h 59m3h 21m
goodMW12 - Running8,3running, 5 mph (12 min/mile) = 8 km/h (7 min 27 sec / km)2453013583h 33m2h 53m2h 25m
goodMW12 - Running9,8running, 6 mph (10 min/mile) = 9,7 km/h (6 min 13 sec / km)2893564223h 0m2h 26m2h 3m
bestMW12 - Running10,5running, 6.7 mph (9 min/mile) = 10,8 km/h (5 min 34 sec / km)3103814522h 48m2h 17m1h 55m
bestMW12 - Running11running, 7 mph (8.5 min/mile) = 11,3 km/h (5 min 20 sec / km)3243994742h 40m2h 10m1h 50m
bestMW12 - Running11,8running, 7.5 mph (8 min/mile) = 12,1 km/h (4 min 58 sec / km)3484285082h 30m2h 1m1h 42m
bestMW12 - Running11,8running, 8 mph (7.5 min/mile) = 12,9 km/h (4 min 40 sec / km)3484285082h 30m2h 1m1h 42m
bestMW12 - Running12,3running, 8.6 mph (7 min/mile) = 13,8 km/h (4 min 20 sec / km)3634465302h 23m1h 56m1h 38m
bestMW12 - Running12,8running, 9 mph (6.5 min/mile) = 14,5 km/h (4 min 9 sec / km)3774645522h 18m1h 52m1h 34m
bestMW12 - Running14,5running, 10 mph (6 min/mile) = 16,1 km/h (3 min 44 sec / km)4285266252h 2m1h 39m1h 23m
bestMW12 - Running16running, 11 mph (5.5 min/mile) = 17,7 km/h (3 min 23 sec / km)4725816891h 50m1h 29m1h 15m
bestMW12 - Running19,8running, 13 mph (4.6 min/mile) = 20,9 km/h (2 min 52 sec / km)5847188531h 29m1h 12m1h 1m
bestMW12 - Running23running, 14 mph (4.3 min/mile) = 22,5 km/h (2 min 40 sec / km)6788359911h 16m1h 2m0h 52m
goodMW12 - Running9running, cross country2653273883h 16m2h 39m2h 14m
bestMW12 - Running15running, stairs, up4425446461h 58m1h 35m1h 20m
bestMW12 - Running19running, 12 mph (5 min/mile) = 19,3 km/h (3 min 6 sec / km)5606898191h 33m1h 15m1h 3m
bestMW12 - Running13,3running, marathon3924835732h 13m1h 48m1h 31m
goodMW12 - Running9running, 5.2 mph (11.5 min/mile) = 8,4 km/h (7 min 10 sec / km)2653273883h 16m2h 39m2h 14m
bestMW12 - Running12,3Jogging Stroller with ~25lb to 50lb weight inside, 6.0mph (9,7 km/h), paved urban trail, small elevation changes3634465302h 23m1h 56m1h 38m
lowMW14 - Sexual Activity2,8sexual activity, active, vigorous effort8310212110h 32m8h 33m7h 12m
lowMW14 - Sexual Activity1,8sexual activity, general, moderate effort53657816h 23m13h 19m11h 12m
lowMW14 - Sexual Activity1,3sexual activity, passive, light effort, kissing, hugging38475622h 41m18h 26m15h 31m
goodMW15 - Sports8,5bicycling, mountain, general2513083663h 28m2h 49m2h 22m
bestMW15 - Sports14bicycling, mountain, uphill, vigorous4135086032h 6m1h 42m1h 26m
bestMW15 - Sports16bicycling, mountain, competitive, racing4725816891h 50m1h 29m1h 15m
okMW15 - Sports5,5badminton, social singles and doubles, general1622002375h 21m4h 21m3h 40m
lowM15 - Sports4,5basketball, shooting baskets1331631946h 33m5h 19m4h 29m
goodM15 - Sports9,3basketball, drills, practice2743374013h 10m2h 34m2h 10m
lowMW15 - Sports3,8bowling, indoor, bowling alley1121381647h 45m6h 18m5h 18m
bestM15 - Sports12,8boxing, in ring, general3774645522h 18m1h 52m1h 34m
okM15 - Sports5,5boxing, punching bag1622002375h 21m4h 21m3h 40m
goodM15 - Sports7,8boxing, sparring2302833363h 46m3h 4m2h 35m
okM15 - Sports7broomball2062543024h 12m3h 25m2h 53m
okMW15 - Sports5,8children’s games, adults playing (e.g., 4-square, dodge ball, t-ball, marbles, arcade games), moderate effort1712102505h 5m4h 8m3h 28m
lowMW15 - Sports4,8cricket, batting, bowling, fielding1421742076h 8m4h 59m4h 12m
lowMW15 - Sports3,3croquet971201428h 56m7h 15m6h 7m
goodM15 - Sports8football, competitive2362903453h 41m2h 59m2h 31m
lowM15 - Sports4football, touch, flag, light effort1181451727h 22m5h 59m5h 2m
lowM15 - Sports4,8golf, general1421742076h 8m4h 59m4h 12m
lowMW15 - Sports3,8gymnastics, general1121381647h 45m6h 18m5h 18m
bestM15 - Sports12handball, general3544355172h 27m1h 59m1h 40m
goodM15 - Sports8hockey, ice, general2362903453h 41m2h 59m2h 31m
okMW15 - Sports5,5horseback riding, general1622002375h 21m4h 21m3h 40m
okM15 - Sports5,3martial arts, different types, slower pace, novice performers, practice1561922285h 34m4h 31m3h 48m
bestM15 - Sports10,3martial arts, different types, moderate pace (e.g., judo, jujitsu, karate, kick boxing, tae kwan do, tai-bo)3043744442h 51m2h 19m1h 57m
goodMW15 - Sports7kickball2062543024h 12m3h 25m2h 53m
lowM15 - Sports4moto-cross, off-road motor sports, all-terrain vehicle, general1181451727h 22m5h 59m5h 2m
bestMW15 - Sports10racquetball, competitive2953634312h 57m2h 23m2h 1m
goodM15 - Sports8rock or mountain climbing2362903453h 41m2h 59m2h 31m
goodM15 - Sports7,5rock climbing, ascending rock, high difficulty2212723233h 56m3h 11m2h 41m
bestMW15 - Sports12,3rope jumping, fast pace, 120-160 skips/min3634465302h 23m1h 56m1h 38m
bestMW15 - Sports11,8rope jumping, moderate pace, 100-120 skips/min, general,  2 foot skip, plain bounce3484285082h 30m2h 1m1h 42m
goodMW15 - Sports8,8rope jumping, slow pace, < 100 skips/min, 2 foot skip, rhythm bounce2593193793h 21m2h 43m2h 17m
okM15 - Sports6,3rugby, touch, non-competitive1862292714h 41m3h 48m3h 12m
goodM15 - Sports8,3rugby, union, team, competitive2453013583h 33m2h 53m2h 25m
okM15 - Sports5skateboarding, general, moderate effort1471812155h 54m4h 47m4h 2m
goodMW15 - Sports7skating, roller2062543024h 12m3h 25m2h 53m
goodMW15 - Sports7,5rollerblading, in-line skating, 9.0 mph (14.4 km/h), recreational pace2212723233h 56m3h 11m2h 41m
goodMW15 - Sports9,8rollerblading, in-line skating, 11.0 mph (17.7 km/h), moderate pace, exercise training2893564223h 0m2h 26m2h 3m
bestMW15 - Sports12,3rollerblading, in-line skating, 13.0 to 13.6 mph (21.0 to 21.7 km/h), fast pace, exercise training3634465302h 23m1h 56m1h 38m
bestMW15 - Sports14rollerblading, in-line skating, 15.0 mph (24.0 km/h), maximal effort4135086032h 6m1h 42m1h 26m
bestM15 - Sports10soccer, competitive2953634312h 57m2h 23m2h 1m
goodM15 - Sports7soccer, casual, general2062543024h 12m3h 25m2h 53m
lowMW15 - Sports4softball, practice1181451727h 22m5h 59m5h 2m
lowMW15 - Sports6softball,pitching1772182594h 55m3h 59m3h 21m
bestMW15 - Sports12squash, competitive3544355172h 27m1h 59m1h 40m
goodMW15 - Sports7,3squash, general2152653154h 2m3h 17m2h 45m
lowMW15 - Sports4table tennis, ping pong1181451727h 22m5h 59m5h 2m
lowMW15 - Sports3tai chi, qi gong, general881091299h 50m7h 59m6h 43m
goodMW15 - Sports7,3tennis, general2152653154h 2m3h 17m2h 45m
lowMW15 - Sports4volleyball1181451727h 22m5h 59m5h 2m
lowMW15 - Sports6volleyball, competitive, in gymnasium1772182594h 55m3h 59m3h 21m
goodMW15 - Sports8volleyball, beach, in sand2362903453h 41m2h 59m2h 31m
lowMW15 - Sports4track and field (e.g., shot, discus, hammer throw)1181451727h 22m5h 59m5h 2m
lowMW15 - Sports6track and field (e.g., high jump, long jump, triple jump, javelin, pole vault)1772182594h 55m3h 59m3h 21m
goodMW15 - Sports10track and field (e.g., steeplechase, hurdles)2953634312h 57m2h 23m2h 1m
goodMW17 - Walking7,8backpacking, hiking or organized walking with a daypack2302833363h 46m3h 4m2h 35m
goodMW17 - Walking8,3carrying load upstairs, general2453013583h 33m2h 53m2h 25m
okMW17 - Walking6,3climbing hills, no load1862292714h 41m3h 48m3h 12m
okMW17 - Walking6,5climbing hills with 0 to 9 lb load1922362804h 32m3h 41m3h 6m
goodMW17 - Walking7,3climbing hills with 10 to 20 lb load2152653154h 2m3h 17m2h 45m
goodMW17 - Walking8,3climbing hills with 21 to 42 lb load2453013583h 33m2h 53m2h 25m
goodMW17 - Walking9climbing hills with 42+ lb load2653273883h 16m2h 39m2h 14m
lowMW17 - Walking3,5descending stairs1031271518h 25m6h 51m5h 46m
okMW17 - Walking6,5race walking1922362804h 32m3h 41m3h 6m
lowMW17 - Walking4stair climbing, slow pace1181451727h 22m5h 59m5h 2m
goodMW17 - Walking8,8stair climbing, fast pace2593193793h 21m2h 43m2h 17m
lowMW17 - Walking2,8walking, 2.0 mph (3,2 km/h), level, slow pace, firm surface8310212110h 32m8h 33m7h 12m
lowMW17 - Walking3,5walking for pleasure1031271518h 25m6h 51m5h 46m
lowMW17 - Walking3walking, 2.5 mph (4,0 km/h), level, firm surface881091299h 50m7h 59m6h 43m
lowMW17 - Walking3,5walking, 2.8 to 3.2 mph (4,5 - 5,1 km/h), level, moderate pace, firm surface1031271518h 25m6h 51m5h 46m
lowMW17 - Walking4,3walking, 3.5 mph (5,6 km/h), level, brisk, firm surface, walking for exercise1271561856h 51m5h 34m4h 41m
okMW17 - Walking5,3walking, 2.9 to 3.5 mph (4,7 - 5,6 km/h), uphill, 1 to 5% grade1561922285h 34m4h 31m3h 48m
goodMW17 - Walking8walking, 2.9 to 3.5 mph (4,7 - 5,6 km/h), uphill, 6% to 15% grade2362903453h 41m2h 59m2h 31m
okMW17 - Walking5walking, 4.0 mph (6,4 km/h), level, firm surface, very brisk pace1471812155h 54m4h 47m4h 2m
goodMW17 - Walking7walking, 4.5 mph (7,2 km/h), level, firm surface, very, very brisk2062543024h 12m3h 25m2h 53m
goodMW17 - Walking8,3walking, 5.0 mph (8 km/h), level, firm surface2453013583h 33m2h 53m2h 25m
goodMW17 - Walking9,8walking, 5.0 mph (8 km/h), uphill, 3% grade2893564223h 0m2h 26m2h 3m
lowMW17 - Walking4,8walking, for exercise, 3.5 to 4 mph (5,6 - 6,4 km/h), with ski poles, Nordic walking, level, moderate pace1421742076h 8m4h 59m4h 12m
goodMW17 - Walking9,5walking, for exercise, 5.0 mph (8 km/h), with ski poles, Nordic walking, level, fast pace2803454093h 6m2h 31m2h 7m
okMW17 - Walking6,8walking, for exercise, with ski poles, Nordic walking, uphill2002472934h 20m3h 31m2h 58m
okMW18 - Water Activities5,8canoeing, rowing, 4.0-5.9 mph (6,4 - 9,5 km/h), moderate effort1712102505h 5m4h 8m3h 28m
bestMW18 - Water Activities12,5canoeing, rowing, kayaking, competition, >6 mph (9,7 km/h), vigorous effort3694545392h 21m1h 55m1h 36m
okMW18 - Water Activities5kayaking, moderate effort1471812155h 54m4h 47m4h 2m
okMW18 - Water Activities6skiing, water or wakeboarding1772182594h 55m3h 59m3h 21m
goodMW18 - Water Activities7jet skiing, driving, in water2062543024h 12m3h 25m2h 53m
bestMW18 - Water Activities15,8skindiving, fast4665736811h 52m1h 31m1h 16m
bestMW18 - Water Activities11,8skindiving, moderate3484285082h 30m2h 1m1h 42m
okMW18 - Water Activities5snorkeling1471812155h 54m4h 47m4h 2m
lowMW18 - Water Activities3surfing, body or board, general881091299h 50m7h 59m6h 43m
okMW18 - Water Activities6paddle boarding, standing1772182594h 55m3h 59m3h 21m
goodMW18 - Water Activities9,8swimming laps, freestyle, fast, vigorous effort2893564223h 0m2h 26m2h 3m
okMW18 - Water Activities5,8swimming laps, freestyle, front crawl, slow, light or moderate effort1712102505h 5m4h 8m3h 28m
goodMW18 - Water Activities9,5swimming, backstroke, general, training or competition2803454093h 6m2h 31m2h 7m
lowMW18 - Water Activities4,8swimming, backstroke, recreational1421742076h 8m4h 59m4h 12m
bestMW18 - Water Activities10,3swimming, breaststroke, general, training or competition3043744442h 51m2h 19m1h 57m
okMW18 - Water Activities5,3swimming, breaststroke, recreational1561922285h 34m4h 31m3h 48m
bestMW18 - Water Activities13,8swimming, butterfly, general4075015952h 8m1h 44m1h 27m
bestMW18 - Water Activities10swimming, crawl, fast speed, ~75 yards/minute, vigorous effort2953634312h 57m2h 23m2h 1m
goodMW18 - Water Activities8,3swimming, crawl, medium speed, ~50 yards/minute, vigorous effort2453013583h 33m2h 53m2h 25m
bestM18 - Water Activities10water polo2953634312h 57m2h 23m2h 1m
bestMW18 - Water Activities11windsurfing or kitesurfing, crossing trial3243994742h 40m2h 10m1h 50m
bestMW18 - Water Activities13,5windsurfing, competition, pumping for speed3984905822h 11m1h 46m1h 29m
okMW19 - Winter Activities5,5skating, ice, 9 mph (14,5 km/h) or less1622002375h 21m4h 21m3h 40m
goodMW19 - Winter Activities9skating, ice, rapidly, more than 9 mph (14,5 km/h), not competitive2653273883h 16m2h 39m2h 14m
bestMW19 - Winter Activities13,3skating, speed, competitive3924835732h 13m1h 48m1h 31m
goodMW19 - Winter Activities7skiing, general2062543024h 12m3h 25m2h 53m
okMW19 - Winter Activities6,8skiing, cross country, 2.5 mph (4 km/h), slow or light effort, ski walking2002472934h 20m3h 31m2h 58m
goodMW19 - Winter Activities9skiing, cross country, 4.0-4.9 mph (6,4 - 7,9 km/h), moderate speed and effort, general2653273883h 16m2h 39m2h 14m
bestMW19 - Winter Activities12,5skiing, cross country, 5.0-7.9 mph (8 - 12,7 km/h), brisk speed, vigorous effort3694545392h 21m1h 55m1h 36m
bestMW19 - Winter Activities15skiing, cross country, >8.0 mph (12,9 km/h), elite skier, racing4425446461h 58m1h 35m1h 20m
bestMW19 - Winter Activities15,5skiing, cross country, hard snow, uphill, maximum, snow mountaineering4575626681h 54m1h 32m1h 18m
lowMW19 - Winter Activities4,3skiing, downhill, alpine or snowboarding, light effort, active time only1271561856h 51m5h 34m4h 41m
lowMW19 - Winter Activities5,3skiing, downhill, alpine or snowboarding, moderate effort, general, active time only1561922285h 34m4h 31m3h 48m
goodMW19 - Winter Activities8skiing, downhill, vigorous effort, racing2362903453h 41m2h 59m2h 31m
bestMW19 - Winter Activities12,5skiing, roller, elite racers3694545392h 21m1h 55m1h 36m
lowMW19 - Winter Activities5,3snow shoeing, moderate effort1561922285h 34m4h 31m3h 48m
goodMW19 - Winter Activities10snow shoeing, vigorous effort2953634312h 57m2h 23m2h 1m