Ephedrine for Weight Loss

In fact you don’t want to lose weight, you just want to lose fat.

Because you need to keep your muscle and water – especially muscle is important for burning calories.
Here is what we will see in this section:

  • theoretical knowledge about fat, because it’s our target
  • road to success: key instructions if you want to lose weight definitely
  • and why ephedrine is so efficient at losing weight when used in a safe way

Fat tissue

This is important, please read carefully because that’s probably why you came here.

It deserves some explanations because to understand fat loss you must first understand the body fat and the structure of fat cells.

First, a picture:

Ephedrine reducing fat cells called adipocytesYou might hate it when in excess but the fact is that we all need it as padding, insulation and as energy store.

For these reasons we (adults) have around 30 billions fat cells called adipocytes (the orange balloons in the above picture) – or we would freeze in summer and our body would have to burn muscle tissue at any effort requiring some energy. These adipocytes are storing lipids for further energy needs. And despite the common belief, it is not stored forever (“a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!”). In fact, fat is permanently taken in and out fat cells! It is the net balance of what goes in and what goes out that determines if you lose weight or you gain weight.

Just think of it as of your bank account: if you withdraw more money than you deposit, you will run short of money, same thing for fat. Basically there are only two ways to lose fat: eat less food or increase activity level.

Ephedrine is not a weight-loss miracle dietIf you do the opposite, eating too much and using too little energy, fat will build up. Everybody knows it, yet the percentage of over-weighted people is constantly increasing, and consequently the percentage of persons wanting to lose weight also and yet the result is very poor compared to the efforts. It is not a problem of information (for instance people know that smoking is bad for their health) but a problem of efficiency (smoking people know that they should stop but they can’t). Same problem for weight loss: overweight people would like to lose fat, they do many efforts, they try many things, they have some quick wins but not on the long run. We will come back to these points in order to help the really motivated ones.

But before that, back to the theoretical knowledge: where are the adipocytes in our body?

We have three levels of fat in our body: two layers of subcutaneous fat (the deep layer and the superficial layer) and a third one known as visceral fat (fatty tissues within the abdomen, around the intestines and other organs).

Ephedrine can reduce android and gynoid fat distributionFor women, fat is mostly located in the lower abdomen, lateral thighs, hips, and buttocks.

For men it’s usually in the upper abdomen and flanks. This is a general rule but it can vary from person to person.

The “funny” thing is that being thin or fat doesn’t depend on the number of adipocytes: after puberty the number of fat cells remain constant, approximately 10% are renewed each year, but the total number remains constant. After this age, fat cells will shrink or swell – and they can swell a lot, up to three or four times their normal volume. With weight loss, the size of fat cells is reduced, not the number. And unfortunately small fat cells are very efficient at restocking fat, with effect on appetite and weight regain.

OK, now you should know what is fat, why do we have all these adipocytes, where and how do they work. If not the case, go back to the top of this page and read again! No kidding: reducing weight will require efforts and experience shows that understanding the fat loss mechanisms and picturing them helps a lot.

What went wrong? Why all that fat?

  • There are several causes of overweight and several reasons for wanting to lose weight: the case of a boxer who has to lose weight fast before a fight has nothing to do with a 40 years old man who does no sport and decides to reduce this inelegant “beer belly”. Thus specific questions require specific answers. You have to understand the general rules below, it is necessary but not sufficient, you will then have to dig deeper in order to find your own personal causes and deduct your own personal solutions.
  • Testing any new diet or magic potions will not help, you will just lose money, regain more weight and enter the well known yo-yo effect: “miracle diets” will fail because they will end up with fatigue or even depression, and reverting to old habits plus the psychological effects of failing to lose weight will lead to regaining more weight, then starting another diet in order to lose the new excess weight will initiate the yo-yo cycle.
  • Keeping the muscle mass is so important! It will burn calories even at rest. And unfortunately many persons start diets, lose part of their muscle mass – and often already reduced – and then they enter a vicious circle: less muscle, more fat, diet, less muscle, more fat etc etc…
  • Overweight doesn’t happen overnight, it will grow through years due to lifestyle and also from your genes – this gene part will not been covered here because it is highly specialized and requires medical background in order to understand the medical reasons (Cushing’s syndrome, hypothyroidism, polycystic ovary syndrome, etc..).
  • Lifestyle choices can cause overweight to parents and children, and unfortunately in most cases this way of living will later be transmitted to the next generation.
  • We all know what is unhealthy: eating fast food high in fat, not enough fruit and vegetables, too much alcohol, eating a lot – meaning more than you need.
  • Eating too much can have many reasons: it could be family habits, psychological aspects like low self-esteem where eating make yourself feel better, use food to fill emptiness, job pressures, family conflicts, in many cases eating has nothing to do with hunger!
  • Lack of physical activity is typically linked to the job (sitting all day long) and using your car for any distance and then sitting at home for free time (TV, games etc…), no regular exercise. Ideally you should exercise 30 minutes for 5 days per week because regular exercise boosts your cardiovascular health, helps regulate moods, and helps build strong bones. You will look better, feel better and make healthy changes in your behavior – you will take better care of yourself.
  • If not, your adipocytes will store fat if you eat too much, which could be good if you really use this stored energy later, but it’s rarely the case.
  • We (the authors) have developed good practices regarding nutrition and physical activities that could help you for sure in your weight loss attempt.
  • Last but not least, our genes will play a complex role on several factors (appetite, fat storage conditions etc…) that explain that some people will stay the same weight for years without effort, whereas others will struggle for that result – it’s not fair but it’s like that, complaining doesn’t help.

What shall you do to lose fat permanently?

Well, it is easily said but very hard to do:

  • if you have gained weight during a long period of time, you will probably to “walk the same road in the other direction” meaning that it will also take time to lose this “old fat” progressively but permanently.
  • If you have gained weight rapidly, most probably you can lose this “young fat” quite easily and rapidly
  • If your excess weight is linked to your lifestyle… you will have to change your lifestyle… knowing how hard this can be, being part of a family – you can’t just try something for 3 months and then go back to your old life and expect to keep your new weight. Constant efforts are necessary for a permanent result. It’s like stopping smoking: after a long time you will not feel the need anymore because your life changed and you are happy this way. Same thing for weight: the balance between food and exercise will appear as normal to you without efforts after a long time, but then your success will be permanent.
  • Long term fat loss is a long way to walk with the support of doctors, family, friends and yourself (in other words, your brain has to help your body)
  • But fortunately a big help is given by a plant called Ephedra, containing ephedrine, which contributes to weight loss thanks to combined characteristics that we will detail below. It is so efficient that even detractors do not question its results (see our page about the FDA ban) but they fought against it based on safety reasons – yet safety aspects have also been covered by famous medical institutions in several clinical trials (see our page linking to medical studies about ephedrine) so that it’s wise for us to recommend you to read all this information, to search for your own and to make your own informed decisions – internet allows us to act in this way by giving us a new access to information and less dependency on mainstream media (who would have access to the above mentioned medical studies if they were not public, and published online by independent organizations?)

Why is ephedrine so efficient in fat loss?

For several complementary reasons, ephedrine is so helpful that it’s a wonder that this alkaloid is found naturally in plants and that the pharmaceutical industry didn’t find to date equivalent patented products to sell to millions.

1. Fat burn is highly increased due to thermogenetic effects resulting in higher basal metabolic rate, heating up the body significantly. Lipolysis is stimulated, calorie consumption is increased and consequently fatty lipids are released from adipocytes, improving considerably the conversion from fat to energy. In other words, you will burn more fat than ever!

2. Energy level will be enhanced. This is why most diets fail: after a few days of low calories, your energy is so low that even daily activities become hard, not even speaking of exercising! Thanks to ephedrine you will keep your energy at a good level for a sufficient period of time in order to start producing weight loss results

3. Appetite suppression is another example of the complementary effects of ephedrine: usually after a few days of diets your body figures out what you are doing and as said before, unfortunately small fat cells are very efficient at restocking fat, with effect on appetite: you feel so hungry that keeping your motivation becomes incredibly harder, it’s almost impossible to resist. Thanks to ephedrine, you will see that your appetite is immediately reduced and we will not feel hungry! Then you can make the right food choices. This is probably the key success factor of ephedrine as weight loss facilitator.

4. Lean Muscle Mass Retention is the final benefit of this amazing substance, ephedrine, as proved by several medical studies (see for instance in the page of references: “During dietary energy restriction E+C promotes fat loss and preserves fat-free mass”). This is important because keeping your lean muscle mass will help you in several ways, by keeping your metabolic rate high and being able to exercise without severe fatigue and then by burning calories at all times (the more muscle you have, the more calorie you burn, even at rest). This point is one of the main reason why classical diets fail: along with the already mentioned fatigue, several days of hypo-caloric diets end up with muscle loss, starting a vicious circle (less muscle, less calories burned, more fat, even lower calorie diet and again less muscle etc…).

As you can see the benefits of ephedrine are impressive and can help you with no doubt if you decide to lose weight – it might make the difference between success and failure.

Still the take of ephedrine must be a well informed decision, and we warmly recommend that you read our page about the controversial FDA ban.

When the decision is made, it is then very important to answer these questions that we receive so often: Ephedrine, where to buy?

In fact it’s so easy to pick up the wrong online selling shop, or the wrong product! Names are so close (see our page “what is ephedrine“), are all these products real ephedrine or “fake” products? And what should be the quantities, based on the usual dosages, and how long?

You will find here our review of most sites having real ephedrine for sale online.

The practical questions regarding dosage and precautions are answered in the page about EC stacks.

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