EC Stack, Starting with a Safe Dosage

As planned here, we have now detailed a day per day safe dosage for an EC stack with 8mg ephedrine, meant for people who had no previous experience of our preferred alkaloid.

In that way, you are sure to stay on the safe side if you have purchased 8mg ephedrine, preferably HCL (see our recommendation of Kaizen Ephedrine HCL here).

If you follow this advice, no doubt about the type of ephedrine you have bought (ephedrine HCL? Ephedra extract?), no doubt about the real quantity of ephedrine per tab, you just have to follow the table from the first day of week 1 til the last day of week 6.

We focus on 8mg per tab because it became the most sold ephedrine in Canada and in the USA, due to legal aspects: we can have more detailed information in many of our posts, for instance here, here for USA and Canada and here for Europe, just have a look.

Please make sure that you read all information given in that page: for safety reasons we have listed the most important points before and during an EC stack.

Next step: same approach (EC stack with 8mg ephedrine) but with a standard dosage this time, for “experienced people” who already had ephedrine without side effects.

Meanwhile, Happy Fat Burning and … STAY SAFE!

Mike Budd

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