EC Stack, our Recommended Standard Dosage


As announced, we have published our recommendation of standard dosage for EC stacks based on the best sellers 8 mg ephedrine and 200 mg caffeine: you will find day per day servings in milligrams but also in tabs (lesson learned from our previous post about the EC stack safe dosage). The differences between safe and standard dosages are explained, and also why you should not compromise on the quality of your ephedrine. If you plan to have an EC stack with 8 mg Kaizen Ephedrine HCL, you did the math for you: we have indicated the total number of tabs of ephedrine and caffeine that you will need during these 8 weeks.

Last point: your feedback is important! Please tell us about your results. We would love to hear about your own experience, in order to helps us help other people.

In the other way, in case of any question, just email us.

Mike Budd

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