Eat Less, My Own Experience

Good news for those of you who are still struggling with New Year’s weight loss resolutions: as planned in our previous post, Weight Loss Resolution, What You Will Get From Us, we have finally decided to reveal what we consider as the Basics and Fundamentals of our credo (Eat Less, Move More, Get Support), starting with Nutrition:

Eat Less, The First Pillar of Weight Loss

Not a list of tips as you can see. We are talking about our copyrighted method here, based on years of experience. It has worked for me when Ann helped me losing weight a long time ago and I am happy to say that I managed to keep it off during all these years by changing my food habits and lifestyle. It has also worked for many people around us, before and after we launched our website. If you stick to the plan, no doubt that that it will work for you also.

This information is so important for us that we have decided to publish it as a permanent page on our site, below the Weight Loss page. We didn’t want to publish it as a post that would be buried under new posts after a few weeks.

Here are the rules that will make you eat less:

1 – Understand That Eating Less Is Key
2 – Know What You Eat
3 – Count Each Calorie Going In
4 – Change Your Food Habits
5 – Avoid Cravings With Ephedrine

My own experience has been that point 1 seems easy to follow because you hear it but you have no special effort to do, you are not challenged so you think that you get it, but in fact no: you got an information but it had no influence on your decisions or actions. This point will be completed only when totally integrated in your mindset: I know that eating less represents 80 percent of my weight loss success, I really want to burn this fat and I can’t succeed without eating less so I will do it!

Point 2 has been easy for me: it’s a learning process where you have to weigh all foods in terms of calories. It can even be fun when done with your relatives and by the way it is a very good example to your kids if you are a parent. Don’t become obsessed though. The psychological effects of this learning curve have been huge for me: when I realized how many calories I was ingesting compared to healthy meals, I decided to stop it, the price was too high to pay. It doesn’t mean that I totally stopped these foods and drinks, especially alcohol, but when I was deciding to indulge despite the high number of calories, it was in full knowledge of the facts, for my own pleasure and not by habit.

Don’t tell me about point 3… I had so many difficulties to follow this third rule. I guess that it will be the same for you – or to be kind, I sincerely hope that it will be easier for you…
At this point, you will have the opportunity to test your willpower and your true motivation to lose weight. I had regular visits planned with Ann to show her my figures, and honestly I was feeling a bit ashamed of all I had been eating and drinking since the last visit… In order to show a better picture of myself I decided to forget some food and drinks I was having outside or at home 🙁 But Ann is smart and experienced, she saw it immediately: we had a tough discussion where she told me that cheating with counting was only cheating myself, so I had to make a decision: either accept the rule and work with her to progress or stop! I made my mind and here I am now 🙂

If you think that point 3 is tough, wait for point 4… I will come back to this with more details in future posts because I have a lot to tell. You know it: changing habits is so hard. I had many discussions with friends about the reasons of this difficulty, some with friends psychoanalysts, I will write a dedicated post about that. Goods news are that changes are possible if you avoid some mistakes and ask for support.

Finally the easiest point and the one that had the most influence on my weight loss success has been the last one, point 5: buy ephedrine. I remember each detail before making my decision, when and where I bought my first tabs of ephedrine after a doctor’s visit, making sure that I had no special risks (heart especially). When I look back I have no doubt that ephedrine has been the booster that made the difference between failure and success in my weight loss program. The appetite suppression has been impressive and helped me eating less, changing my habits and keeping the new ones long enough to be sure that I wouldn’t go back to the old ones.

I hope that many of you will start this program and I wish them a lot of success. For the motivated guys here who reach point 3 and log their calories for two weeks, I propose that you send me your figures by email so that I ask Ann to have a look at it and to give you the support she gave me in the beginning. We won’t be able to do it for all of you, but be sure that we will do our best.

Keep in touch for the next steps!

Mike Budd.

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