Dendrobium, A Replacement For Ephedrine?

Did you see the Deal of The Day proposed by NutraCave?

Having said in a previous post that NutraCave was heavily promoting this new product, Dendrobium 600, I had a confirmation when I saw the 50% off 😉

In fact the main surprise has been to see that NutraCave was presenting Dendrobium as a replacement for Ephedrine!

NutraCave is presenting Dendrobium as a replacement for ephedrine











To be honest I had no time to investigate about this Dendrobium 600: these last days have been quite busy. Is it safe? Is it effective? Do we have reliable information (medical studies)? If you have such information, please share it with us! A link in the comments below would be very nice, as well as your feedback about weight loss effects if you have tried this product.


Mike Budd.

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5 thoughts on “Dendrobium, A Replacement For Ephedrine?

  1. lingeba

    HANGZHOU LINGEBA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of Dendrobium Extract, and we have our own Dendrobium production base.
    We have Dendrobium Polysaccharides 5%, 10%, 20% and 50%; Dendrobium Alkaloids 1%, 5%, 10% and 20%; Dendrobine 98%.
    There is so much controversy about Dendrobium Extract, whatever it is useful or not. The best way is try and test it. Any enquiry about Dendrobium Extract feel free to contact us. We can supply samples for test.

    Bubble Lin
    Sales Manager

  2. Audrey Plouffe

    I have been hearing that this Dendrobium Extract is the closest replacement for Ephedrine. Is it true and how does one get a test sample?

    1. Mike Post author

      Hi Audrey,

      Yep, me too…

      But to be honest I got no serious feedback from people I know who could be able to compare these effects to ephedrine HCL or ephedra alkaloids. And also too busy to look for medical evidence about Dendrobium (when we have literally hundreds of them for ephedrine weight loss results). It is on my todolist but probably not before the coming summer holiday.

      If you have some serious info I’d love to receive it 🙂

      Take care,

  3. Dave

    I have taken ephedrine hcl since it was dymetadrine 25 back in 1989.
    I used to sell it to my gym friends for 10.00 for 100 pills of 25 mg.
    Over the years things change. now we are where we are with ephedrine.
    Save your money. Caffeine will get you far closer to where you want to be then Dendrobium will.
    It works to some degree but no where near ephedrine.

    1. Mike Post author

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your feedback. Don’t tell me about the gold ol’days… 🙁
      Btw I saw recently an article in That’s Beijing that made me smile: they really don’t understand what happened in the USA that has lead to the ban of ephedrine, used safely by millions for more than 5,000 years! For sure if you don’t have a global view on this issue you can’t understand.
      Back to Dendrobium: I’m not surprised by your point, most people I trust tell me that it worked for them but less than ephedrine.
      I wish I would have more time to post but honestly too busy for the moment. My goal is to post a list of summertime tips in the coming days: recent news about sellers (ephedrineForSale and Gorilla Jack) and a few tips for weight loss that work fine for me.

      Keep in touch!


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