Coupon Codes For WorldClassNutrition has new ambitions, just have a look at their logo 😉

Old logo:




New logo:

WorldClassNutrition has a new logo

As you can see they have high hopes 😉

Seriously now: WorldClassNutrition has three coupon codes for you in March, two of them unchanged but also a brand new one. And last but not least, Breaking News about their site!





OK, let’s go:

The classical coupon codes:

  • Save 10% On All Orders Over $100: use coupon code 10DollarsOff at checkout.
  • All diet pills are buy 2 get free ground shipping: use SHIPME4FREE during checkout.

The new one:

  • $4.99 Flat Rate Shipping! Expires:03-31-2013


Breaking News: has been totally redesigned.

They say redesigning an e-commerce site is a bit like changing a flat tire on a highway without stopping your car 😉

Nice design and e-commerce by Yahoo in fact, as for many companies who don’t want to develop their own solution but prefer to rent one. The translation module is lame just as the previous one, but better than nothing 😉 At least people from most countries can have a look for themselves and get ephedrine even if they don’t live in the USA and they don’t speak English. It will be a bit of guess work for them to find the right ephedrine but they are probably used to it 😉

Last words and most important: this redesign did not change the product range, you will find the usual ephedra diet pills but also ephedrine HCL that you can purchase legally, no worry (check the site for all details: monthly limit per state in the USA and ID required).

That’s all for now, stay tuned for the coming posts and meanwhile, Happy Fat Burning!

Mike Budd.

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