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As you know, we are frequently reviewing websites having ephedrine for sale in order to check their information, to see if they are serious, consistent, especially in terms of safety (side effects, maximum dosage etc..).

Sorry to say that the result is sometimes poor, and in certain cases even dangerous. Why? Probably because this is published by people who have no medical background and who care more about your money than about your health…

We usually notice two types of misleading information:

  • Some sites make no difference between the various forms of ephedrine, and thus of concentration of alkaloids proposed by the different producers. Honest producers know their products of course, because they control all the formulation process and they have to report on the different ingredients to the authorized organizations. They also cover a worldwide market, and the legality of ephedrine in the USA or Canada is different from the legality in Europe, especially UK, and other countries as well. These producers don’t think in terms of legality but in terms of production and marketing. The problem is not by honest producers, but by producers who rely on the marketing effect of “Ephedra extract” on the label to sell products without alkaloids; in such case, it is quite impossible to get reliable information from them about the real ingredients and their concentration. The problem is also by retailers who have a large portfolio and leave all responsibility to the customers: is ephedrine legal in your country? Is it authorized for weight loss or only as bronchodilator for asthma? What is the maximum authorized quantity? What is the recommended dosage? Up to you… In the best case, they propose ephedrine which is not real ephedrine but “ephedra free” products, usually a blend of typical products for weight loss programs. We say “best case” because even if it is a misleading information, at least you have no real risk for your health. You won’t have the real effects of ephedrine but no side effects either…
  • The second type is the dangerous one: you can get real ephedrine from some sites but with dangerous recommendations. For instance we have seen EC stacks with recommended dosages per day which were 3 times the safe dosage! In fact the quantity of ephedrine per tab was higher than usual (equal to the maximum daily dosage already!) and they were recommending to limit to 3 tabs per day, hence an insane recommendation of 3 times the safe dosage of ephedrine per day!

When it is a mistake from serious sites (“serious” meaning that they are reachable through a phone number, a real address, a real “about us” page and not fake information) of course we contact them and we ask them to correct it immediately. Some time with success, sometimes without…

Considering this, during our last team workshop we decided to go a step further in our recommendations: we are receiving a lot of emails from persons who have a limited knowledge about ephedrine and who don’t really know what are the differences between products, and what would be the right indication of dosage for them. Most of the time, they want to buy ephedrine for fat burn and as you know, in some US states it is not allowed to promote ephedrine for weight loss next to the FDA ban, so we won’t do that in our website, even if many other countries allow it. In such case, we suggest to people from countries where ephedrine can be sold legally for weight loss to email us.

To sum it up, how will we go a step further in our recommendations?

  1. We will do what we did per email for some persons only: we will publish a recommendation of the best products from the best websites from our point of view, based on our experience and all the feedback we got until now.
  2. We will explain why we consider it as the best choice for our readers.
  3. We will give the safe dosage taking into account the composition of the selected product.
  4. We will also detail the day per day dosage for an EC stack or ECA stack with these products, taking into account the percentage of ephedrine alkaloids, and thus there will be no risk of error for you.
  5. We might as well give 2 plans, a safe one for beginners, and a standard one for people like bodybuilders who have an excellent physical condition and a long experience of ephedrine.

So stay tuned until we publish this information.
And meanwhile, stay safe!

Mike Budd

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