Coffee, A True Wonder Drug: The Making Of


As told in our previous post, Focus on the C of EC stacks: Caffeine, we are proud to publish the first part of our new article: Coffee, A True Wonder Drug?

I know that it may sound like self-satisfaction: it is 😉
You know that feeling, when you finish something and you are truly happy about the result (and about yourself of course). Well, that’s exactly what we feel 🙂

To be honest it has been a real challenge to finish it so quickly, considering the amount of work: the goal was to come to the end of the first part before kids go back to school, you know, this period of the year where you always have to go shopping again and again because there is always something missing in their school supplies 😉

I would like to give you more details about this hard work, not to complain 😉 we do it with real pleasure 😉 but to tell you more about us, how we work and what is our motivation.

Well, the topic was big, this question “is coffee good or bad for you” is quite frequent on the web, but that’s exactly our point: we don’t trust easily what we find online 😉

So here is our approach:

  • We have a workshop where we go around the table quickly so that everyone can give his/her own point of view on this topic.
  • Then open discussion, arguing a bit 😉
  • Then we structure: what part of this topic do we want to develop because useful to our readers? A, B, C, conclusion.
  • Task allocation: this is the difficult part 😉 To be serious, it depends of course on the specialty of each team member, but sometimes we have to vary a bit and adapt to the available resources.
  • Then we work on our own: research and notes.
  • New workshop where everyone is presenting medical studies, risks and benefits: here we discuss again to see to come to our own point of view as a team. The key question is to know is there is enough evidence to present a point as valid, reliable, something that we have personally checked, that we trust and we can publish or even recommend. If some don’t agree, we talk again, we are a democracy 😉
  • Then the writing task itself is divided between us and afterwards commented by all, corrected and finally approved.

Nice process as you can see 😉

The good point is that it helps us to update our own medical knowledge: after sessions like this one, believe me, you can discuss every detail with any expert on earth 😉
And of course we share this knowledge with you. But don’t trust us on words only, as generally the case on the web: you will find so many articles published by people who have no real idea about what they post. In fact those people don’t write articles but just copy them, sometimes with slight changes, other times without, and not even mentioning the author(s) or their source of information.
I don’t say that to be mean, it’s just the way it is…

In our case, you can trust us. Really. If not, we can’t force you  😉 but in that case, please have a look at our article! How clear, how nice with these cool pictures for each condition 😉 I’m kidding, this is just the look of it, not the important part: the heart of this article is in the references. As you can see, for all benefits and risks, we have selected one or several medical studies that you can check on your own: just follow the links into brackets next to each condition and then click on the link that we have included in the footer notes and you will access the official abstract of this medical study (methodology, short summary, findings).

Did you know that there are more than 20,000 medical studies about coffee and health? Well we selected only 40 😉
But for each one, we wanted you to be able to check on your own, just by a click.

I hope that this gives you a better idea of what we mean when we say that we are serious people and that we deserve your trust.
The name we gave us is just for fun (Health Dream Team…), our main topic is quite controversial because it is about ephedrine and where to buy it, but our work here is real, honest and serious. That’s why we are happy when our information can help you, your friends, your beloved ones. We do it a bit for us and a lot for you.

That was it for self-satisfaction 😉 we have the second part of an article to finish now 🙁

Keep in touch,
Mike Budd.

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