Bragging Rights

You know what? I’m happy 🙂

This last weekend I have sent an email to all subscribers to let them know about the recent offer by NutraCave and I had the pleasure to receive this reply:

On 2013-11-18 1:27 am, Derek Rutherford wrote:
Doing fine with Century Mike thanks. They’re a class act. Keep the info coming though. I would love to know how to maintain muscle mass and get ripped. Bit late though. I won the NABBA Mr Britain and placed top six in the NABBA Universe ripped to shreds (see photo) but lost at least 5lbs of muscle….. everytime. Still training heavy but no more dieting to 3% bodyfat. It aint good for you. : )
Take Care
Merry Christmas

Here is the picture that Derek attached to his mail: honored by Derek Rutherford






Look at that! I realized I was giving him weight loss recommendations and also telling him about a coming post on “how to keep your muscle mass when dieting” 😉
By the way I wonder how I would look like if I lost 5lbs of muscle 😉

Anyway I was not sure about the irony in Derek’s sentence, “I would love to know how to maintain muscle mass and get ripped“, knowing his achievements?
I thought it would be polite to reply and explain that I have many readers and subscribers, from professional bodybuilders to total beginners in terms of weight loss, hence my following reply:

On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 18:48 GMT wrote:
Hi Derek,
Wow! Impressive 🙂
I feel a bit lame, having sent such email when for sure you don’t need my weight loss information… I’m in touch with other guys bodybuilders and they also make fun of me when I give them some general advice about dieting or exercising 🙂
The good point is that many others are just struggling with their extra pounds and i’m really happy to help them. Eat less, move more, get support. And take example from bodybuilders…
Don’t you mind if I post your email on my blog, to show others the funny part of me telling you how to lose weight? 🙂 Would be cool. Just let me know.

You know what? Derek is a nice guy. Here is what I got in return:

Hi Mike
You do a great job. Your articles are invaluable, very honest and informative. I appreciate you staying in touch with up to date offers etc. I certainly don’t mind if you use the e-mail/photo on your website.
Wishing you and your family a happy festive season.
Take Care.
Keep up the good work.

Is that cool?!

This is a kind of feedback you don’t get very often and believe me, from a pro bodybuilder like Derek it’s something I really appreciate. Makes me think that the time spent writing articles and helping people is worth it. This is also what I mean when I speak of trusted members: these guys you can trust for sure when they give you a feedback about online shops or ephedrine products.

OK. Now I feel some pressure regarding this coming post about “keeping your muscle mass when dieting” 🙂
I think I will rewrite it a bit 😉
To be sure to give a good information to all, from beginners to guys like Derek 😉

Keep in touch,
Mike Budd


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