Another Canadian Website Charged For Selling Ephedrine

Do you remember how ephedrineforsale has run into trouble with the Canadian police for selling and shipping ephedrine to the USA? If not, here is the post with videos explaining what happened to Rob King, owner of ephedrineforsale.

Well, another Canadian website has just been hit in the same way: NiceAndNatural.

It started in January 2013 when the Canada Border Services seized a package returned from the U.S. to NiceAndNatural with 500 ephedrine tabs inside. Generally speaking webshops hate returns, guess what when they are selling ephedrine without a licence 😉

Ephedrine seized at the Canadian border
Does this pouch look familiar? Of course! The name of the manufacturer has been blanked out by the customs officiers but most guys here know what is our preferred brand for pure Ephedrine HCL.



Then later in May the Canada Border Services Agency received a notification from the New Zealand customs officials who had seized 3 packages of ephedrine shipped by NiceAndNatural.
Another ephedrine seized in Canada








It was enough for the Canadian Customs to launch an investigation and since that point of time, the process has been quite similar to the previous one with ephedrineforsale:

  • First the Canadian Border officials got a court order allowing them to access the website to track everything.
  • Then they established a surveillance of the 2 owners of the website, a father, Barry James MacKinnon, 63, and his daughter, Kelly MacKinnon, 36, living in Charlottetown.
  • The next steps are classical: picking up garbage bags containing hundreds of shipping documents, finding the postal outlet used to mail ephedrine boxes to the USA, for instance to Florida, Texas, Missouri, Oregon, Pennsylvania or New Jersey.
  • And finally seizing business paperwork and computers.

As NiceAndNatural had no licence for selling Ephedrine outside of Canada, the MacKinnons have been charged with four offences under the Customs Act and Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and will be judged in February. By the way I heard that Rob King is scheduled to appear in court in March.

That’s it. A bit scary, isn’t it? It gives you an idea of the current pressure being put on Canadian sellers.

When you read that, as individual you might think that ordering ephedrine online is not legal as it is a controlled substance and as online sellers get charged. It’s totally wrong: ephedrine is controlled but legal! Depending on your state you will have to fulfill some requirements (driver’s licence) but in all cases it is perfectly legal to purchase ephedrine as bronchodilator, knowing that you might lose weight also. The persons who are identified as buyers in the documents seized by the Canadian Customs officials have nothing to fear, just as people who had purchased EC stacks from ephedrineforsale.

Be sure that people who are currently lobbying to change the legal status of ephedrine in the USA are doing their best efforts to get local bills passed in cities and counties to restrict the sales of pseudoephedrine and ephedrine. In other words: we know that the opponents of ephedrine are mainly drug agents and law enforcement, not doctors nor patients.
If cops could pass laws, ephedrine would be totally illegal in the U.S. since long ago and fortunately it is not the case. Until now there has been no change at federal level, there is even a recent debate since some states have challenged these local bills saying that it had to be decided at federal level only. I will come back to that in another post.

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That’s all for now, don’t be afraid by all the buzz around ephedrine, it is mostly a psychological pressure that some officials are trying to put on law abiding people.
I see more and more people reacting to this unfair situation. Taking into account the new game changers I wouldn’t be surprised that the controversial case of ephedrine will be reconsidered one day.

Keep in touch,
Mike Budd

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    1. Mike Post author

      Hi Takahiko,
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  1. Ana

    Is there any webshop that currently ships ephedrine to US? Back in 2000 I took the original Xenadrine with ephedrine and it was awesome. No product since has been able to do for me what Xenadrine did. I wanted to try an ECA stack but having absolutely no luck finding anyone who ships it here and not sure what shop is legit with the product. Any suggestions?

    1. Mike Post author

      Hi Ana,
      Yep, the good ol’ years 😉
      Let me check something and I’ll get back to you, eventually by email.
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