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Offering Labs to Make Friends with Local Cops

Do you remember that Westport Pharmaceuticals had been hit by the DEA?

From Michael Ramirez, politicians like your pocketsIf you have no idea what I am talking about, no problem 😉
I’ll do a quick refresher to show you how they are playing with your health and money, it’s amazing! And if you want more details, have a look a this post: Ephedrine Sold Over the Counter, A Political Fiction

Credit: cartoon by Michael Ramirez from

Pseudoephedrine? Not Game of Thrones, But Close

So, why this crazy debate about pseudoephedrine?

  • Because it’s the best and cheapest allergy med, used by over 18 million American families.
  • But unfortunately drug addicts use it to cook meth.
  • Local cops ask for a new status for pseudoephedrine, from OTC to Rx. They are pushing hard on politicians to get this prescription law.
  • Yet Big Pharma would lose a fortune if pseudoephedrine becomes prescription only.
  • Politicians know that such law would be very unpopular among allergy sufferers who would have to spend time and money to get their medication.
  • Doctors know that a prescription mandate would be unfair and ineffective.

Quite tricky isn’t it?
It’s a kind of vicious triangle: Cops, Big Pharma and Politicians, with patients stuck in the middle.

A Game Changer

Here is where Westport enters the game.
This small US company has found a way to produce Pseudoephedrine that can’t be converted to meth!
For a normal (disinterested) mind, this product looks like a true win-win for patients and cops. But things are not so simple 😉
Let me explain.
Westport has asked for an exemption to be able to sell OTC and they were hoping for support from the DEA. What did they get? A slap in the face.
Why? I’m not sure. Apparently law enforcement wants a solution, but not THIS solution. Something else is apparently pushing cops and politicians harder than Westport. We are missing information here to be able to understand what happened, so all we can do is a guess work – and I love it 😉

Guess Motives

Let’s play the “guess motives” game: what do they have and what do they want?

  • Patients: they have allergies and they want their cheap pseudoephedrine OTC
  • Cops: they have to clean up meth labs. They know that meth won’t be stopped by laws but they don’t care, they just want to get rid of this dirty, dangerous part of their job.
  • Big Pharma: they make over $600 million in annual sales of pseudoephedrine and they want to keep it.
  • Politicians: they have their job and they want to keep it.
  • Westport: they have a solution and they want to sell it.

You’re The Boss Now

And now let’s play another game: what would you do if you were the Boss at Westport?
Let’s face it: competition is coming and you are still caught in this vicious triangle (Big Pharma, Cops and Politicians).
You have nothing to expect from your competitors who are probably trying to influence the other 2 players to kick you out.
A possible move would be to “influence” politicians directly but you have less power than the other pharma giants who have “connexions” everywhere since years. They even have an official lobby organization: no, not the FDA 😉 I’m speaking of the Consumer Products Healthcare Association.
As you can see, you don’t have many options and R&D alone will not help 😉 So what can you do?
Here is the trick: if you can’t influence the politicians directly , maybe you could try to influence them indirectly through the cops?

Good Guess!

Congrats! You made the right choice, you could be CEO at Westport 😉
That’s exactly what they did recently: they have announced a new partnership to provide K9s to police departments!

How to make friends with copsHere is an extract from the press release:
“We’re proud to partner with K9s4COPs to help connect local law enforcement with trained narcotic detecting hero dogs. As an industry leader in ‘good pharma’ solutions such as meth-resistant medications, we have the technology and solution to help put the vast majority of domestic meth-labs out of business, save taxpayer dollars, and make our communities safer places to live in,” said Paul Hemings, Westport’s U.S. General Manager. “We’re committed to healing individuals and communities any way we can. The only labs we support are those with four legs and a tail.”

They even uploaded a video to Youtube:

How smart is that!
If I were you, I would immediately buy some stocks from Westport! Seriously.
For the moment they try to make friends with cops by offering dogs 😉 but when politicians will finally give them exemption to sell their meth-proof pseudoephedrine over the counter when all others will need a prescription, their stocks will skyrocket. You  will thank me later. And no, I have no stocks from Westport 😉

Just as for Game of Thrones, I can’t wait until the next episode 😉

Mike Budd