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Bragging Rights, Part 2

Thank you!

I told you in Bragging Rights Part 1 how proud I was to have such nice and expert people who like our website. The emails exchanged with Derek are for me a good example of this kind of surprise that rewards you for hours of work, discussions, emails, article writing, giving our best recommendation to people who trust us.

So what is it about this time? Why Bragging Rights Part II?

Because we had the pleasure to discover that people read our pages from all around the world: believe it or not, we have readers in 102 countries! has readers in 102 countries!To be honest when I heard it I thought I misunderstood. Is it sure? How come that we know about the country of our readers, and what about other personal information? So I asked for details and I was told that when a person does a search online and visits our site from there, his or her country is added to the list but no other personal information is available fortunately, only the country based on a so-called “IP address”.
That being clarified, then I really took the measure: 102 countries! Wow 🙂
For some of them I only heard or read the name a few times in my life! In many cases I wouldn’t be able to locate them on a globe 😉 has readers who speak EnglishBy the way, how do all these people understand our pages in English? I know that it is the international language mainly used online but still… In fact I got the explanation: in many cases our readers use the automatic translation provided by Google, you know, the famous Google Translate. Honestly I always heard that these automatic translation tools were a bit lame, giving funny results in the best case, so of course within the team we jumped to our laptops to have a look and feel and then we stopped, feeling a bit stupid: how can we test this translation to make fun of it if we are not able to understand the result in other languages? Aha… OK, who has language skills in the team? A second or third language, and fluent enough to tell if the translation is correct or not? We decided that finally, compared to our language skills, any translation tool in so many languages is not so lame 😉 The good point is that it allows people in 102 countries to read our posts about ephedrine. has readers in EuropeI couldn’t tell how happy I was, thinking of thousands of people around the world being interested by ephedrine, its legality and its effects for weight loss. It is the revenge of Nature who produces the best fat burner ever, banned for controversial reasons by the FDA 🙂 in fact just controlled, because you can still buy ephedrine in all states in the USA and other countries but under various rules (ID, max quantity per month or eventually prescription). has readers in South AmericaI know it may sound like auto-satisfaction but it’s good to brag from time to time, isn’t it? 😉
Well, all team members and myself are really happy and proud to give you our honest information and to see that this effort is worth it, that many people have a better knowledge and understanding about the risks and benefits of ephedrine and that they make informed decisions based on our articles — including our selection of trustworthy sites where to buy ephedrine or ephedra pills.

If we could ask you something in return: please do not hesitate to give us your thoughts or questions in the comment section below our posts! In fact we receive many emails compared to the number of comments and the main explanation is that people prefer a direct contact, others don’t want to discuss about ephedrine in public — even if it is totally legal, many emails are about losing weight so these persons don’t want to give personal details online. In all cases we fully understand 🙂 nevertheless many exchanges could be useful to all readers and only your first name is required so it’s not like sharing private information with the world 😉 Sometimes it’s a bit hard for us to reply within 2 days because we have our full time jobs and family life, especially with teens 😉 We do our best to reply to each and every email but it would be cool to share your questions and experiences with all.

We would be also very thankful if you could support us by sharing or liking our pages in Facebook or Google Plus, or by tweeting them: you would do us a great favor by clicking the nice icons placed at the bottom of each post 🙂 When you do it, our site is kind of recommended by you to the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, it tells them that you like our site and that we give a reliable information about ephedrine.

Readers' country number 102 for is ZambiaPlease do it 🙂 We would be happy to add new countries to the current 102 😉


and to learn in Google Maps where in the world they are!

Take care,
Mike Budd for the Team

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