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Coupon Code At NutraCave

Hurry up!

You have two days only to save 15 off at NutraCave and this for all products, including the ones that are already on sale.

Click on the picture below and make sure to use coupon code 15gone at checkout:

Another Coupon Code From, This Time At NutraCave









This could be a good opportunity to test Dendrobium 600, you know, a new product that NutraCave presents as a potential replacement for ephedrine. My last information is that they are still out of stock regarding Ephedrine HCL, if you decided to substitute with other products such as Dendrobium as already mentioned or even Synephrine, a short feedback would be highly appreciated – just a quick email or two lines of comments 🙂

By the way, thanks to all of you who have sent me interesting info recently about other sources for ephedrine, checking out sites that ship to the USA and who tell me when they think they have found reputable sources. Of course I will come back to this as soon as possible in order to share this with all of you, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter on the top right of most pages here.

Meanwhile, stay safe.

Mike Budd.

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Dendrobium, A Replacement For Ephedrine?

Did you see the Deal of The Day proposed by NutraCave?

Having said in a previous post that NutraCave was heavily promoting this new product, Dendrobium 600, I had a confirmation when I saw the 50% off 😉

In fact the main surprise has been to see that NutraCave was presenting Dendrobium as a replacement for Ephedrine!

NutraCave is presenting Dendrobium as a replacement for ephedrine











To be honest I had no time to investigate about this Dendrobium 600: these last days have been quite busy. Is it safe? Is it effective? Do we have reliable information (medical studies)? If you have such information, please share it with us! A link in the comments below would be very nice, as well as your feedback about weight loss effects if you have tried this product.


Mike Budd.

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FemNutrition Has Closed

Our recommendation of websites selling ephedrine is sadly getting shorter month after month 🙁

First, EphedrineForSale

At the end of 2012 the famous Canadian website EphedrineForSale has been the first to run into several issues and had to stop shipping ephedrine to the USA. By the way I am still receiving many private messages asking for information but for several reasons it is not something that I want to post here, so just email me or subscribe to the newsletter at the top right of all pages on the site and I will get back to you.

Second, NutraCave

A few months later, another Canadian company, NutraCave (formerly EphedrineOnline), has become out of stock regarding ephedrine, thus depriving a lot of American customers of Kaizen Ephedrine HCL considered as the best pharma grade ephedrine since years. We already had to update our recommendation of the best places to buy ephedrine HCL, by introducing good alternatives such as Ephedrine Plus from WorldClassNutrition and ephedra alkaloids products from EphedraWarehouse. Meanwhile NutraCave has been heavily promoting a new product called DENDROBIUM 600:

NutraCave is promoting Dendrobium, a feedback to would be nice.

NutraCave is pushing Dendrobium but what is it? by














Please help! If you have already tested this product, from NutraCave or from any other source, it would be great to hear from you as I am receiving a lot of questions that I cannot answer right now, your feedback would be very appreciated! Meanwhile I will ask my network (friends, chemists, doctors) to tell me more about it.

And now FemNutrition has closed

Another veteran seller of dietary supplements has closed down: FemNutrition! The website is still online but only for informational purpose, no more for selling our preferred products for weight loss. Here is their message if you didn’t see it until now:

FemNutrition has closed.

It’s a pity and we are really sad about these news because FemNutrition was doing a great job: founded in 2003, they always took the defense of ephedra and ephedrine when it was so controversial, they had two shopping and informational websites, one for women ( and one for bodybuilders (, covering topics such as supplements and ephedrine first but also general information about health and nutrition. They were based in Englewood, Colorado, and they have significantly developed their business  for good reasons:

  • Over 2,500 products, most of them in stock:

FemNutrition had an impressive inventory.











  • Top customer service: they have the BBB Accredited Business since 2006. As said in our detailed review of their site, their online business was run through Yahoo and their testimonials were real ones, not fake ones sent by family and friends 😉 We were even suggesting you to try if you want, and from the real customer feedback they got you can see that their were delivering a good service.
  • Cost effective shipping due to 8 local warehouses as you can see here:

FemNutrition was delivering from 8 warehouses.









They have even tried to launch their own brand of quality supplements, SupplementIQ, and maybe this strategic decision could have been the starting point of their problems: apparently it has put them in FDA’s sights and the pressure and costs linked to the cGMPs requirements were so high that FemNutrition had no other choice than closing their doors. Quoting M. Levine, the President of Athletic Ventures owning and << …there’s no winning the fight with FDA…>>

Maybe some of you remember a few products special designed for FemNutrition: Ephedra5, Hoodia Pure and also a good range of pre-mixed Ephedrine-Caffeine products (EC stacks in short).

All team members will join me for sure to say thanks and goodbye to FemNutrition and of course all the best for their new venture! Our list of the best shops where to buy ephedrine is getting shorter but fortunately we still have a choice, even for purchases in the USA.

Mike Budd.

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