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Don’t Pay To Lose Weight, Get Paid instead!

In this post I would like to draw your attention on many opportunities that people miss frequently, probably because…

  • they don’t know (knowledge is key!)
  • they think it’s not for them
  • they don’t dare to ask
  • they think it’s complex
  • or any other reason!

If I had a marketing background, I would grab your attention by using these superior techniques they teach in top ranking universities: “Do you want to earn money, to get fit and healthy, to lose weight and to save time for your private life? And all of that without paying a cent?!
But I have a scientific background πŸ˜‰ so I will just tell you that your company is maybe offering financial incentives linked to wellness programs that you don’t use, so why not checking out together?

What Are Wellness Programs?

Wellness Programs, women stretching at workYou know how much companies, especially in the USA, care about people. OK, I guess that we are all adults here so let’s rephrase that: you know how much companies care about their bottom line πŸ™‚
Well, profit depends more and more on the health of their employees, especially in the U.S. where employer health insurance premiums have doubled since 2000. And in the same time, employees are paying $1,400 more for premiums than in 2000. With a rate of obesity close to epidemic in some states, the total U.S. health care costs reached $2.7 trillion in 2011 and will probably represent 20 percent of GDP in a few years.

To sum it up, companies are more and more concerned by health care expenditures and executives even consider these rising costs as the top fiscal pressure on their companies now. That’s why they are now so interested in keeping you healthy, productive, and satisfied πŸ™‚
The problem is that a healthier lifestyle, for instance losing weight, has always required short-term sacrifices for long-term benefits. And people are not ready to start with efforts today for things that will happen far in the future, if they are still alive by then!
No problem, companies are not people, they know how to overcome this kind of issue because they know how to plan and they are ready to pay now for future benefits: your company will boost your motivation by linking your healthful activities to short-term incentives!When it comes to the challenge of changing your lifestyle, your boss knows what motivates you: incentives and disincentives, or carrots and sticks if you prefer. But I will not bother you with sticks here, I am sure that carrots will be good enough for the time being πŸ˜‰
As a consequence, many wellness programs have been started, first in big companies (500 or more employees) and progressively all size of business. How many companies have a wellness program in the USA? According to recent surveys, 67 percent of employers who offered health insurance had at least one wellness program in place.

What Benefits For You?

Bodybuilding Socializing on Ephedrinewheretobuy.comMoney first,Β but also free services and support. Nothing you would refuse πŸ˜‰
Take IBM for instance: these guys offer you up to two $150 payments a year if you complete an online assessment around health!
– Healthy Eating: how to track your food, to plan your meals and to do a good goal setting for weight loss — Hey, does it ring a bell?? Of course, it’s exactly our page about Eat Less, the First Pillar of Weight Loss!
– Physical Activity: walking, running, swimming, biking — Again, looks like they have copied our Second Pillar of Weight Loss, Move More!
– Children’s Health: all you need to know for a healthy eating and exercising for your children — OK for this point, we didn’t cover it yet, maybe one day πŸ™‚
You get the two $150 payments if you agree to some changes in your diet and physical activity in order to lose weight and get healthier.

Another example: Scotts offers $10 monthly fitness center membership fee, plus free health coaching, plus free medical services for you and your family! How cool is that?!

Do You Really Get Money?

Get Paid To Lose WeightIt depends, some companies are offering cash-incentive payments, some others prefer to give you gift cards, most of them will reimburse employees until a certain limit per month with proof of payments, such as gym memberships. Many companies offer insurance-premium discounts to all employees who joined their wellness program and have meet the targeted health standards. Anyway, paying less or earning more, what difference?

How To Benefit From These Programs

You have to ask. If your company has a wellness program, good for you! I hope that you already took advantage of it? If not, it’s now time to start: don’t be shy and ask πŸ™‚ You will probably go through a global health assessment and you will then be required to meet specific health targets to obtain a reward (reduced employee premiums for instance).

What If Your Company Has None?

Bodybuilding at work with Wellness ProgramsYou should ask your company in all cases because it won’t cost you a cent and you might end up with cash in your pocket. Did your company already think about a wellness program? Did they plan something and what is the status? For sure the economical heath care background is valid for all companies so a wellness program has mutual benefits for the company as for the employees, maybe you could trigger something here? Just remember that it has more to do with proposition and persuasion than with negotiation and claims – but you probably already know, because you are smart, as all our readers πŸ˜‰
If your boss’ final word is no, you can still receive a bonus for your health efforts through your insurer and sponsored programs such as IncentOne, Virgin HealthMiles or ChipRewards. Check for instance if your health insurance plan will reimburse your gym membership fee after a certain number of visits in a six-month period.


Fit employees with Wellness ProgramsYour company would like to reduce health care costs by influencing you to adopt a healthier lifestyle and your boss is ready to pay you for that, or to offer you free services such as health coaching or even to offer you insurance discounts.
If you are reading this post, most probably you are already trying to lose weight with the support of our team through ephedrine, nutrition and exercising. So you have the perfect profile for these wellness programs and all chances to meet the specific health requirements about weight loss, BMI, change of food habits and lifestyle, proven physical activity in your gym or in the company fitness center, etc… It’s a win-win between you and your employer, I should even say it’s a win-win-win between you, your employer and National Health Care Organizations.
Don’t celebrate by organizing a party at home with pizza and beer πŸ˜‰
You would rather use this money in the most effective way for your weight loss and buy ephedrine from our review of selling sites: the physiological effects of ephedrine will reduce your appetite, raise your energy level, boost your metabolism and your fat burning.
And all that virtually for free πŸ˜‰
Thanks who?

Mike Budd.

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You Say You Can’t Run?

You know what? Our page about Eat Less, the first Pillar of Weight Loss had quite a nice success πŸ™‚ Thanks for that! I don’t remember on which website I always see this sentence: “It’s good to feel love!”. Well, it’s the way I feel today πŸ™‚

Regarding Move More, The Second Pillar of Weight Loss, this new page is taking the same direction: we have already received many feedbacks and questions that we will try to answer here. But before that, congratulations to all of you who have achieved to eat less and who have already started exercising!

You remember that we did three exercising programs for three groups, based on your previous exercising and your current physical activity.
Today we would like to reply to people from Group 1 and 2 who say that they can’t run.

Why can’t you run?
Apparently you have many reasons to stay at home:

  • You are too fat
  • You are too old
  • Your knee hurts, your foot hurts, your ankle hurts, your shin hurts, your hip hurts, your back hurts, what else?
  • Bodybuilders don’t run
  • It’s bad for your joints
  • It’s just too hard.

To be fair it’s not the first time that people tell me that they can’t run or that running is bad for them, if I had a dollar for every time I heard it, well… I’d be rich now but I would still be doing the same thing, writing this post πŸ™‚

This topic is frequently launched and commented in running forums — yes, there are forums about running πŸ™‚ some guys are so happy running that they need to talk about it in specialized forums to other guys like them πŸ˜‰ Of course you have many threads about “I can’t run” and hundreds of replies from members who remember what they used to reply to this question. Some of these replies were very funny, some made me laugh to tears, I have kept two of them:

  • My dad always says that runners look so haggard. If by “haggard,” he means “super hot,” I totally get it.
  • My mother in law told me it would make my uterus fall out. I told her I was done having kids so I didn’t need it anymore anyway.


OK, seriously now.

You say you can’t run? I don’t believe you. You can’t run or you don’t want to?
Let me answer point by point.

You are too fat to run

Never too fat to runI don’t buy this one. It’s precisely because you are fat that you should run. Running is like walking, except quicker.
You can walk can’t you? So you can run too. There are no morphological reasons why you would not run. I don’t mean running a marathon in the first month, but starting with walking and running intervals can be done at any weight, whatever your Body Mass Index.

You are too old to run

Never too old to runCome on πŸ˜‰ You are never too old to run if your body accepts it. Check with your doctor and you will know. I have so many seniors around me who started running in their 50’s and who are performing very well now (it’s amazing the endurance at this age). Too old to run, really? Tell that to Fauja Singh, who is at 101 the world’s oldest marathon runner!

Bodybuilders Don’t Run

Bodybuilders don't runI heard it so many times: most bodybuilders run when someone says the word cardio! πŸ˜‰Β  I will not develop here because a detailed post will come soon: anabolic versus catabolic training, bodybuilders who avoid cardio because they fear they would end up looking like skinny long distance runners πŸ˜‰ It makes no sense to build a global rule out of an exception. Life is balance, you need strength but endurance also, you should definitely include some cardio training with running sessions.

Joints, The Typical Fake Excuse

Joints hurt, the typical fake excuse not to runIf you are overweight, of course pounding out the pavement will be demanding for your hips and knees! Make sure to buy real running shoes, not Converse All Stars
For instance cushioning shoes will provide a high level of shock attenuation if you are running on the pavement more than on grass or off-road in general. The way your foot hit the road tells if you are pronator, over-pronator or supinator. Most people are pronators, probably your case too. With cushioning shoes your body’s connective tissue will absorb the shock, without cushioning your bones and joints will take the brunt of the shock. I can’t stand seeing people (overweight or not) running without appropriate shoes. Sometimes I can’t resist, I stop and tell them: for God’s sake, buy *real* running shoes!!

Running is too hard

Running is just too hard when you are overweightIf the real reason you won’t run is more in your head than in your body, you have a mental block on running and you think it’s too hard. I can’t run, it’s just not possible, it’s too hard, boohoo πŸ™ Running is hard, sure, but only at the beginning! If you are strong enough to start and then to resist for a few weeks, believe me, there is no better way for losing weight and getting fit than running. Running burns more calories than almost every other exercise, it’s worth the effort. Did you try our first program with walking and jogging intervals? Really? If not, how do you know you can’t run until you try? Was it to hard? Did you have cushioning shoes? If not, try again. Did you respect all rest and recovery days between sessions? It’s not easy but it’s feasible for anyone: start by walking and after a while, running, and so on. I remember I could not run for 5 minutes straight the first time I tried, having so many extra pounds after all these years of excess (junk food, alcohol, no physical activity). So I took the advice of experts around me, including my brother in law, and after a few weeks I was able to run for short distances, progressively for 10 minutes, then 15, then 20 and so on until 30, 45, 1 hour! and more. I did it, thousands of people did it, you can do it. It’s in your head.

Running Causes Pain and Injury

Running causes pain and injuryI prefer to address this issue immediately: yes it’s true, depending on your overweight you might have small inconveniences like problems with your knees or hips. First, refer to my previous words regarding cushioning shoes. If you have real running shoes and still issues, they have to be considered of course. It has been the case for me also in the beginning: I had an inflammation behind the knee and one at the hip and both have been treated by a doctor with a few anti-inflammatory injections.
Don’t worry too much, these things happen: running comes with the stress of little or medium shocks, your body breaks down your muscles during training and rebuilds them after training, that’s why rest days are important. It might happen that you have some aches and pains in the beginning, don’t worry, slow down, take more rest, get it treated by a doctor, after a few weeks you’ll be definitely over it and you will be on the right track for your new body πŸ™‚ Be strong.


Except buying ephedrine for its famous fat burning effects, I see no better chance for your weight loss program than running, again and again and again!
Why do you think I insist so much? Because I know.
Running is also a terrific stress reliever. You have no idea how much it could change your life, not only your body. From all people I have helped to get fit and healthy again, most of them don’t need to run anymore for weight management, because their lifestyle and food habits are fine, but they kept running for all the benefits. Ask any runner about the biggest risk with running: doing too much until you’ve injured yourself and you need to stop running for a while… Be honest, don’t hide behind fake excuses and just face the truth: you can run. You know that nothing compares to running when it come to lose weight.
You really want to lose weight. You should run. You will run.

Mike Budd.

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