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Eat Less, My Own Experience

Good news for those of you who are still struggling with New Year’s weight loss resolutions: as planned in our previous post, Weight Loss Resolution, What You Will Get From Us, we have finally decided to reveal what we consider as the Basics and Fundamentals of our credo (Eat Less, Move More, Get Support), starting with Nutrition:

Eat Less, The First Pillar of Weight Loss

Not a list of tips as you can see. We are talking about our copyrighted method here, based on years of experience. It has worked for me when Ann helped me losing weight a long time ago and I am happy to say that I managed to keep it off during all these years by changing my food habits and lifestyle. It has also worked for many people around us, before and after we launched our website. If you stick to the plan, no doubt that that it will work for you also.

This information is so important for us that we have decided to publish it as a permanent page on our site, below the Weight Loss page. We didn’t want to publish it as a post that would be buried under new posts after a few weeks.

Here are the rules that will make you eat less:

1 – Understand That Eating Less Is Key
2 – Know What You Eat
3 – Count Each Calorie Going In
4 – Change Your Food Habits
5 – Avoid Cravings With Ephedrine

My own experience has been that point 1 seems easy to follow because you hear it but you have no special effort to do, you are not challenged so you think that you get it, but in fact no: you got an information but it had no influence on your decisions or actions. This point will be completed only when totally integrated in your mindset: I know that eating less represents 80 percent of my weight loss success, I really want to burn this fat and I can’t succeed without eating less so I will do it!

Point 2 has been easy for me: it’s a learning process where you have to weigh all foods in terms of calories. It can even be fun when done with your relatives and by the way it is a very good example to your kids if you are a parent. Don’t become obsessed though. The psychological effects of this learning curve have been huge for me: when I realized how many calories I was ingesting compared to healthy meals, I decided to stop it, the price was too high to pay. It doesn’t mean that I totally stopped these foods and drinks, especially alcohol, but when I was deciding to indulge despite the high number of calories, it was in full knowledge of the facts, for my own pleasure and not by habit.

Don’t tell me about point 3… I had so many difficulties to follow this third rule. I guess that it will be the same for you – or to be kind, I sincerely hope that it will be easier for you…
At this point, you will have the opportunity to test your willpower and your true motivation to lose weight. I had regular visits planned with Ann to show her my figures, and honestly I was feeling a bit ashamed of all I had been eating and drinking since the last visit… In order to show a better picture of myself I decided to forget some food and drinks I was having outside or at home πŸ™ But Ann is smart and experienced, she saw it immediately: we had a tough discussion where she told me that cheating with counting was only cheating myself, so I had to make a decision: either accept the rule and work with her to progress or stop! I made my mind and here I am now πŸ™‚

If you think that point 3 is tough, wait for point 4… I will come back to this with more details in future posts because I have a lot to tell. You know it: changing habits is so hard. I had many discussions with friends about the reasons of this difficulty, some with friends psychoanalysts, I will write a dedicated post about that. Goods news are that changes are possible if you avoid some mistakes and ask for support.

Finally the easiest point and the one that had the most influence on my weight loss success has been the last one, point 5: buy ephedrine. I remember each detail before making my decision, when and where I bought my first tabs of ephedrine after a doctor’s visit, making sure that I had no special risks (heart especially). When I look back I have no doubt that ephedrine has been the booster that made the difference between failure and success in my weight loss program. The appetite suppression has been impressive and helped me eating less, changing my habits and keeping the new ones long enough to be sure that I wouldn’t go back to the old ones.

I hope that many of you will start this program and I wish them a lot of success. For the motivated guys here who reach point 3 and log their calories for two weeks, I propose that you send me your figures by email so that I ask Ann to have a look at it and to give you the support she gave me in the beginning. We won’t be able to do it for all of you, but be sure that we will do our best.

Keep in touch for the next steps!

Mike Budd.

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Happy Cutting πŸ˜‰

Mike Budd.

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Weight Loss Resolution, What You Will Get From Us

Weight Loss Resolution at EphedrineWhereToBuy.comAs we told you in our post Weight Loss Resolution, Make it Work with Ephedrine, a lot of people have weight loss resolutions each year after the Festive Season and very few will keep them. Most of the time, the fat burning goals are totally forgotten in February and will come back at the end of the year: weight loss resolution or re-solution?

It doesn’t necessarily mean that 40% of Americans and Europeans who decide to get fit in the New Year are inconstant or that they don’t have enough willpower to succeed. To our point of view, many factors can explain the low rates of success: psychological, physiological, cultural, social, environmental factors are different parts of a complex puzzle and when combined together you see your own photo, fit or fat.

It’s the reason why writing this post has not been easy for us: we had a long discussion in the team because we didn’t know how to approach this weight loss resolution. As just said, there are so many influencing factors and so many individual considerations to be taken into account when trying to lose weight. No way to review all factors and to stick to a theoretical approach, it’s good to know but it doesn’t help in most cases: there are thousands of books that cover the topic but didn’t help readers to lose one single pound. How to be specific? How to be helpful, without being in touch individually as we did in the beginning of our website when we were supporting people through one to one relations?

After many discussions, here is what we decided and what you will get from us.

  • We stick to our credo. Losing weight is very easy in theory: eat less, move more and get support. The real challenge is to turn theory into practice, not only at start but in the long run, hence the high rates of failure.
  • We will give only a few recommendations for each of these three pillars of weight loss: nutrition, physical activity and personal support.
  • We will do that just as we do everything in life: in an honest and humble way, because we know what we are talking about, we know that it’s so hard for some people and so easy for others, we don’t judge, some of us in the team have experienced weight loss plans several times; personally, despite an “iron willpower”, I went through so many attempts that I have now a lot of understanding and empathy for people who try to lose weight. On the other hand, I am very suspicious towards people who come and tell you that they have a magical plan to get you fit and to shred 30 pounds within 2 months.
  • Finally it has worked for me, it has worked for many people around us before and after the creation of our website, it may also work for you. It depends on you.
  • OurΒ experience gives us a lot of confidence: when we will tell you about what we consider as Basics and Fundamentals in your weight loss plan, we mean it. Seriously. Weight loss compared to Chess at EphedrineWhereToBuy.comYou could think “hey I already know that, do you really think that hearing it again will help me to lose weight?”. First, you think what you want πŸ˜‰ We are here to help so if you come with a negative spirit, well, do us a favor, do yourself a favor: just leave this page and bye-bye πŸ˜‰Β  We don’t have enough free time aside from our jobs and families to waste it with negative people. If you are still reading this, it means that you are a positive person πŸ˜‰ thus we can try to clarify this point, “I already know that and it didn’t work…”. Here is how I try to explain it to friends: take the example of chess. There is in fact a very limited set of rules that you have to learn to play chess: pieces and movements. Very easy to learn, a child can do it, you just have to learn these rules and to follow them: a movement will be either authorized or forbidden. You can’t question that. Then with this limited set of rules you have an almost infinite number of possibilities: theory and practice will do the difference between success and failure, between a beginner and a Grandmaster. Well, the same applies to weight loss: there are some rules that you have to know and to follow. It may seem obvious for some of you, you already heard about it (eat less, move more and get support) but we will tell you in detail what we consider as being the basic rules in this weight loss game. In other words, you may have heard many things, too many things if fact, if you are still struggling to lose weight you have to ask yourself why all this information didn’t make you skinny…
  • We will give you some guidance (based on our experience) to do these subtle changes that make the difference between success and failure in your weight loss resolution. Applied to our chess example, it could be a hint when you have so many possible moves and you have to select the right one, not the poor decision that will ruin your position and all future chances.
  • For the persons who know us since a long time: these recommendations are not our “Road to Success” for weight loss. We will be available per email to answer some questions but we won’t do an individual support as we did previously, honestly it takes too much time so we won’t promise what we can’t deliver. Maybe for some persons only, if the team members and especially Ann, our dietician or Laurence, our endocrinologist, decide to do so.
  • That’s it: no promises but honest recommendations, hoping that it will help as many as possible of you πŸ™‚

Meanwhile take a few minutes to read our page about ephedrine and weight loss and our selection of sites that have pure ephedrine for sale.

Keep in touch for the next post about nutrition.

Mike Budd.

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Weight Loss Resolution, Make it Work with Ephedrine

Well, make it work with ephedrine… and with our support too πŸ˜‰

Weight Loss Resolution with EphedrineWhereToBuy.comYou know that New Year‘s resolutions have a short life expectancy, usually less than one month πŸ˜‰
What if we could help you keeping your Weight Loss Resolution this time? Not based on hope or superhuman willpower, but just on our experience and on the amazing fat burning properties of ephedrine?

Believe it or not, the idea of this (decent) proposition came from France… The Joy of Internet in fact: I was chatting with an old friend of mine who is physician in France when the subject came to New Year’s resolutions: it’s always the same story in the first days of January, million of people are making their New Years’ resolutions among the most popular ones, such as:

  • making money
  • reducing debt
  • quitting smoking
  • losing weight
  • managing stress

I asked him if this list of New Year’s resolutions was sorted by frequency or just top of mind and I have been surprised by the answer: no, because in that case losing weight would have been the first resolution in his country! And I got a link to his source to confirm this point, here it is for those who you can speak French. For those who are more comfortable in English πŸ˜‰ here are the main points of this study:

Lucky fit French couple

  • 37% of French adults made as first resolution to get more exercise
  • 2nd resolution: to preserve real moments of relaxation (36%)
  • 3rd resolution: to take care of their body, get fit, lose weight (28%): the vast majority of French people (82%) consider that they neglect their physical condition.

The 1st and 3rd resolutions are connected, so if we add these two figures, we can see that 2 French persons out of 3 have weight loss as their first New Year’s resolution.

I had to recognize that my friend had quite a good supportive documentation πŸ˜‰ but nevertheless I wanted to make a bit of fun of the French who are so proud of their “Grande Cuisine”. I told him that for me this resolution had to do with a probable overweight in France compared to other countries due to their wines and cheeses πŸ™‚ Bad idea: I got in return a very serious study made at European level stating the French people are the Best in Class in terms of weight compared to the rest of Europe! No link this time but one graph:

France has the best Body Mass Index in Europe

Seeing their results, if 82% of French people think that they neglect their physical condition, I wonder what it would be for the other European citizens! Especially in UK…

At the end of the chat, I told myself two things. First, don’t ask about the other points like making money or quitting smoking! or you will get another fascinating study πŸ˜‰ And second, seriously now:

Unlucky fat couple

  • considering that 33.3 % of American adults are overweight and 35.9% obese,
  • seeing that some European countries such as UK are not so fit either,
  • knowing that French people are already the fittest in Europe but nevertheless decide to set weight loss as their first resolution for 2013,


  • the conclusion could be that American and other European people should definitely make also weight loss as their first resolution!
  • or maybe they do it in January but they quit by February!

I shared this with my fellow team members and we all agreed that as experts of ephedrine and weight loss, it was our mission to take the New Year opportunity to help all people except the French πŸ˜‰

Within the team we have a long experience of weight management and for some members it’s even a full-time job, so the problem is not to do a list of common tips to burn fat, but to select the ones that could make the difference between success and failure in your resolution to shred your extra pounds. Give us a few days and we will come back to you.

As you can guess, our advice will include the support of ephedrine, and we mean real ephedra alkaloids, if possible the best one, Kaizen Ephedrine HCL, not fake products or decongestants coming from Walgreens, Walmart or CVS. As you know you can purchase ephedrine only under the legal quantity per month, we suggest that you follow this link to our preferred sites and buy ephedrine for one month to get ready to start.

Keep in touch,
Mike Budd.
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