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Looking Back at 2012 for Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine

Happy New Year From EphedrineWhereToBuy.com2012 will be over in a few hours and we wanted to remember the highlights during this year for our team. How to describe 2012 seen by the five of us?

A challenging year

This year has been a real challenge for us in terms of time management because we had set high goals, trying to give the best of us:

  • in our jobs, taking care of patients, staying up-to-date with medical news
  • in our families, with our beloved ones and friends
  • and of course here in our site, to give you the best information about ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, in all aspects, legality, safety, where to buy ephedrine for weight loss or for cold, asthma and allergies, proper dosage for EC stacks, etc…

The best part is that we have been in touch with many people, we have tried to answer most emails, we have shared our point of view with “normal people” like you and us in forums but also with experts, bodybuilders, journalists, etc… Each time we gave our unbiased, honest point of view on this amazing alkaloid, not the point of view of officials like politicians who are stuck between drug control and health issues for honest patients, not the point view of vendors who try to sell you fake ephedra as miracle diet pills. As we say, politicians care about power, companies care about money, doctors care about people. It may not be always true but from our experience, it is most of the time.

Quality information: it takes time to build trust

As an example, take what we consider as our best article in 2012: our review of the health risks and benefits of coffee and caffeine, because of its key role in the famous EC stack. As explained in our post “Coffee, A True Wonder Drug: The Making Of“, it has been tough to select 40 medical studies out of thousands published since decades, to give you a better understanding of research methodology explaining why we have medical evidence or not, and to make our own point of view about this very basic question: are caffeine and coffee good for our health? In all modesty we see it as a good example of the difference between us and other websites about ephedrine: we provide reliable information because of our medical background, we mention all sources and references that allow you to check on your own, that’s why people trust us, that’s why some other sites copy our content without asking and mentioning it. On one hand it feels like a pain in the neck but on the other hand it’s good to see that your opinion is reaching a larger audience.

Legal changes for ephedrine in 2012

Regarding ephedrine and pseudoephedrine in the USA, 2012 has been rich of political debates between opponents and proponents of prescription laws, especially in states where meth abuse is high (Missouri, Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, etc…): does a prescription mandate really help to curb meth or is it just another burden on law abiding citizens? We have discussed and pushed our views with many journalists and local representatives these last months. As most doctors, we are convinced that a prescription law will not solve the meth problem in the USA but will cost time and money to honest people. Ironically, the persons that would earn money due to mandatory doctors’ visits are the ones that fight against these laws! In Europe also the situation has changed in 2012: it will be harder to buy ephedrine in European countries there since a new law will increase the Customs controls, but fortunately the EC legislation is targeting companies exporting big quantities more than individuals who purchase ephedrine for their conditions.

Ephedrine for sale over the counter again?

2012 has also been the year where we had the best news for ephedrine since the FDA ban in 2004: a first meth-resistant product has been launched by Highland Pharmaceuticals (Zephrex-D), followed by a second one by Acura Pharmaceuticals (Nexafed) and we just heard a few days ago that a third company has got a patent for a meth-deterring formulation process. This new generation of meth-proof products is very promising and could be a real game changer, potentially allowing people to buy ephedrine over the counter, in gas stations as years ago! Of course we will have a special interest for all political, economical, medical and social developments in 2013.

Where did you buy ephedrine in 2012?

As just said, finding ephedrine for sale in the US and in Europe became harder with all this political buzz. We had to remove several sellers from our recommendation and we did a major update a few months ago. Canada remains the best source for Kaizen Ephedrine HCL that we consider as the best ephedrine, with NutraCave (ex EphedrineOnline) as a first choice since EphedrineForSale is not shipping to the US anymore. Based on your feedback, purchasing ephedra from EphedraWarehouse is also a good choice and recently we have received positive opinions about FemNutrition for ECA stack orders for the USA.

Ephedrine for weight loss

Our last words will be for people who came to our site for one reason: how to lose weight with ephedrine. This is the tricky part of our information role: the never-ending controversy about the FDA ban has evolved in a grey zone when it comes to the fat burning properties of ephedrine. Today everyone knows that the main reason of the ban was drug control, not safety issues, every health professional knows that ephedrine is safe for weight loss when taken under certain precautions, but still ephedrine can only be purchased legally as bronchodilator and not as diet pill. Due to this controversy we have decided to stop sending our newsletter about ephedrine and fat burn. We prefer to have one-to-one contacts per email and we try to support people already aware of our recommendation for the best possible weight loss plan: ephedrine plus caffeine (EC stack) plus smart diet plus cardio training. Congratulations to all of you who decided to try and did not regret it 😉 If you didn’t start your weight loss plan in 2012 but you added it to your 2013 resolutions, you know where to buy ephedrine from the best sites.

We wish you Health, Peace, Love and Happiness in 2013!

Mike Budd.
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New Name for EphedrineOnline But Same Ephedrine HCL

EphedrineOnline's old logoJust a quick word to tell you that EphedrineOnline, one of the well-known Canadian sites that have pure ephedrine HCL for sale, decided to take a new start with an ambitious growth plan for their business, beginning with a change of name: EphedrineOnline is now NutraCave.

EphedrineOnline Becomes NutraCaveYou may remember that our members asked us to include EphedrineOnline in our recommendation, that we took our time 😉 and finally we decided to include them for the following reasons:

  • They are based in Eastern Canada where you can legally sell and buy ephedrine as an oral decongestant with a limit of 8 mg ephedrine per tab.
  • They sell our preferred brand, Kaizen Ephedrine HCL, produced in Canada also.
  • Excellent feedback for their customer service, orders shipped to the USA or Canada but also all around the world (fast and discreet shipping).
  • Good impression when we got in touch directly: knowledge of ephedrine, years of experience, professional approach.
  • It’s getting hard to buy ephedrine when you live in the U.S., we had already excluded two sellers and since a few weeks EphedrineForSale is not shipping to the USA anymore…
  • Last but not least: their prices are very competitive, maybe the cheapest ephedrine for sale online, in general and specifically for Kaizen Ephedrine HCL.

We wish NutraCave all the best for the future and the same success for their new products ranges as for ephedrine until now.

Mike Budd.
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New Meth-Proof Ephedrine for Sale

Goods news for cold, allergy and asthma sufferers, bad news for meth cooks!
Do you remember this post, Ephedrine For Sale Over the Counter Again? It was about a new generation of pseudoephedrine pills: Zephrex-D from Highland Pharmaceuticals has a special formulation process called Tarex™, making these tablets impossible to be turned into meth: crystallization is blocked during the ‘shake and bake’ or ‘one pot’ methods of making meth, when heated the chemical solution turns into a gooey substance.

After all these years, deploring that a minority of drug addicts was depriving honest people from all the benefits of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, not only as decongestant but also for weight loss, honestly we were quite excited by these news: for the first time since the FDA ban on ephedrine in 2004 we had a hope that this new proactive approach based on science, not law enforcement, could be a real game changer, even leading to ephedrine for sale over the counter as before the ban. Within the team we have been doing some political fiction: Ephedrine Sold Over the Counter, A Political Fiction, trying to foresee all the changes that this game changer would have for all involved parties: politicians, pharmaceutical industry, meth cooks, law enforcement officers, doctors and pharmacists and patients of course.

Meth-resistant ephedrine seen by the pharmaceutical industryRegarding the pharmaceutical industry, our guess was that this breakthrough innovation had severely weakened the position of all pharmaceutical companies involved in pseudoephedrine medications, compared to Highland Pharmaceuticals: first the new generation is leaving them without arguments in front of politicians who want to pass laws requiring prescription for ephedrine, making everybody (drug agents, patients, doctors and pharmacists) very happy except producers. Second point: they have to react to the new competition, either by investing in new formulations or by paying royalties to use Tarex™. In all cases they are losing profits.

Good Guess

Nexafed, another meth-proof ephedrine for saleApparently we were right, some pseudoephedrine producers have started to adapt. We were curious to know more about the price that Highland Pharmaceuticals was going to ask for the use of their formulation: it’s not official but we have heard that it could be about 2 cents a pill. Not a big deal for companies who don’t want or can’t invest in research. There is more: Tarex™ is not the only player anymore, Acura Pharmaceuticals, based in Illinois, has developed a proprietary process called Impede™ Technology that limits or disrupts the extraction of ephedrine from tablets for conversion into methamphetamine. Good to have competition!
In fact Acura Pharmaceuticals could have been the first company launching a meth-deterring pseudoephedrine but they failed one year ago during a  test performed by scientists working with a law enforcement agency: there are 3 common methods to produce meth out of pseudoephedrine and in one test method an unknown amount of methamphetamine, with unknown purity, was produced. Acura Pharmaceuticals decided to delay its commercialization activities for one year and now they come again with a product called Nexafed.

Is Nexafed really meth-resistant?

Chemical structure of methamphetamine on EphedrineWhereToBuy.comUnfortunately the Impede technology is not fully meth-proof: compared to a traditional pseudoephedrine tab, approximately half as much methamphetamine can be extracted from Nexafed when using the ‘shake-and-bake’ or ‘one-pot’ method (mixing the pills with volatile chemicals and shaking them together in a plastic bottle). When using other extraction methods, the Impede technology works fine, no meth can be produced from Nexafed. The argument of Acura Pharmaceuticals in order to relativize their results with the ‘shake-and-bake’ or ‘one-pot’ method is that it makes it less profitable for meth cooks… We are not sure that this argument will convince the Officials to get exemption from the federal Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act (CMEA).
Highland Pharmaceuticals had better results: no labs would test Zephrex-D with the ‘shake-and-bake’ or ‘one-pot’ method because it’s too dangerous, so the Missouri Narcotics Unit did the tests with several combinations of chemicals and none of them produced meth.

Medical effectiveness

Ephedrine for cold, allergy and asthmaGood point for Acura’s product: a Phase 1 pharmacokinetic study in 30 healthy adult subjects has confirmed that Nexafed has the same effectiveness than other pseudoephedrine-based medications. The Impede technology does not compromise the effectiveness of the active ingredient, it is bioequivalent to Johnson & Johnson’s Sudafed® which is a reference. Acura’s president, Bob Jones, says that the product’s resistance to meth conversion was only a second priority, after medical effectiveness: “This isn’t about law enforcement, primarily. It’s about the consumer. If we make products available to the consumer that don’t work for them, we haven’t really fixed the problem”. Let’s give Acura the advantage over Highland here.


Good point again for Nexafed: you remember that Zephrex-D from Highland Pharmaceuticals was planned to be sold 10% higher than standard pseudoephedrine, it is not the case for Nexafed which is expected to be positioned at the same price than Sudafed®.

Ephedrine for sale over the counter?

We see many positive points in this announcement:

  • It is good to have a second player next to Highland Pharmaceuticals: competition profits to all.
  • We have a medical study confirming that meth-proof ephedrine can be as effective as ordinary products.
  • Same pricing as Sudafed® proves that these new products can be profitable despite the extraction-resistant formulation: no extra cost for honest patients and a contribution in the fight to curb the illicit manufacture of methamphetamine.

Ephedrine sold over the counter, back to the future!Acura has now to hope that Nexafed can break free of the pharmacy counter to true OTC status, knowing that their product is not fully meth-resistant with the ‘shake-and-bake’ or ‘one-pot’ recipes. Highland Pharmaceuticals has a clear advantage in the race to exemption from the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act. Both products, Zephrex-D and Nexafed, will likely remain behind the counter for at start, but if they get federal clearance then people will be able to buy ephedrine not only online and in pharmacies but also in gas stations, convenience stores or anywhere else.
Back to the future 😉

Mike Budd.
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