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Where To Buy Ephedrine? Our New Recommendation

Review of the best sites selling ephedrine for the USA and CanadaWe told you some time ago about a coming change in our review of the best sites for sales of ephedrine.
You know that we are serious people, so we took our time because we didn’t want to react immediately 😉 but after repeated attempts of trusted members, we have finally considered their arguments when they were making sense:

  • Many members consider EphedrineOnline as excellent: no problem with their orders shipped to the USA or Canada but also all around the world (fast and discreet shipping). We thought that it was interesting for people who have a limited access to ephedrine in their country.
  • We have exchanged by email with the owners of the site, asked for details and we got rapidly a positive feeling about their knowledge of ephedrine, their years of experience, their professional approach and their reliability. In 2 words: very good impression.
  • We made our final decision to include them by considering their prices: very competitive, possibly the cheapest ephedrine for sale online, depending on which product of course, but usually very well placed regarding Kaizen Ephedrine HCL.
  • We had already taken 2 sites out of our recommendation some months ago and where to buy ephedrine from trusted sites is becoming hard to find, so why not a new recommended seller if trustworthy? Anyway we will keep a close eye on them and we encourage all members to give us feedback asap: help us helping others!
  • Beside the inclusion of EphedrineOnline, we have also considered this comment received several times: we have a recommendation for purchases of ephedrine in the USA and in Canada first, and then we have a selection of trusted sites for orders shipped to Europe and to all other countries. According to many members, it is useless to rate international shipments in our first review, USA or Canada, because all companies are based there and they have good shipping conditions, as they use the same providers like USPS, UPS, etc.. thus the same order tracking and usually the same shipping price. It makes sense: people who buy ephedrine for a delivery in the USA or Canada don’t care about international shipments, we have another recommendation for that… Honestly we never thought about it. OK, we took it into account. As a consequence, it has improved the rating of EphedraWarehouse in the recommended sites for USA/Canada because they were formerly penalized by not shipping to Europe and other countries, even if they propose more shipping rates within the USA than other sites. Our point was that a vendor who can manage international orders of ephedrine is probably better than one who can’t, but somebody replied that it makes it easier for them thus lower costs thus better prices for us. We stopped arguing at this point and we did the update.
  • See by yourself for the other changes, for instance when members insisted that such vendor should be noted differently regarding prices. It is not easy to compare prices, you know how it goes: some might have better prices for some products and higher for others, depending on their market plans, purchase price and margin. It varies also, depending on special deals, coupons etc… It’s a long topic. We try to consider the whole range of products and the best value for your bucks in our average price rating. Still when a site is regularly cheaper than the competitors, it has to appear clearly in our rating, so we took your comments into account, after checking them of course.

That’s it! One point is sure, at least for us 😉 : in all modesty, you have here the best review of the best sites for your purchases of ephedrine.

Best review because independent, unbiased, honest, open, discussed with trusted members, followed over years and updated when necessary.

Again, thanks to you guys who help us and help our readers with your feedback, it is precious and we couldn’t do without it.

Mike Budd.

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Taking EC Stack Weight Loss to the Highest Level

In our previous post, we have seen that ephedrine and caffeine have synergistic weight loss effects that are highly superior to those obtained by taking only one of the two alkaloids. We finished our article by a kind of teasing sentence, saying that there were other synergies that would take your fat burning results to a much higher level.
Well, it’s time to reveal it now 😉

Weight Loss Synergy of EC stack and Cardio Training

Synergy between EC stack and Cardio TrainingThe fat burn results that we mentioned in the previous article were obtained by the intake of ephedrine and caffeine, without special physical activity during the medical studies. They are already better that those of coffee alone and ephedrine alone, but a bit of motivation can dramatically boost your weight loss program: as explained in a previous post, cardiovascular training during an EC stack will raise your heart rate and thermogenesis and consequently the physiological process of destocking fat called lipolysis will start earlier and last longer, even hours after the end of your physical activity. We insist of the necessity of a low intensity training, always below 70% of your maximum heart rate: first for safety reasons (ephedrine already stress your heart rate, thus no need to add to that) and second, because raising the pace will force your body to burn glycogen instead of fat, which is not what you want. Caffeine and ephedrine join their action to increase your energy level which will allow you to target 3 cardio sessions of 45 minutes per week ideally, without losing too much of your lean muscle mass.
Just as ephedrine and caffeine had synergistic effects, this new achievement in your weight loss program is also based on synergy between the EC stack and your cardio training: ephedrine will provide the needed energy boost that will allow you to run or bike during the cardio sessions without being exhausted. From experience we know that this is the main reason why people can’t stand such physical activity, it’s just too much demanding for them so they stop, usually by finding fake excuses 😉 With the energy bonus that you get from ephedrine you will find the inner strength and willpower to keep the rhythm of your sessions until you see results, thus generating a reward to all the granted efforts and finally entering a virtuous circle.

Best Weight Loss: EC Stack plus Cardio Training plus Diet

Synergy between EC stack and DietThis is the ultimate weight loss program that bodybuilders are using since years to achieve less than 7% body fat during their cutting sessions, usually before a competition.
Again, this is based on synergy: the challenge here is to maintain your physical activity with the same energy expenditure but without starving, despite a lower calorie intake. This is achieved thanks to the appetite reduction induced by ephedrine [1]. Physiologically, dopamine plays a big role in the regulation of appetite and ephedrine acts as an indirect dopamine agonist by increasing its release from the cytoplasmic pool (the cytoplasm is the jelly-like substance consisting of basically everything in the cell except the nucleus and where metabolic pathways occur). As for the synergy between ephedrine and cardio training due to the energy boost, we know from experience that this synergy between ephedrine and diet due to appetite suppression can make the difference between success and failure.

So here is the program that we have set up and fine-tuned in the long run  – please note that the word “run” has not been chosen by accident 😉

  1. Cardio training alone during 4 weeks, starting slow and increasing progressively
  2. Ephedrine alone for 8 weeks along with a smart diet
  3. Two weeks break
  4. Cardio training plus EC stack for 8 weeks
  5. Two weeks break again
  6. Grand Final with High Intensity Interval Training for 2 weeks, without ephedrine

Cardio Training will boost the weight loss effects of an EC StackThis strict cycling period is impressive and will keep you busy during 6 months, but remember: “Time doesn’t respect what has been built without him“. And we don’t know any better way to lose weight. Quick advice: take a picture of yourself before and after this cutting program, you will see two different persons 😉 Then the end of the journey will just the beginning of a harder one. Who said it would be easy? 😉 The challenge is to keep these pounds off your hips or belly, as your starving adipocytes would be so happy to restock within days all the fat that took you months to lose. Only a change of lifestyle with the right balance between nutrition and exercising will put you on the safe side.


We have started this article series with one question: is coffee good for your health and can it help losing weight?
We have analyzed tens of medical studies that show that a moderate coffee consumption has many health benefits which are partially due to caffeine but not only, other antioxidants components play also a positive role. Hence our recommendation to prefer coffee over decaffeinated coffee, unless you have personal reasons to do this choice. In other words, you should not be afraid to drink coffee only because you have been told that it was risky for your health, please refer to our in-depth analysis in case of any doubt.
But if your primary interest in caffeine is weight loss, you will probably be disappointed. Remember our image of a “bell curve” to have a representation of the balance between risks and benefits of coffee: after 4 to 5 cups of Joe per day, the risks for your health (sleep disorder for instance) will exceed the potential positive effects. As a result, you will not solve an overweight problem by drinking too much coffee, you will instead put your health in danger. Then we have seen that you still had 3 better ways to explore: first by adding ephedrine to caffeine (the famous EC stack), then by boosting your results with cardio training sessions and finally by following a light but smart diet: at this ultimate level, you will be using the full range of synergistic effects triggered by ephedrine and caffeine, these two amazing alkaloids.

Last words

Taking ephedrine in an EC stack is a serious decision that should be envisaged only under strict conditions:


1. Zarrindast MR, Hosseini-Nia T, Farnoodi F “Anorectic effect of ephedrine“. Gen Pharmacol. 1987;18(5):559-61.

Mike Budd.

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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness MonthThis time I would like to draw your attention on something not related to our main point of interest, ephedrine.
As you know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and after a short discussion with my beloved wife who deals with cancers every day, we thought that “every little bit helps” and together we decided to send you this short message.

What is it about?

It is about this disease that has been fought for decades and is still destroying the life of so many people, women essentially but also some men.
Here are the facts taken from the Avon Foundation for Women in the 8th Edition of their Resource Guide:

•  More than 40,000 women and 400 men die each year from the disease.
• There are more than 2 million breast cancer survivors in the United States.
• One person is diagnosed approximately every 3 minutes, and one person dies of breast cancer approximately every 14 minutes.

Why is it important?

It is important to understand that knowledge and solidarity can save lives. We all have mothers, sisters, daughters and all other female relatives and friends that are concerned or have a high risk to be concerned at one moment, and again prevention is crucial. Excellent treatment exists but even before treatment the risks can be reduced, thus if we can influence in any way, we would be happy to contribute.

Main factors that affect the risk of Breast Cancer

• Alcohol
• Nutrition (overweight, too much red meats and not enough vegetables and fruits)
• Exercise – we all know the strong relation between regular physical activity and health
• Family History: having a mother, sister or daughter with breast cancer doubles your risk
• Reproductive History: no children, first child after 30, age at onset of menstruation and menopause all play a role
• Smoking, especially during childhood, puberty and pregnancy

Why are you concerned?

The probability is high to be concerned directly or indirectly at one moment, and even being informed is step in the right direction, considering the importance of prevention compared to treatment.

What can you do?

National Breast Cancer Awareness MonthMany things. Depending on your personal situation, you can:
support financially if you can afford
inform people where possible
– attend to special events such as the Avon Walk
take part to studies by joining the “Army of Women“, a group of volunteers who partner with researchers. You know that medicine is progressing thanks to studies, some interventional and some observational as described in detail in our pages: taking part to a cohort study, case-control study or cross-sectional study doesn’t take much time (answering a few questions over a certain period of time) and provide scientists with useful data that will orientate future research and probably save many lives.

Where can you find further information?

A good starting place is the National Cancer Institute and then the already mentioned Avon Foundation for Women, founded in the U.S. in 1955 and now synonym of fight against breast cancer. The Avon Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps all women but tries also to focus on women who need it more, for instance poor, uninsured, minority women who have less access to breast cancer screening and treatment.


Try to do what you can. Do the right thing.

Mike Budd.

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Ephedrine Sold Over the Counter, A Political Fiction

Our last post was about this new formulation, Tarex™ from Highland Pharmaceuticals, that holds promise in being able to get ephedrine and pseudoephedrine over the counter again. No prescription required, no ID check or form signature for NPLEX tracking reasons, not even sales behind the counter: a kind of dream for millions of people suffering from cold, flu, allergy or asthma.

As you can guess, we had long discussions in the team about the possible developments and we did a bit of “political fiction” that we would like to share with you 😉

Let’s have a close look at the possible consequences for all concerned people.


Will politicians authorize meth-resistant ephedrine to be sold over the counter?In case Highland Pharmaceuticals gets exemption from the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act 2005, they will be able to sell their product over the counter and the next logical step would be that politicians take this new factor into account in the local and state laws. A smart way to close the long lasting issue around the legality of ephedrine in the USA would be to find a win-win solution in the current debate:

Based on the new situation, this win-win solution could be to envisage a state law that would require prescriptions for pseudoephedrine and ephedrine produced in the old way, thus still usable as precursor of methamphetamine, but the smart idea would be that this same law would do an exception for the new meth-resistant products which could be sold over the counter. We have a very good example with the St. Charles County ordinance which already includes a clause of exemption from the prescription’s mandate for pseudoephedrine products that proved they could not be turned into meth. Such ordinance could establish a kind of case law statewide and would consequently relief counties and cities from local ordinances (thanks to Gabrielle Biondo, Editor for the Town and Country – Manchester Patch website, for all information we got from her articles).

Pharmaceutical Industry

Meth-resistant ephedrine seen by the pharmaceutical industryAs you can guess, the announcement by Highland Pharmaceuticals of a new met-resistant formulation has been a shock for all producers: as a real breakthrough innovation, this new concept could have a major impact on the sales of the new product Zephrex-D and a very negative one on the sales of its rivals.

  • One point is sure: the current pseudoephedrine-based products like Sudafed, Claritin D, Advil, Mucinex D or Zyrtec D will remain controlled if their formulation process is not modified.
  • The question will be about production cost and patents: will Highland Pharmaceuticals sell the Tarex™ patent rights to the other producers or will they keep their competitive advantage?
  • In what extend will Zephrex-D affect the sales of all controlled products if a prescription is required for them, when Zephrex-D will go to store shelves as OTC medication?
  • It also depends on the size of the market: the legality of ephedrine in Europe is not the same as in the USA or in Canada, what is the part of sales of ephedrine in the US compared to the rest of the world? Will the other countries just copy the American example, as they did for the FDA ban? Will they authorize meth-resistant formulations to be sold over the counter?
  • There is another point to be considered: will this new product from Highland Pharmaceuticals, Zephrex-D, be as effective as the competition despite the new formulation?
  • Last point: what will be the wholesale price? Highland Pharmaceuticals claimed that it would be only 10% above the current price of similar pseudoephedrine medications, but this has to be verified later on.

The economical implications have been clearly seen by some politicians at the Missouri House committee who already asked about the huge selling advantage that Highland Pharmaceuticals would gain from a law requiring prescription to all competitors and allow Highland Pharmaceuticals to sell over the counter. Highland president and CEO Jim Bausch had a laconic reply to that, saying about the big pharmaceutical companies: “Their approach has been to fight us“. Nevertheless Bausch says that Highland Pharmaceuticals is willing to help his dear colleagues to develop their meth-resistant pseudoephedrine too. We would love to hear about the price of this help 😉
The Consumer Products Healthcare Association, representing the makers of over-the-counter medicines, said that they were taking a wait-and-see approach on this new technology.

To sum it up, the new formulation has severely weakened the position of the other pharmaceutical companies: first it might encourage politicians to pass laws requiring prescription, thus making cops, patients and doctors all very happy and leaving the pharmaceutical industry without arguments. And second, they will have to react, either by investing in new formulations or by paying to use Tarex™. In all cases they lose profits.

Meth Cooks

Meth seen from the inside with Shadow People from Scott Thomas Anderson

  • The new extraction resistant formulation will for sure have an effect on the meth production, by making it so hard for meth cooks to find usable pseudoephedrine that it will probably result in a decrease of the so-called ‘ma-and-pa’ meth labs.
  • We have no idea how the meth market will evolve, we just can guess that it will remain attractive in terms of demand: meth addicts are not addicts because of meth but because of profound causes which would lead to other addictions if meth was not available anymore.
  • If meth becomes harder to find, they will switch to another drug, or the supply source will move to professional labs in Mexico or other classical countries of origin like in Southeast Asia for instance. Have a look for instance at this article from the Huffington Post about a seizure of 15 tons of pure methamphetamine in western Mexico …
  • The meth market will change from a home-cooked drug to an industrial level with a higher entry price in the US, more middlemen, in other words it will get closer to cocaine and heroin. This will have an effect on price: the current wholesale street price is close to $25,000 per kilo, no doubt that it will raise to higher levels soon.

Law Enforcement Officers

Cops say that ephedrine should be a prescription-only drugThis new drug environment will be a relief for local law-enforcement officers, as they will have less boring administrative stuff, for instance due to the NPLEX system, and as meth combat will go more professional they will probably step out of this role that they never really liked (some gossips say that it is the core reason of their active lobbying toward politicians for prescriptions laws). They will finally be be confined to a local role, supporting the DEA specialists. They will be happy to stop doing live surveillance of pharmacies, with officers sitting in parking lots with their binoculars, or risking their lives when cleaning meth labs full of highly flammable chemicals. Regarding the administrative burden that the NPLEX has put on them, we don’t really think that cops have been very proactive on such change management or that they have tried to identify potential trafficking patterns: most of them recognize that they didn’t change their habits and that they are still getting their information through the usual sources such as domestic violence cases, etc…

Doctors and pharmacists

Doctors would benefit from meth-resistant ephedrine sold over the counterSales of ephedrine over-the-counter would reduce the administrative workload for physicians and pharmacists who are currently busy with “gate keeping” activities such as filling out forms, checking IDs etc… We know many of them who would be happy to stop this law enforcement role and to focus on their real job, taking care of patients. It is not a secret that most physicians are against laws requiring a prescription for pseudoephedrine-based products.


Pseudoephedrine and ephedrine for cold, allergy and asthmaLast but not least: most benefits would go to the patients who suffer from cold, flu, asthma and allergy. We know that in their vast majority, patients were strongly opposed to prescription. If pseudoephedrine becomes an OTC drug, they won’t have to plan a trip to the doctor with all the fun in the waiting room, considering also the higher health price for people with limited resources or those without health insurance.

That’s it for now, in the next post we will give you our best guess about the future official position regarding ephedrine for sale as diet pills, and if there is a chance that the new extraction resistant formulation could be a game changer in the weight loss market.

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