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EC Stack, our Recommended Standard Dosage


As announced, we have published our recommendation of standard dosage for EC stacks based on the best sellers 8 mg ephedrine and 200 mg caffeine: you will find day per day servings in milligrams but also in tabs (lesson learned from our previous post about the EC stack safe dosage). The differences between safe and standard dosages are explained, and also why you should not compromise on the quality of your ephedrine. If you plan to have an EC stack with 8 mg Kaizen Ephedrine HCL, you did the math for you: we have indicated the total number of tabs of ephedrine and caffeine that you will need during these 8 weeks.

Last point: your feedback is important! Please tell us about your results. We would love to hear about your own experience, in order to helps us help other people.

In the other way, in case of any question, just email us.

Mike Budd

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Update on EC Stack Safe Dosage

Just a quick word to tell you that we have updated our page about the safe EC stack dosage: we have received many requests for the same complete table, not in milligrams of ephedrine but with the daily number of tabs (ephedrine and caffeine) for all servings during these 6 weeks.

This was also a good opportunity to give you the total number of 8mg ephedrine tabs that you will need for these 6 weeks:

As announced here, the next page will be about the standard EC stack dosage for experienced  people: lesson learned, we will include both tables from the start, milligrams AND tabs of ephedrine and caffeine 😉

By the way: within our team we have discussed the idea of a third page about EC stacks with an strong dosage this time, knowing that it would still remain under the dosage tested in most medical studies. But finally we have rejected this idea for safety reasons: it could be useful for 99 persons out of 100, but still 1 person without any experience of ephedrine could start at this strong dosage and could go through serious adverse effects – that’s why we will not publish it. Anyway the needed information is available in this page where we have gathered all medical references.

Again and again: STAY SAFE.

Cheers, Mike

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Brown Fat Compared to Ephedrine for Weight Loss

A recent survey [1] focusing on weight loss has drawn attention on ephedrine: a research team at Joslin Diabetes Center have tried to find new ways to activate brown fat and thought that ephedrine might be a potential triggering agent, due to its known effects on the sympathetic nervous system, such as the famous “fight or flight response“.

Before going to the conclusion of this study, it might be useful to give some basic information about brown fat and how it can lead to weight loss.

What is brown fat?

Brown fat is the common name for Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT), also known as “good fat”. Brown fat has been initially classified as an adipose tissue because of it is storing lipids, but recent findings showed that it is in fact closer to muscle than to white adipose tissue. The main function of brown fat is to produce heat in a process called non-shivering thermogenesis. The exceptional thermogenic characteristics are due to the high number of mitochondria which are specialized cells transforming fatty acids into energy and heat.

How does brown fat work?

Brown fat is linked to the brain by the sympathetic nervous system and activated through the release of norepinephrine. Then a complex chemical process begins: triglyceride breakdown, release of fatty acids which enter the mitochondria and are degraded through ß-oxidation, followed by CAC (citric acid cycle) and activation of UCP1, a protein uncoupling mitochondrial respiration from ATP, producing heat. To make it easy: the activity of brown fat is regulated by the brain through the sympathetic nervous system in case heat is needed for body temperature control.

Where is brown fat located in the body?

Unlike white fat which is usually located in hips, belly etc (android and gynoid fat), brown fat is mainly found in the neck and below the clavicles, but this may vary a lot depending on age, gender, weight, etc.

Do adults have brown fat?

Until recently, the scientific community was convinced that brown fat was present in newborns only. In the 1990s, PET scans of cancer patients showed unexpected areas of tissues with a high glucose uptake. Unfortunately this finding found no echo outside of the radiology profession and only in 2002 the link with brown adipose tissue has been envisaged. At this time, the common belief was that brown fat was to be found in only 2 to 5% of adults. Further research has proved that at least 30% of all adults possess brown fat and probably 100% of young adults.

Ephedrine compared to Brown Fat Cold ActivationWhy is it interesting?

Brown fat is drawing attention because of potential weight loss effects: we know since the research conducted by Ouellet et al [2] that brown adipose tissue in adults is burning fat actively when stimulated by cold exposure, through the combustion of stored lipids within brown fat in the initial phase and in case of prolonged thermogenesis, through the combustion of the components of ingested food, involving gut and liver. As brown fat burns calories to generate heat for defense against cold, it became interesting to the weight loss industry:

  • A first approach is to work on metabolic pathways which make white fat cells act like brown fat cells and enable them to release energy as heat [3].
  • A second approach is to work on the activation of brown fat: to the current knowledge this is only possible during cold exposure, the idea is thus to identify agents which have the same pathways and mimic cold in brown activation.

How does it relate to ephedrine?

There are two links: the first one is that brown fat is triggered by the sympathetic nervous system through the release of norepinephrine, which is very close to the physiological effects of ephedrine and that is why many researchers thought that ephedrine might be a good candidate of brown fat metabolic activation. The second reason why ephedrine has been compared separately to brown fat effects is that ephedrine is considered as one of the most effective fat burner, therefore it has been used as a reference to measure the weight loss results obtained through brown fat activation alone.

What protocol has been used for this study?

The study conducted by the Joslin team has tested ten healthy adults in three ways:

  • injections of ephedrine
  • injections of a control saline solution (placebo)
  • wearing water-cooled 57F (14C) vests for two hours

Each intervention was followed by PET/CT scans in order to measure the consequent brown fat activity.

What are the results of this survey?

The main findings are the following:

  • Ephedrine did not turn on brown fat: there was no difference in BAT activity compared to placebo injections.
  • Cold exposure did stimulate brown fat energy expenditure significantly.
  • Ephedrine and brown fat activity have different sympathetic pathways: both increased blood pressure and energy expenditure, but ephedrine raised also heart rate and the circulation of various metabolites (insulin, glucose, thyroid hormones) when cold brown fat activation decreased heart rate and had few effects on metabolites.
  • Regarding weight loss effects, ephedrine and brown fat activation resulted in the same number of calories burned during both programs.


According to the researchers, brown fat activation is promising because it can achieve the same weight loss results as ephedrine with less systemic effects. Another study is already planned with subjects wearing water-cooled vests for several weeks. More research will tell if weight loss resulting from brown fat stimulation can be reasonably achieved through cold, or if the pharmaceutical industry should try to identify other agents that would mimic cold activation of brown fat. For sure, wearing cooling vests for a long time would be very uncomfortable and overweight people are probably not ready to accept such discomfort.

Of course researchers show enthusiasm for their findings when they might help combat obesity, knowing the financial attractiveness of the weight loss market. Most experts think that no magic pill will come from the current pharmaceutical research for the next ten years. Any discovery in the weight loss field sets off fireworks in the industry, and this has also been the case when this study has been published.

According to Dr Aaron Cypess, lead author of this survey: “The problem with prescribing ephedrine is that people need to stay healthy their whole lives. Are we really going to be prescribing a sympathetic activating drug for someone’s entire life? There need to be safer, long-term solutions“.

We don’t agree with this point of view. Of course people need to stay healthy, but overweight people (no even speaking of obese people) have to get healthy again before staying healthy! Ephedrine can help them in countries where sales are authorized for weight loss, due to its synergetic effects on appetite, metabolism, energy and lean muscle mass retention: ephedrine will help shed the pounds when they are not able to lose weight without a physiological boost at start. The idea is not to buy ephedrine for years, but to burn fat rapidly and to keep it off definitely without drug support, by a change in lifestyle, such as eating better and being more active. As a comparison, many smokers stopped definitely only with the initial support of nicotine patches. Do they have to use nicotine patches for the rest of their life? Of course not. The same applies to weight loss obtained through initial support of ephedrine.


[1] Cypess A, et al. Cold but not sympathomimetics activates human brown adipose tissue in vivo, PNAS USA Early Edition 10.1073/pnas.1207911109

[2] Ouellet V, et al. Brown adipose tissue oxidative metabolism contributes to energy expenditure during acute cold exposure in humans. J Clin Invest. 2012;122(2):545–552

[3] Plutzky J, et al. Retinaldehyde dehydrogenase 1 regulates a thermogenic program in white adipose tissue, Nature Medicine 18, 918–925 (05/06/2012) 10.1038/nm.2757

By Mike Budd

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EC Stack, Starting with a Safe Dosage

As planned here, we have now detailed a day per day safe dosage for an EC stack with 8mg ephedrine, meant for people who had no previous experience of our preferred alkaloid.

In that way, you are sure to stay on the safe side if you have purchased 8mg ephedrine, preferably HCL (see our recommendation of Kaizen Ephedrine HCL here).

If you follow this advice, no doubt about the type of ephedrine you have bought (ephedrine HCL? Ephedra extract?), no doubt about the real quantity of ephedrine per tab, you just have to follow the table from the first day of week 1 til the last day of week 6.

We focus on 8mg per tab because it became the most sold ephedrine in Canada and in the USA, due to legal aspects: we can have more detailed information in many of our posts, for instance here, here for USA and Canada and here for Europe, just have a look.

Please make sure that you read all information given in that page: for safety reasons we have listed the most important points before and during an EC stack.

Next step: same approach (EC stack with 8mg ephedrine) but with a standard dosage this time, for “experienced people” who already had ephedrine without side effects.

Meanwhile, Happy Fat Burning and … STAY SAFE!

Mike Budd

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Prescription for Ephedrine, Our Own Point of View

In our last posts, Cops in Favor of Prescription for Ephedrine and Prescription for Ephedrine is Strongly Opposed by Patients, we discussed the dilemma that politicians are currently facing, as they have to chose between tracking sales of ephedrine through the NPLEX system, or to consider a prescription mandate for ephedrine and pseudoephedrine.

Let’s summarize the main arguments of both parties

Proponents of prescription

  • Meth cooks found an easy workaround to the NPLEX system: “smurfers” are buying for them, even in neighboring states.
  • Fixing a monthly limit means that people are able to buy until this limit before they get blocked.
  • Cops say that NPLEX doesn’t help them in a preventive way, it is not used to identify trafficking networks, they still use the old methods.
  • They also complain that NPLEX is even confusing them with unnecessary data and administrative tasks.

Opponents of prescription

  • Effectiveness: people who suffer from cold, allergy and asthma say that they can’t get by without ephedrine or pseudoephedrine: these alkaloids are by far the most effective, long lasting medication – and also the cheapest one.
  • Health costs: patients don’t accept a co-pay for a doctor’s prescription, and many of them have a high deductible.
  • Ineffective law: they think that a prescription mandate would not stop the development of meth labs nationwide.
  • Alternate solution: they believe that other solutions such as NPLEX accessed in real-time to track the sales of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine would be a better choice than a prescription mandate.

Our point of view

We clearly prefer the NPLEX system, compared to the burden of a doctor’s prescription for ephedrine. This is not a secret and the tone of our previous articles indicates what we consider as the best solution. But as a result, we have received many emails from persons who don’t understand our position, thinking that drug control is more important than healing colds and allergies.

Please let us clarify this point. Due to our jobs, we are well aware of the consequences of drug abuse: health but also legal and social consequences. We know what drugs push addicts to do: theft, crime, violence, child abuse, etc… Drug addicts suffer physically and mentally: convulsions, headaches, hypertension, tremors, bone pain, and even seizures. The frequent psychological disorders are stress, insomnia, depression, self-mutilation, paranoia and attempted suicide. We know it as most of you do, but also with a doctor’s view, as some of us have drug addicts as patients. Drug abuse is not new and seems to be one of these social problems that have no solution since decades.

But understanding that drugs are a pledge to our society does not mean that any measure having to do with drugs control is a good measure. That would be only a partial view over a much bigger problem. In other words, solving hypothetically a drug problem caused by addicts by raising another problem to a much higher number of law abiding citizens is definitely unfair. It is just shifting problems, not solving them.

What we truly think is that drugs must be fought effectively, but we are also convinced that all the people who need their cold and asthma relief, especially 60 millions of people suffering from asthma and who have nothing to do with drugs trafficking, should not pay a higher price due to a minority of people. And the key argument is the following: not only for social principles we think that they should not pay this higher price, but also for practical reasons: as many experts, we are convinced that this prescription mandate would not curb meth labs. Workarounds would be found without any doubt, and we would have the same remaining meth problem plus a new problem for millions of people due to a poor decision.

Meth seen from the inside

Meth seen from the inside with Shadow People from Scott Thomas AndersonYou should read “Shadow People“, written by a journalist who deserves a lot of respect: Scott Thomas Anderson, who spent 18 months studying the meth market in the Sacramento foothills. “Prior to 2005 in California, most meth was coming out of so-called ‘ma-and-pa’ meth labs that you find in Sacramento, all along the foothills. Large drug cartels have now taken the market over, and they’re cooking mountains of meth in Mexico and bringing it up into the United States“, Anderson said. This is confirm by the latest reports from the Drug Enforcement Administration, estimating that that 85 percent of meth now comes from Mexico. That’s why we are sure that asking law abiding citizen to get a doctor’s prescription for ephedrine will change nothing to this situation.

A dilemma for politicians

For sure it’s a complex topic and we will never blame any politician who has to consider all aspects before making a decision. This kind of decision is a hard one and making a decision is also making choices which will benefit more to some people than to others, but it’s the best known way to date to organize things in society. We respect that and we will always do, we are not criticizing without a reason.

If we reduce this issue to its core elements, we are convinced that our perception, analysis and position make sense:

  • Are ephedrine and pseudoephedrine effective for cold, allergies and asthma? Yes, these are the cheapest and the most effective medications for these conditions.
  • Is NPLEX effective at controlling sales of ephedrine? Not sure but probable, if used correctly but law enforcement officers.
  • Would prescription be effective at curbing meth labs? No. As just explained, adjustments would be immediately made by sourcing from other countries


Of course, hearing that meth labs are on the rise in some states is a pity, but would it be fair to add a financial burden to law abiding citizens for measures which would not be effective? In other words, if US politicians go for a prescription mandate for ephedrine, you can be sure of one thing only: the increase of health cost for millions of honest Americans. All the rest about drug control is just supposition. For us, the price to pay is too high compared to the probable lack of results.

What we sincerely believe is that drugs must be fought permanently, and in parallel ephedrine must remain available to people who need it. Transferring the problem to law abiding citizen is not fair.

It seems that US politicians share the same analysis: recent decisions about prescription bills are in favor of real-time tracking of purchases of ephedrine, through the NPLEX system. For instance in Alabama, where the lobbying of law enforcement officials did not manage to convince the political representatives.

By Mike Budd

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