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Are Purchase and Sale of Ephedrine Legal in Europe?

We thought we had answered most questions regarding legality of ephedrine in our previous articles, Legality of Ephedrine in the USA and Ephedrine for sale, but apparently it’s not the case, we still get questions such as: is it legal to buy ephedrine in my country? Is it legal to buy online from a country where ephedrine for sale is legal? Etc…

Here we go again! We will give more information about the legal aspects of ephedrine in the USA and Canada, and also in some European countries this time.
Legality of sales of ephedrine in the USA, Canada and Europe

Reminder: legality of ephedrine in the USA

Ephedrine as a substance: it is legal to buy ephedrine as bronchodilator for asthma, given maximal quantities of 3.6 grams per sale and 7.5 grams per month if delivered per mail, 9 grams if bought locally. Legal obligation to check name and address of the buyer. Ephedra as a plant (Ephedra sinica or Ma Huang) is not controlled in the USA, both plants and seeds are perfectly legal in all US states for purchase and sale.

More information about the legal status of ephedrine in Canada

Next to the ban of ephedrine by the FDA, Health Canada has requested recall of products containing ephedrine above the following dosage: 8 mg ephedrine per single dose or 32mg ephedrine per day. These limits still apply today.
EC stacks are not allowed, nor references to weight loss on labels.
Ephedra based products which are marketed for traditional medicine are still authorized if they don’t contain caffeine and if the above-mentioned dosages of ephedrine are respected.
Are Sales of Ephedrine Legal in Europe

Legality of ephedrine in Europe

France: banned in 2003, based on the decision made by the FDA (official explanation)
Belgium : banned in 2005, next to the FDA ban.
Germany: only in pharmacies
Sweden: free
UK: in pharmacies and freely sold online for weight loss by UK based companies
Netherlands and Finland: prescription only
Spain: we didn’t receive references to the legal text, some members reported that they buy online without any problem.

Legality of International Sales of Ephedrine

Is it legal to buy from a country where ephedrine is authorized, to ship to a country where it’s not? No. The legal rules apply, not depending of the country of origin.

Back to USA and Canada

Due to the close relationships these countries have, also in the pharmaceutical industry, there is a need of convergence regarding drugs regulations. Canada had to stand a point after the ban of ephedrine by the FDA. If you want to have a better idea of the real motivations of the US ban, you should have a look at the Canadian official texts about ephedrine: there is no reference to potential health risks but only concerted actions to fight against drug trafficking.

For instance, here is an extract of the Canadian official position on ephedrine:
« Synthetic drug producers require a continuous supply of precursor chemicals. Ephedrine and pseudoephedrine (PSE) are in the greatest demand as they are the primary precursors for methamphetamine. Until recently, the flow of large quantities of PSE from Canadian supply sources to methamphetamine ‘super labs’ in the United States heightened law enforcement concerns regarding the cross-border trafficking of PSE. »
More information here.


Some people will probably worry about the fact that Canada did not authorize EC stacks (ephedrine + caffeine), which has not to do with drugs trafficking but with a real worry for the health of the population. Let’s close this point rapidly: yes, EC stacks present a cardiovascular risk at insane dosage, but no, they present no risk at the prescribed dosage.

Our frequent readers know that the FDA ban of ephedrine had other motives than adverse effects. The scientific basis of the decision was so poor that even pro-ban enthusiasts were embarrassed (including the pharmaceutical industry and the officials). Have a look at our post about the recent bills in the USA which will restrict even more the sale of ephedrine as cold and allergy medicine: the real target is to fight against the rise of meth labs in the country. Bad luck for the 12 million people who were taking ephedrine for weight loss without any adverse effect. When you think that in the same time, the American food industry is directly involved in the epidemic rise of obesity of adults and children as well, you could truly question the relation between legality and safety…
Anyway, to come back to the FDA ban, the reasons of drug control did win (ephedrine being a precursor of methamphetamine), but medical evidence remains: ephedrine alone, or ephedrine plus caffeine (EC stack) present no risk at the prescribed dosage: for instance in this 2008 case-crossover study focusing on cardiovascular risks of ephedrine + caffeine, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology : « Prescription of an ephedrine / caffeine product was not associated with adverse cardiovascular outcomes. This was found across a wide range of patient subgroups, different cardiovascular outcomes, different assumptions about exposure, and different utilization patterns. »

Many other medical studies lead to the same conclusion: the FDA ban, meant for drug control, has prevented millions of people to benefit from the amazing effects of ephedrine for weight loss (fat burn through higher metabolism/thermogenesis, energy level, appetite suppression, lean muscle mass retention), and all this without any patent, just offered by Nature (see our article about Alkaloids).

But law is law and applies to all. If the legality of ephedrine in your country allows you to buy EC stacks online, lucky you, don’t forget to check our review of most sites having real ephedrine for sale and not fake products without ephedrine alkaloids.

By Mike Budd

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Fascinating Alkaloids, The Example of Ephedrine

There is a group of molecules which has always fascinated chemists, biologists and even ecologists, due to its amazing diversity and to the number of applications in so many areas, thereof agriculture, food, biotechnology, etc…

Fascinating Alkaloids, CaffeineWe are speaking of Alkaloids, which became rapidly a huge field of scientific investigation attracting thousands of researchers from various areas and professionals in clinical laboratories. In this article we will go through a definition of alkaloids in order to get a clearer idea of this family (not only the chemical description but hopefully a real idea of what exactly is an alkaloid), then we will see why we are sure that alkaloids deserve our special attention, and finally we will take one example which will not surprise our frequent readers: ephedrine. This time we are less focused on ephedrine for sale but rather on the biological properties of this amazing molecule.

What are alkaloids?

Even agreeing on a definition of alkaloids is a subject of academic controversy and started in 1805 when an apothecary’s assistant in Germany first isolated morphine, which is a giant step in the medical history (think of how much pain has been relieved in hospitals thanks to morphine). Based on the same process, two French pharmacists isolated a few years later an interesting range of alkaloids, thereof quinine, caffeine, febrifuge, veratrine and strychnine. The name Alkaloids has been found by a German apothecary due to similarities to « Alkali » or chemical base solution (you know, solutions with a pH higher than 7, opposed to acid solutions). Alkali is an Arabic term meaning burned plant ashes, used since antiquity to produce soaps with added animal fats. The water extract of « Alkali » or burned ashes was called potash, which gave its name to potassium, hence the chemical symbol K from alkali.
Now that we know the origin of the name, still there is this question of definition. It took ages to scientists to debate about it and still there is not one but several commonly agreed definitions, we will give you here a broad one that we like, from T. Aniszewski: « Alkaloid is any biologically active and heterocyclic chemical compound which contains nitrogen and may some pharmacological activity and, in many cases, medicinal or ecological use ». We like it because it is a broad definition focusing on applications rather than chemical structure. From a chemical point of view, alkaloids are compounds which contain mostly nitrogen. But maybe this doesn’t give you a clear idea of what exactly are alkaloids? Think of natural products (molecules) found all around the Globe, produced by a very large range of organisms by chemical reactions: plants, animals, bacteria, etc… There are more than 8000 natural compounds recognized as alkaloids and each year we find another 100. These secondary compounds are derived from amino acids, they are synthesized by living cells, for other living cells.

Why are alkaloids so interesting?

Alkaloids are more than interesting, they are fascinating: they are studied since more than 200 hundred years and they did not yet reveal all their secrets. We still don’t understand why these chemicals are produced by organisms and why they have such a broad range of biological effects. The more we know, the more new questions we have, understanding the alkaloid group is similar to revealing the secrets of life on Earth. Millions of people use alkaloids every day without knowing it, for instance when drinking a cup of tea or coffee. The amazing part is that these natural products have medicinal use. Did you heard somebody criticizing the wisdom of primitive peoples who knew how to use plants for medicinal use, compared to the efficiency of our modern pharmaceutical products? Well, the pharmaceutical industry made progress of course but in many cases the source of inspiration is in Nature and we try to mimic the chemical behavior of natural substances that primitives peoples knew since centuries. Alkaloids are used by the pharmaceutical industry to fight malaria (quinine), cancer (vincristine, vinblastine, taxol), leukaemia, Parkinson disease, they can even promote blood circulation in the brain (vincamine). Here are some famous alkaloids: caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, morphine, quinine, and ephedrine.

The amazing effects of Ephedrine

Ephedrine is a good example of the powerful physiological effects of alkaloids: ephedrine will work by increasing the activity of noradrenaline on adrenergic receptors. It will cause your brain to discharge neurotransmitters to some of your cells which will react in a kind of « fight-or-flight response », or to use another image, it will be similar to an adrenaline rush.
Ephedrine has been used for 5,000 years for weight loss as being one of the most powerful fat burner. It has synergetic effects that looks like a blessing of Nature if you want to lose your extra pounds:

  • Ephedrine will act as bronchodilator due to its stimulation of beta–2 receptors in the lungs increase blood pressure
  • Ephedrine will stimulate thermogenesis which is the heat production of the body, thus higher metabolic rate, increasing energy consumption and fat oxidation
  • Ephedrine will decrease gastric emptying
  • Ephedrine will improve athletic performance by stimulating the central nervous system and by increasing heart rate and contraction force via activation of the beta-1 receptors

In a nutshell: ephedrine will boost your metabolism through increased thermogenesis, reduce your appetite, keep your energy and improve your athletic strength for adding a physical activity to a diet.
Ephedrine is to our knowledge the most effective product for weight loss. Many medical studies have confirmed these points, please check these references on our detailed page.

Alkaloids, Nature’s Curse or Blessing?

Ephedrine in Alkaloids, Nature's Curse or BlessingThis title is from Manfred Hesse who analyzed the controversial image of alkaloids, due to their link to drugs like cocaine but also all their medical contribution as above mentioned. Quoting Paracelsus: « The dose makes the poison ». You could die from drinking too much water, yet water is essential to life. To our point of view, the same is valid for alkaloids, and also for ephedrine. We are so convinced that we have developed a complete website dedicated to ephedrine, its risks and benefits. Despite all these benefits used since 5,000 years for weight loss, ephedrine is now banned by the FDA after a very controversial decision (probably linked to the control of methamphetamine in the USA). Still ephedrine is legal in the USA, ironically for asthma treatment. If you plan to buy ephedrine online, just have a look at our recommendation of the best sites having real ephedrine for sale, not fake products.

By Mike Budd

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Ephedrine for sale

Next to the recent buzz about approved bills that will restrict the sale of ephedrine as cold and allergy medicine in some American states, we received a lot of comments and questions about sales of ephedrine online, asking us if there was a different legal status between sales online and sales behind the counter for the USA, if it was legal to buy ephedrine depending on the usage (cold medicine or weight loss), also many questions about the legality of ephedrine in Canada, and at last the frequent question about the differences between ephedrine, ephedrine HCL and pseudoephedrine, how to identify real ephedrine in the web catalogs, is ephedra extract real ephedrine?

Instead of individual emails, we take this opportunity to answer these questions in a post.

Legality of ephedrine in USA

Difference of legal status for sales of ephedrine online and sales over/behind the counter in the USA?

No, there is no difference between purchasing ephedrine in a pharmacy and buying it online with shipping to your home address. Law is law, not depending on sales channels, and legal requirements apply in all cases, see our article about legality of ephedrine in the USA for more information.

Is it legal to buy ephedrine depending on the usage?

This question comes probably from the confusion created by the initial FDA ban and amplified by the above mentioned recent bills, in Alabama for instance. Clearly, it is legal to buy ephedrine in all states of America, if it is for cold or allergy treatment and under conditions, the total purchased quantity is limited but it is totally legal. This is due to the fact that ephedrine is so useful, inexpensive, natural (no patent) that substitution products would be a poor choice; limiting access to ephedrine when controlling national health costs at the same time would have little sense. This is why ephedrine has been legally restricted to cold and allergy, but has not been totally forbidden by law. The aim of the FDA ban was to top the increasing success of ephedrine for weight loss due to its amazing combined effects (fat burn due to thermogenic effect, energy level, appetite suppression, lean muscle mass retention) explaining why it was used by more than 12 million Americans. It became urgent to regulate the sale of ephedrine because it is a precursor of methamphetamine but for political reasons it has been presented as a concern about health issue, in spite of international medical studies attesting that ephedrine was a natural blessing for weight loss, and first of all, without risk if taken at proper dosage. You can refer to our detailed pages on that subject, including links to medical studies. Doctors who had to deal with serious weight issues for their patients have found it hard to accept, considering the epidemic growth of overweight and obesity in the American society. But again, law is law, we don’t have to judge American political representatives when they made their choice between the health of millions of people and the fight against meth labs.

Difference between ephedrine HCL and pseudoephedrine?

You can find all answers on our dedicated page What is ephedrine, but in 2 words, ephedrine HCL is the synthetic form of ephedrine produced by pharmaceutical companies and not the natural extract from the herbal form called Ma Huang. It is the pure alkaloid form which has the best effects and thus the most desired one. Pseudoephedrine and ephedrine are close in their chemical structure but different in their effects: ephedrine has much more fat burning power and pseudoephedrine is a better treatment for treat nasal and sinus congestion.

Legality of ephedrine in Canada

Legality of ephedrine in Canada?

Of course there is a need of convergence between American and Canadian health policies when it impacts drugs regulation. That’s why Canada started also to control the sales of ephedrine when targeted at weight loss, but in a less strict way than in the USA. Ephedrine is sold over the counter as an oral decongestant with limit of 8 mg ephedrine per single dose or 32 mg ephedrine per day.

How to identify real ephedrine in the web catalogs?

We understand this question very well because we review most websites which sell real ephedrine online, and honestly it’s not easy: due to the “grey zone” we mentioned before, depending on the legality of ephedrine in their country, some sites are not very keen on transparency about the composition of their products. Furthermore, in many cases they are just reselling products that they don’t know very well themselves, and when we contact them for further information we can see immediately what is their real knowledge of the products they sell and if they really know the origin and composition. One notable exception is the company Schwartz Labs, a real producer who of course knows everything about ephedrine, thus no risk to buy fake copies of their famous Green Stinger.

Ephedra known as Ma Huang contains ephedrine

Is ephedra extract real ephedrine?

This is an old story… The important point is to have the right concentration of alkaloids to get the milligrams of ephedrine you need. It could be 25 milligrams of ephedrine coming from ephedra extract (Ephedra sinica or Sida Cordifolia) or from the synthetic form HCL, who cares? The effects will be the same because you get the same quantity of alkaloids in the end. Use your discernment when buying ephedrine online, or just follow our recommendation in our review.

Last words

People focus currently on the legality of ephedrine in the USA and Canada, which is understandable for Americans and Canadians 😉 but we are also in touch with many people from other countries where ephedrine for sale is legal and safely used for weight loss. Same ephedrine, same effects, but other countries and other laws.

By Mike Budd

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Hard Times For Ephedrine, Due To Meth Labs “Exploding” Number

Did you hear the buzz about ephedrine and pseudoephedrine in the US these last days?

Ephedrine and pseudoephedrine used as allergy or cold medicine

US Cops Ask Politicians to Restrict the Sales of Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine

The reason is that several Houses of Representatives discussed new ways to restrict ephedrine for sale as allergy and cold medicines. If you ever had a doubt about the real reasons of the FDA ban on ephedrine, these recent developments should make it clear now: retrospectively, this ban really appears as the “dazzling display of hypocrisy” described by Time magazine, when more than 12 million Americans had to stop taking ephedrine due to questionable cases of adverse effects, when the main decision factor has always been in fact drugs control, ephedrine being unfortunately used as precursor of  methamphetamine.

The weird thing in that topic is that most states have already laws currently controlling the purchase of ephedrine (see our article about legality of ephedrine in the USA). Why another law? Apparently it’s not enough, and this time it’s not due to side effects endangering the health of the population 😉

The goal is clearly to restrict further sales of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine in order to reduce their availability to “meth cooks” who found cheaper, quicker and easier to make their illegal drug in their “shake-and-bake” or “one-pot” methamphetamine labs, you know, the ones currently exploding in the country, in both senses of the word…

NPLEX or Prescription for Ephedrine?

The heart of the debate is whether ephedrine and pseudoephedrine should become prescription-only drugs, or should still be sold behind the counter but with real-time tracking through the National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEX), blocking sales exceeding legal limits per month, all states included. NPLEX is already effective in 20 states.

Law enforcement officers are most of the time proponents of the prescription requirement, and they argue that it would prevent buying ephedrine for illegal reasons. Opponents refute that, saying that prescription laws in Mississippi and Oregon did not reduce the production of methamphetamine, that it would only increase costs and force people to take time off from work to visit their doctor for a very basic treatment for cold and allergy, which has little sense.

Proponents of prescription in Alabama defend their point, saying that many retail shops and convenience stores don’t collect purchasers’ data, explaining the lack of results.
Furthermore, prescription would prevent Mississippi residents coming to Alabama to buy ephedrine and pseudoephedrine: only the harmonization of prescription requirement would stop “smurfers” crossing state lines to get ephedrine.

The Current Bill for Alabama Is a Compromise

No prescription required but real-time tracking through NPLEX, and people from states requiring prescriptions to buy ephedrine and pseudoephedrine would need to present it to buy in Alabama. Also the legal amount of ephedrine for sale per month per person is reduced from 9 grams to 7.5 grams. Meth cooks must be desperate 😉

Other than Alabama, bills have also been approved in favor of the NPLEX in Ohio, Virginia and Missouri. No need to say that most Pharmacists Associations are not really happy with these bills, even if they say they are “neutral” on the proposed law.

As a conclusion, we are more than skeptic about these bills, as current laws have failed to stop the development of meth labs in the US. Most probably this is not linked to reducing the month legal quantity from 9 grams to 7.5 grams: it would be the case even if ephedrine and pseudoephedrine were totally illegal in all states, because other products would be imported as for other drugs than methamphetamine.

It’s a pity that a natural blessing like ephedrine, so useful for weight loss, can’t be used in some states  because of illegal use by a minority of drug addicts. Drugs are really a curse on society.

Even for cold and allergy, ephedrine has amazing lasting effects which make it hard to substitute, and offers a simple, inexpensive relief without having to support the burden of prescription, which will probably be the case in future due to meth drug addicts. Again, it’s a pity that the majority of people has always to pay the price for a minority.

Maybe a solution would be to follow the example of Missouri, where the bill made exceptions for ephedrine and pseudoephedrine in liquid or gel-cap form, because these forms make it very difficult to use ephedrine as precursor, compared to the dry pill form.

By Mike Budd

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