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One site taken out of the recommendation for real ephedrine

Due to financial information we had to take out SuperHealthCenter from our recommendation of online shops selling real ephedrine. We hope that their problems will be solved soon and we would be happy to include them back in our recommended list.

You will still find ephedrine for sale by the other sites in our selection, but be careful before buying unknown products (real ephedrine?) from unknown people, be sure to read our detailed review for each seller on the same page.

Especially if you are looking for an EC stack, you know that E stands for Ephedrine thus no sense to buy an ephedrine substitute  😉

Mike Budd

Ezine Article about the Legality of Ephedrine in the USA

Did I mention that I published an article about the legality of ephedrine in the US? 😉

Here it is: Legality of Ma Huang in the USA: What Is Legal and What Is Not

It will answer this frequent questions: is ephedrine for sale online legal in the USA, taking into account the FDA ban? Knowing the optimum dosage for an EC stack or ECA stack, what is the legal maximum order of ephedrine per month?

Mike Budd

EzineArticles Expert Author